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Bulgarian International Airports implement Vision-Box®’s Automated Border Control eGates to improve passenger experience

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

A new Automated Border Control solution has been inaugurated at the Varna and Burgas International Airports by the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior. Any passengers holding electronic machine-readable travel documents, citizens of EU, EEA and Switzerland over 18 years may now enjoy a seamless border crossing experience in both airports. The associated contract is co-financed  by the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and EU, under Action 5 – ”Establishing automated border control for EU citizens”, Annual Program 2012-2013 of the External Borders Fund.

Accounting respectively for an estimated traffic of more than one and two million passengers per year, Varna and Burgas International Airports, the busiest in the country after Sofia’s, are now using Vision-Box®’s latest generation of Automated Border Control eGates to optimize passenger processing. The implementation of ABC technology represents a shift from the traditional border control to a new paradigm where biometric technology and self-service offer the perfect match. Passengers are in control of their own immigration process at the eGate, having their travel documents authenticated and their identity checked by way of face recognition and match against the biometrics templates embedded in the chip of the travel document (soon fingerprint will be available as well). No need to interact directly with the authorities at the border control point, which clears manual immigration lines.

Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales and Marketing at Vision-Box® believes that«In modern airports like Varna and Burgas, facing constantly increasing flows at the border, it is imperative to embrace new technologies that concede the traveler more control and better convenience during his journey, while delivering the most efficient and effective tools to the Border Control Authorities to increase their capacity». He added «Vision-Box® vb i-match® 5 offers a complete passenger experience package, combining intuitive and user-friendly interfaces with instructional animations and quick proactive adjustments to each traveler, which will make security processes less time-consuming and the Bulgarian Airports more welcoming and attractive for travelers. Everyone benefits!».

In fact, this means a clear improvement of the experience felt not only by the passengers who use the airports, but also by the Border Control authorities. Instead of following the traditional manual verification, more vulnerable to errors, Border Control officers are now taking advantage of highly dependable technology and transferring their focus to security procedures with greater added-value. Having real-time access to all processes happening at the eGates, by means of a fully integrated software platform, they overrule the system and act only in case of any issue is detected by the eGates (i.e. fraudulent Passport, unruly passenger…).

Furthermore, this single-sourced ABC solution is strengthening the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior with a self-integrated software platform, including improved levels of document authentication and biometric verification, supported by an advanced passenger monitoring application, which delivers relevant operational and analytical information to border authorities, help them reduce errors, correctly assess security risks and effectively monitor who enters and exits the country.

As for future developments, fingerprint will be activated to complement facial verification, making it the first multimodal biometric solution implemented in the Balkans! Meanwhile, Burgas Airport will expand the solution, adding more eGates to expedite passenger processing during 2015.

To better support the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, Vision-Box® has celebrated a partnership with a national experimented, well established technology and service-driven company called Printec, which is providing local support services.

Vision-Box® successfully deploys state-of-the-art multibiometric Automated Border Clearance eGates at Hamad International Airport

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Recently opened and already a reference for innovation and passenger experience in the whole of the Middle East, Hamad International Airport is now the airport with one of the largest deployments of ABC eGates in the world.

The new ground-breaking Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Qatar was designed with customer experience to the fore. The result is a world-class facility, where the concept of hospitality underpins everything. Unsurprisingly, a seamless, memorable passenger journey was also the motto for the implementation of a state-of-the-art Border Control process at the Airport. Vision-Box®, leader in Automated Border Control solutions and expert in Passenger Experience, was contracted by the NDIA Steering Committee as the partner in charge of one of the largest deployments of eGates in one single airport.

The 62 vb i-match® eGates are already in use at the HIA, operated by Vision-Box®’s front-end Border Control application, the vb inspector®, and totally integrated with the advanced Identity Management Infrastructure of the Ministry of the Interior of the State of Qatar, ensuring the highest levels of security and efficiency.

The Vision-Box® eGates were exclusively designed to meet the Hamad International Airport performance and meticulous design requirements. The multimodal capabilities allow for the use of face, iris and fingerprint as biometric identifiers. They ensure a speedy passage time with maximum accuracy, offering state-of-the-art Automated Border Control to several different traveler profiles, while making sure that the border is secure and that the passenger has a pleasant experience.

