About The Box

The Mission of Vision Box – Computer Vision Solutions, S.A. is to:

  • Be the market leader in the design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of computer vision, biometric and electronic security systems, based on applied research and development in advanced technology areas, for the creation of new innovative products.
  • Provide a high return to its shareholders and a high level of reward to its employees.
  • Contribute to the preservation of the environment and  the development of Society.

In order to fulfill this mission, all our activities are done in such a way as to satisfy the demands, requirements, needs and expectations of our clients, while operating within the applicable standards and legal requirements, as well as satisfying all technical specifications for safety and quality.
The foundations of the Mission are:

  • People - The core of the Company, to whom we provide: Motivation, Involvement, Training, Excellent and Safe Working Conditions;
  • Products and Services – Total client satisfaction based on our: Competitiveness, Continuous Improvement, Communications Skills, Technology, Orientation to Market Requirements, Dependability and Rigour, Guarantee of After Sales Service, Business Integrity.

Lisbon, 13th of March, 2007

The Administration