Committed to delivering the most advanced identity management, border control and security solutions, Vision-Box® is dynamically engaged in various Research & Development initiatives.




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Investment Period: May 2011 to April 2013


Total Investment               1.360.060,00 €

Eligible Approved            1.357.429,54 €

Approved fund                 882.329,20 €

Project 17353 focuses in two strategic axes:


I) Internationalization:


The aim is the diversification of our products on the international markets, taking advantage of the windows of opportunity currently available to Vision-Box®, mainly in countries that have great concerns with the security of its borders (land, sea and air) and employ video surveillance.
During the investment period of this project, Vision-Box® has participated in several important international events:


Cartes 2011, 2012 and 2013

Biometrics 2011, 2012 and 2013

Airport Infra Expo, Brazil, 2013

Aruba Conference, Aruba, 2013

AVSEC World Cape Town, 2012

AVSEC World USA 2013

BCM Thailand 2012

Border Management & Technologies Summit 2013

Border Security Conference 2013

Biosig 2011, Germany

Digital ID 2013, Abu Dhabi

Electronic ID 2012, Hong Kong

EU Conference 2012, Denmark

Expo 2012, Austria

Frontex NO-Q 2011, The Netherlands

Frontex Poland 2011 and 2012

IATA 2012 Aviation Security & Facilitation Conference

ICAO Brazil, 2011

ICAO Montreal, 2011 and 2012

ICAO Qatar, 2011

ICAO Rio de Janeiro, 2012

ICAO Singapore, 2011

ID World Abu Dhabi, 2011 and 2012

ID World Frankfurt, 2012

ID World Rio de Janeiro, 2011

Identify Conference Norway, 2012

Passenger Terminal 2012, Austria

Passenger Terminal 2013, Switzerland

Security Document World 2012

Shell Innovation Day 2012, The Netherlands


In addition to events, Vision-Box® has visited such distinct and complex markets as Brazil, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, Moldova, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA, Estonia, Latvia, among others to present, market, and deploy its innovative solutions and strategies.


  1. II) Productive Innovation:


Vision-Box® operates in a business area of intensive innovation and extremely fast response periods that includes developing solutions for citizen identification, through the collection and processing of biometric data and video surveillance with intelligent processing of video images. Given the specific characteristics of its solutions, specifically customized to the requirements and goals of its clients, Vision-Box® is now positioned in an intensive level of product development and technology incorporation.


Vision-Box® identified some points that were limiting the progression of product development due to the rapid expansion of the company and increased turnover, namely:


– 2D/3D project, modelling and simulation ability

– Electric and mechanic components

– Validation and dynamic testing ability

– Internal development of pre validation prototyping ability

– Product evaluation index and maintenance of product platform control


With this project, Vision-Box® intends to eliminate its current weaknesses, creating methods and conditions for the development and testing of new products before full-fledged production, making the process more efficient and competitive. With this new project, Vision-Box® will become more independent and stronger against its competitors.








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Vision-Box® developed the VbeSecurity2010 Project – Biometric security systems with the support of the R&TD Incentive system of QREN (Quadro de Referência Estratégica Nacional).


Data from the VbeSecurity2010 Project

  • Investment period: between February 2009 and January 2011;
  • Total Investment: 1.145.436,01€;
  • Eligible expenses total: 1.097.380,30€;
  • QREN incentive: 704.653,24€


Main goals of the VbeSecurity2010 Project

  • To develop innovative technologies for the acquisition, storage and validation of facial biometric data of an individual
  • To deploy the technology in equipment installed at border control points and airports where Vision-Box® has a presence
  • To innovate, update and streamline biometric security systems


Main goals accomplished with the VbeSecurity2010 project

  • Development of a a set of innovative solutions with cutting-edge proprietary technology for the acquisition, storage and validation of facial biometric data from an individual and integrate these solutions into the various systems commercialized by Vision-Box®, in particular vb e-pass (fixed and mobile model), the vb e-Gate (renamed the vb i-match) and CCTV
  • Development of more efficient and accurate biometric systems and video surveillance systems for the recognition of facial biometric characteristics of an individual
  • Presentation of the highly reliable and secure equipment solutions, its high market performance, and advanced technologically
  • Presentation to the market of reliable and secure equipment and solutions – Advanced, high performing and secure technologically


Adapting to a booming market reality in investment by public and private entities in these systems.






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Vision-Box® developed a Mobile Gate System Project – a Mobile System for Biometric Air, Land and Sea Borders Control – with the support of the QREN (Quadro de Referência Nacional) R&TD incentive system.