Jean-François Lennon, Director Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing at Vision-Box®, emphasizes that this implementation represents one of the largest deployments of multimodal ABC eGates in the world, and on a single airport. Vision-Box® feels honored to be part of this world premiere airport project. “The Middle-East continues to represent an enormous potential. We’ve been witnessing an outburst of initiatives by Governments, Airports, Airlines and private sector adopting digital identity as a means to improve security and efficiency, and also to provide value-added services to their citizens. We look forward to further contributing to their success, both through on-going Identity Management programs and other GCC initiatives, by continuously delivering stunning innovation and investing in local resources”.

Danish Government awards Vision-Box® and Biometric Solutions as preferred suppliers of biometric-based automated enrollment and border control solutions

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

The Danish Government has awarded the consortium of Biometric Solutions and Vision-Box® with a 4-year framework agreement on the procurement of biometric-based solutions and components for both Enrollment and Automated Border Control. Under this agreement the consortium will deliver biometric equipment and related services to, among others, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

By means of this framework agreement, the Danish Government intends to improve processes related to citizen’s electronic identity. The biometric technology provided by the consortium will be used in several Ministries’ missions for Danish citizen and foreigners’ enrollment for passport, visa and residence permits.

The Danish Government will thus be able to benefit from Vision-Box®’s large portfolio of advanced Identity Management solutions. One of the key parts of the whole solution will be a portable biographic and biometric enrollment & verification solution, the vb e-pass® portable, an all-in-one unit that collects a citizen’s face and fingerprint biometric data, as well as their digital signature. The versatility and size of vb e-pass® portable are the key drivers for multiple applications, including extra mobility in citizen identification and enrollment, and enhanced security checks across the country. The partner, Biometric Solutions, will contribute with its existing Enrollment portfolio, already deployed at Danish embassies and municipalities to enroll citizens in accordance with applicable rules and regulatory requirements.

“We look forward to working with the Danish Government, and our partner Biometric Solutions, to provide the best citizen experience ever. For that, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art technology, designed to offer more efficient and convenient services related to Electronic Identity.”, says Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing at Vision-Box®.

Alex Ramskov Johannsen, CEO of Biometric Solutions, declares: “We are very happy that our collaboration with Vision-Box will help government institutions raise their service level for citizens around the world, while at the same time strengthening the security measures protecting citizens’ personal data.”

With this agreement, effective since February 2014, the two companies are consolidating their position in this region of the globe, where Vision-Box® has been the market leader for some years, with a strong presence in The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia, while Denmark is the native territory of Biometric Solutions.

Portuguesa Vision-Box® está a revolucionar os aeroportos em todo o mundo

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Apenas uma empresa em todo o mundo foi selecionada para a mostra tecnológica que está a decorrer esta semana em Aruba ao largo da costa da Venezuela, num evento que reúne altas entidades da Europa e da América Latina, e que terá repercussão nas tecnologias que serão utilizadas nos aeroportos nos próximos anos para melhorar a experiência dos passageiros. A empresa é portuguesa e são altos os seus voos. 

Quem viaja com frequência facilmente compreenderá o porquê do enorme sucesso da Vision-Box® além fronteiras. É que a empresa está a revolucionar a experiência dos passageiros em mais de 30 aeroportos internacionais em todo o mundo, fornecendo soluções que vieram aumentar a segurança global, mas também simplificar os processos de controlo de passageiros e reduzir substancialmente as filas de espera.

Foi por isso a única empresa no mundo escolhida, após um rigoroso processo de seleção contra 10 concorrentes, para a mostra tecnológica  a decorrer esta semana em Aruba que reune o Primeiro Ministro de Aruba, os CEOs do grupo Schiphol, da KLM e do Aeroporto de Aruba, bem como o Vice-Ministro da Justiça Holandês, e que conta adicionalmente com a apresentação do primeiro voo da KLM de carburante “green”.

Com o mote de “Happy Flow”, o encontro “Europe Meets the Americas” tem vindo a funcionar como antevisão das novas tecnologias que os aeroportos de todo o mundo irão adotar nos próximos anos para melhorar a experiência dos passageiros ao longo do seu percurso dentro do aeroporto.

É na utilização da biometria que está a chave do conceito que a empresa levou na bagagem. Literalmente. Trata-se de uma nova visão do aeroporto em que, para passar os pontos de controlo do aeroporto (segurança, imigração ou embarque), o passageiro tem apenas que  olhar para uma câmara para que seja reconhecido e proceder ao passo seguinte, sem necessitar de apresentar documento de identificação ou cartão de embarque.

O processo é simples: ao chegar ao aeroporto, o passageiro dirige-se a um kiosk de check-in, que vai verificar a autenticidade do seu passaporte e recolher os seus dados biométricos. Essa informação, que constitui o «envelope virtual do passageiro» é armazenada e partilhada através de um modelo seguro de partilha de dados com as entidades aeroportuárias, a sua linha aérea e autoridades de fronteira. A partir deste momento, o passageiro poderá utilizar os serviços self-service de entrega de bagagem e cruzar todos os pontos de controlo do aeroporto (controlo de acessos, imigração e embarque) utilizando apenas aquilo que, de forma mais exata e inequívoca, o identifica – a sua biometria, neste caso o reconhecimento da sua face.

O percurso do passageiro ao longo do aeroporto é 100% self-service, dando ao passageiro o completo controlo da sua viagem. Deixa de exigir a interação com agentes da polícia, segurança ou linhas aéreas, e dispensa a apresentação de documentação e verificação manual de documentos. Maior fluidez, rapidez e comodidade são o resultado aos olhos do passageiro.

«Levámos o conceito de “Happy Flow” à letra. Queremos não só melhorar a experiência do passageiro, melhorando os processos de gestão de pessoas nos aeroportos, mas também fazer os passageiros realmente mais felizes. Os nossos kiosks ajustam-se automaticamente à altura dos passageiros, as nossas eGates dão-lhes as boas-vindas na sua língua e utilizando o seu nome. É um conceito absolutamente inovador que se tornará o standard nos aeroportos nos próximos anos.», afirma Jean-François Lennon, Diretor Global de Desenvolvimento de Negócios, Vendas e Marketing da Vision-Box®.

A Vision-Box® está assim na vanguarda, ditanto as tendências e entregando as mais inovadoras soluções baseadas em biometria, desde kiosks de Check-In, soluções para entrega de bagagem mediante verificação biométrica do passageiro, e uma linha completa de eGates já conhecida no mercado por vb i-match®. Não é de admirar: a empresa foi pioneira no desenvolvimento e comercialização do primeiro sistema de controlo automático de fronteiras por verificação de identidade através da face, e tem hoje mais de 400 soluções de controlo de fronteiras em 30 aeroportos internacionais em vários países da Europa, bem como nos Estados Unidos, Brasil, Colômbia, Venezuela, Austrália, Qatar, Rwanda, entre outros.

É também conhecida em Portugal pelas suas soluções de gestão de identidade digital, nomeadamente os kiosks para recolha biométrica nas Lojas do Cidadão. Mas também aqui a empresa faz altos voos: 3000 soluções instaladas em todo o mundo para registo de cidadãos no âmbito do Passaporte Eletrónico, Cartão de Identidade, Carta de Condução, Cartão de Eleitor, e outros documentos, com mais de 250 milhões de utilizadores por todo o mundo.

Vision-Box® reveals the ultimate passenger experience at the Aruba Airport

Friday, May 16th, 2014

At the world showroom for innovation in passenger experience in Aruba, where Europe meets the Americas, the renowned leader in biometric solutions for airport proposes a documentless traveler “Happy Flow”.

Airports and Airlines of reference around the world are gradually more engaged in finding ways to ensure a positive passenger experience while guaranteeing the highest standards of security and safety in airports. Vision-Box® is showing the direction this week in Aruba at the Happy Flow demo meeting, an initiative launched by the Government of Aruba intended to implement innovative technologies to improve airport experience in Aruba’s airport and to establish a pre-clearance situation between Aruba and The Netherlands. The event gathers the initiative’s steering committee consisting of the Prime Minister of Aruba, the CEOs of the Schiphol Group, KLM and Aruba Airport, the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Justice of The Netherlands, and is combined with other initiatives, such as the presentation of the first KLM biofuel flight.