Data from the Mobile Gate System Project

  • Investment Period:between March 2011 and February 2013;
  • Total Investment: 1.769.663,59 €;
  • Approved Eligible Expenses: 1.645.414,08 €
  • Approved QREN Incentive: 847.266,99 €



Main goals of the Mobile Gate System Project

  • Development of a new generation of automatic border control systems, ready to be deployed anywhere they are needed
  • Availability of the most innovative biometric identification technologies and a set of solutions which providing faster passenger processing and a safer, more efficient identification process
  • Definition of a solution capable of being configured to process passengers in accordance with different countries’ workflows and identification documents. This versatility allows an extremely reduced implementation time and, when comparing it to the implementation time of other solutions on the market such as the MGS (Mobile Gate System), it is easier and quicker to configure to a new clients’ needs and specifications
  • Development of a mobile version, with the ability to be installed anywhere, including remote and places without a power source, in a quick way without the need of constructing a specific infrastructure
  • Development of a solution that is completely reversible, meaning that our MGS can work in both directions and flows, bestowing it with unmatched functionality and versatility




Goals accomplished with the Mobile Gate System Project

This project allowed a new and innovative generation of border control systems: a solution easily adaptable to each countries’ realities using a mobile biometric capture system supported by the most advanced biometric technology.

The result of the project “The Mobile Gate System” represented one more Vision-Box® advancement in the effort to create safer borders.

In the scope of the developed work and of particular highlight is the accomplishment of the biometric engine evaluation tool. This tool revealed a very important method in obtaining a solution with a high efficiency level in biometric recognition, a key initial point of our MGS solution. It’s also noteworthy that this tool, as well as the knowledge gained with this project, will have a high impact on Vision-Box®‘s future projects.



For more information on the project, download the Final Report (in Portuguese).







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Vision-Box® has developed an Intelligent Dispenser with the support of the R&TD incentive system of QREN (Quadro de Referência Estratégica Nacional).



Data from the Intelligent Dispenser:

  • Investment Period:between April 2012 and September 2014;
  • Total Investment: 663.526,33 €;
  • Approved Eligible Expenses: 579.992,11 €;
  • Approved QREN Incentive: 399.958,35 €.




Main goals of the Intelligent Dispenser

  • Obtaining a solution that provides total automation in the electronic ID card dispensing process
  • The project has made possible the development of a compact and user-friendly solution that gives to each citizen, independently of being already an electronic ID card bearer or being a citizen which has started the emission process at that time, the opportunity of interact with an ID card dispensing solution, without the need of being assisted by a professional. This way, the Intelligent Dispenser solution allows all citizens to request and pick up an electronic document in a quick, easy  and totally secure way
  • Presentation to the market of a solution which provides a more secure, prompt and less bureaucratic delivery process of this type of cards
  • Development of a solution that works in a totally autonomous way and in a self-service mode, allowing the usage 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Therefore, the Intelligent Dispenser project has given the possibility of offering a service that is not limited to the customer service hours of the entities responsible for the ID cards production




Goals accomplished with the Intelligent Dispenser

Besides the achievement of a solution which streamlines and simplifies the ID cards delivery process, the Intelligent Dispenser also increases significantly the security in this type of cards processing.

Whether concerning the cards’ delivery, handling or storage, this new solution raises a higher level of security in the ID Cards production process. In fact, the delivery of the card is only made after a biometric validation of the user;  the card is only delivered if there is a confirmed match between the card’s owner and the dispenser’s user. On the other hand, the human intervention is reduced in the cards’ handling and storage, lowering the possibility of human errors or accessing to confidential info on citizens.

The Intelligent Dispenser solution provides a totally new security philosophy in the ID cards’ production and delivery process, given this solution replaces the traditional ID cards’ delivery and renewal processes.



For more information on the project, download the Final Report (in Portuguese).





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Investment Period: January 2012 to December 2014


Total Investment               789.203,04 €

Eligible Approved               747.203,04 €

Approved fund                   335.534,89 €



Project code 2462

Project Designation Internationalization plan for advanced solutions

Beneficiary Vision-Box, SA
Main Objective Internationalization
Region of intervention Lisbon


Approval Date 19-08-2015
Start date 01-06-2015 • End Date 31-05-2017
Eligible total cost 1.231.225,59€
Financial support from the European Union FEDER 500.000,00€

Main Objectives:

Entry into new markets with new products
Promoting presence at international fairs
Endorsing company Recognition and notoriety / Develop company’s brands




Project code 2474

Project Designation Development of advanced mobility solutions for the global marketplace

Beneficiary Vision-Box, SA
Main Objective Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs
Region of intervention Lisbon


Approval Date 10-08-2015
Start date 01-07-2015 • End Date 30-06-2017
Eligible total cost 795.872,50€
Financial support from the European Union FEDER 358.142,63€


Main Objectives:

Implement a management software, transversal to all areas of support, allowing the centralization of all information, eliminating manual and physical processes
Work Optimization through mechanical, electrical and electronic software
Implement an occupational health and safety management system,
Create and register the trademarks and patents associated with the company’s new products
Acquire a software tool that will assist the company in managing the space for raw material stocks and picking processes.