For the second year, Vision-Box® was the company selected, after a rigorous tendering process, to present a live demonstration of the “Aruba Happy Flow”, a concept that will not only improve processes in Aruba but shape the future of passenger experience in airports worldwide in the next years.

The focus of the “Aruba Happy Flow” is to offer passengers a seamless, fast, intuitive and secure ground process through the use of the latest face recognition technology and state-of-the-art self-service equipment at every control point of the airport. But what else is so special about this concept? Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing at Vision-Box® answers: “This project is indeed a revolution in the airport ecosystem. For the first time ever, biometrics is being used as the main passenger identification token in an airport. Instead of using either a passport or a boarding pass, the passenger swiftly goes through all airport control points where he simply has to have his identity checked by looking at facial recognition cameras”.

By setting up a pre-clearance process between Aruba and The Netherlands, for example if a passenger is identified as ineligible to enter the destination country or unable to fly for safety reasons, the airline will be immediately notified and be able to activate the adequate security measures. «Emphasis is on preventive measures, not on reactive ones» explains the security specialist Jean-François Lennon. And he adds: «The relevance of the pre-clearance initiative is world-ranging. It means these countries are building a broad-based platform for further cooperation and intelligence exchange, which will be a case study of world relevance for more cooperative, efficient and reliable border management around the world».

We won’t have to wait much longer to see the Happy Flow in a real environment. A permanent pilot project is planned to be implemented before the end of 2014, and will make Aruba the place to visit!


Editorial Contact

Vision-Box® Headquarters

Catarina Meleiro


T: +351 912361611

Vision-Box® is extending biometrics and improving Passenger Experience at every airport touch point

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Lisbon, March 25, 2014

While for some, managing identity by applying biometrics at all airport touch points is still considered to be a vision, Vision-Box® is paving the way by demonstrating how it concretely work in a real traveller life context, at Passenger Terminal Expo 2014, one of the most highly regarded airport terminal conferences in the world, taking place this week in Barcelona.

Getting to the airport, checking-in, going through the security check, enduring queues at border control, getting to the gate and boarding the plane may take, in some cases, more time that the flight itself and generate high levels of stress and anxiety for both passengers and the authorities, not really contributing to non-aviation revenue for Airport operators.

To ensure a hassle-free passenger journey and make the airport experience enjoyable while guaranteeing highest standards of security and safety, the human factor is at the center of Vision-Box® ‘s approach towards the Passenger Experience, introducing biometrics at every step of the journey, in a strategic partnership with the 14 steps of the Future Traveller Experience developed by IATA (International Air Transport Association), being presented at Passenger Terminal Expo.

By automating identification and verification processes and implementing a robust central management platform integrating identity management, security and border control features, airports and airlines are able to provide a more convenient, expedient and streamlined experience to legitimate passengers, by reducing queuing times and putting the passenger in control of their journey. This improves security levels, by reducing errors and correctly assessing security risks, actually being able to benefit from an advanced passenger monitoring infrastructure, including predictive modeling of people’s flow. In fact, from check-in to boarding, the passenger interacts with the airport at every security touch point, thus contributing to the aggregation of relevant information by the Airport, Airline or Border Control Authorities, consequently gradually filling, in a privacy-sensitive manner, the “Traveler Data Envelope”.

Despite the passenger-centric approach, Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing, explains that “all airport stakeholders are taking benefit from the broad use of biometrics and from the Traveler Data Envelope concept: While Governments and Border Control Authorities are improving security at the border by way of a reliable biometric identification and verification methods, Airports and Airlines are offering their customers a more sophisticated innovative edge and better services, improving passenger flow, decreasing congestions and waiting times, and making passengers enjoy travelling again to the benefit of their revenue growth!“

A live demonstration of Vision-Box®’s Passenger Experience offering can be seen at stand 2200 at Passenger Experience Expo. The entrance to the exhibition is free.


Editorial Contact

Vision-Box® Headquarters

Catarina Meleiro


Vision-Box® at the forefront of discussions on Expedited Travel and Border Management in the USA

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Lisbon, March 25, 2014

U.S. Government officials and industry experts gathered together under one roof to discuss the growing challenges associated with securing human identity during the conference Connect ID, which took place in Washington last week. One of the hot topics under discussion was Aviation Security and the balance between the facilitation of legitimate travel and tight border control.

As one of the leading industry specialists, Vision-Box® contributed to the debate with their wide experience of over 400 Automated Border Control solutions implemented worldwide and provided some answers with regard to the growing need for effective identification and verification solutions. “Not only robust ABC solutions at each country’s entry/exit point are important, but a powerful IT platform ensuring a Unified Architecture and integrating Identity Management, Security and Border Control solutions is crucial to consolidate all dimensions and the dataflow management of an entry/exit process. This will permit a nationwide view of migration flows, anticipating peaks, associated measures and building the foundations of a solid predictive model”, explains Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing at Vision-Box®, in a fishbowl session with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Finish Border Guard.

The company sets a very special focus on the passenger experience – seamless journeys, decreased congestion, reduced waiting times and a unique technological experience. However, this approach will include and benefit all airport stakeholders: while Governments and Border Control Authorities will confirm an improvement of the security at borders and an optimization of processes and resources, Airports and Airlines will offer more innovative services, reduced queues, increased on-time departures and happier passengers!

In this scenario, data sharing is no longer an issue. In fact, the Vision-Box®-developed platform, the vb i-shield®, was based on the “Privacy by Design” concept, for a sustainable Data Sharing model to sustain each parties’ needs and strategic, business and legal objectives and constraints.


Editorial Contact

Vision-Box® Headquarters

Catarina Meleiro



Empresa portuguesa Vision-Box vai recrutar 30 novos colaboradores

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Vision-Box®, empresa portuguesa líder mundial em sistemas de controlo automático de fronteiras e soluções de identidade eletrónica, está à procura de 30 pessoas para acompanhar o seu plano de crescimento nos próximos anos.

Lisbon, February 10, 2014 – A multipremiada empresa de capital 100% nacional não pára de crescer. Depois de mais um ano de desenvolvimento em contra-ciclo com a economia portuguesa, a empresa está a expandir a sua equipa nacional e internacional.

Engenharia de Produto, Desenvolvimento de Software e Customer Service são as áreas predominantes, mas há mais a necessitar de novos colaboradores. Os requisitos diferem entre as várias oportunidades, mas «em termos gerais, a empresa está à procura de pessoas dinâmicas, empenhadas e, claro, com um bom domínio de línguas estrangeiras», descreve a Diretora de Recursos Humanos, Filipa Larangeira. «Queremos contrariar a fuga de talentos do nosso país. Para isso, oferecemos salários acima da média do mercado e oportunidades de progressão de carreira quer seja na sede em Portugal ou em qualquer parte do mundo onde estejamos presentes!», conclui.

De facto, o sucesso internacional da Vision-Box® é retumbante: após a recente instalação da solução de controlo automático de fronteiras no novo Terminal do aeroporto de Lisboa em 2013, a empresa celebrou um contrato plurianual com a UK Border Force, agência responsável pela proteção de fronteiras no Reino Unido, para a implementação deste tipo de sistemas em mais de quinze aeroportos daquele país, e inaugurará brevemente em Doha, no Qatar, os mais recentes equipamentos de gestão automatizada de fronteiras naquele que será, em 2014, o aeroporto com o maior número de sistemas de controlo biométrico de fronteiras, instalados em todo o Mundo!

Bento Correia, CEO da Vision-Box®, confirma que «a empresa tem vindo a crescer de forma sustentada nos últimos anos, fruto da estratégia de internacionalização e da posição de liderança conquistada nas áreas da identidade digital, controlo de fronteiras e video-vigilância. Novos contratos em 2013 intensificaram a expansão da empresa e ditaram o reforço da estrutura de recursos humanos para suportar o crescimento da actividade da empresa, que não só tem a necessidade, mas também as condições ideais para acolher novos colaboradores».

As maioria das vagas são para a sede da empresa, em Carnaxide, mas existem também oportunidades para reforçar a atividade da empresa além fronteiras. A lista de perfis pode ser consultada no site da empresa e as candidaturas devem ser feitas através do contacto:


Contacto Editorial

Catarina Meleiro


Vision-Box® closes the border control loop by unifying the manual and automated border control processes at Lisbon Airport

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Lisbon, 27 January 2014 – Vision-Box®, leader in automated border control systems and electronic identity solutions, has delivered and integrated 35 document readers for manual border control, to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

Lisbon Airport, under the close collaboration and control of SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service), has been pioneer in implementing modern border control systems, after its introduction of the first facial recognition ABC e-Gates in Europe, in 2008. Today, it has a unique advantage by integrating both manual and automated border control systems under the same unified platform. In addition to the already in production 24 automated border control (ABC) eGates, the new document readers will now allow border guards to tighten control and have a better articulation with the activity taking place at the eGates.

The manual border control’s booths, equipped with the new document readers, will be able to receive transferals from the eGates, allowing the border agent to quickly access the history of what happened at the ABC eGate for a given exception case. By doing so, the benefits are very significant in terms of the quality of service offered, agility and flexibility, as it is now possible to understand the specific contexts on which the border crossings took place in real-time.

The integration between the two will provide border guards an integrated framework that systematically interacts with the different front-end units, enabling the consolidation of both operations and business rules, and generating more accurate and reliable reports.

Miguel Leitmann, Senior Vice President at Vision-Box®, highlights the “advantages gained by this approach in terms of providing travelers with a more positive experience and border guards to have more control over both the manual and automated border control process in an aggregated way, using the same interfaces and reporting console”. Miguel added “there is an increasing demand for this type of integration and many of our customers are moving towards this direction; first unifying the airport operations and then expanding the same framework to all entry/exit points including seaports and land borders”.


Editorial Contact

Vision-Box® Headquarters

Catarina Meleiro


T: +351 912361611


Vision-Box® to supply the Government of Latvia with nationwide deployment of biometric enrollment stations

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Vision-Box® has been awarded the contract for delivery of automated biometric enrollment solutions to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia, thus confirming its leadership in the Baltics.

Lisbon, January 20, 2014 – It will soon be easier and quicker to obtain identification documents in Latvia. 171 new integrated biometric enrollment stations will be put in operation until June next year, at Latvian citizen registration facilities and embassies abroad, to improve processes related to the identity document issuance processes.

The new units will be used to capture the citizens’ biometric data (face and fingerprint), as well as the signature, in the process of requesting or renewing an identity document, helping the issuing authorities guarantee a top quality enrollment of citizens. This innovative system will not only assure compliance to ICAO, NIST and other international standards in biometric data collection, but also improve the service provided: the enrollment solutions will speed up processes, reduce waiting times, and contribute with a pleasant experience to citizens, through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, combined with quick proactive adjustments to each applicant, such as the automatic height adjustment of the capture device.

With a growing track record in the Baltic countries, having been responsible for the deployment of self-checkpoint eGates at Riga International Airport and of Automated Border Control eGates and self-service verification kiosks at Tallinn International Airport, in Estonia, Vision-Box® was the selected supplier for this massive deployment in Latvia, having fully met all of the customer’s requirements with the vb e-pass® enrollment solutions’ family.

In addition to the ergonomic design, user-centric interfaces, Plug&Play deployment processes, and a lot of innovative features, the Vision-Box® vb e-pass® solution portfolio is distinguishing for its diversity of form factors, addressing the challenges of the different contexts where citizen enrollment will take place. In fact, while the Latvian registration offices will be using easy-fit desktop units in their facilities, embassies abroad will use full-blown and robust self-service kiosks, to optimize the available space and resources. Mobile services, to which portability is a key word, will benefit from smaller and light-weighted “suitcase-type” integrated units, which can be quickly relocated according to the peaks of demand.

Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box®´s Senior Vice-President, stated that: “This project confirms that, as far as identity management is concerned, one size doesn’t fit all. For every enrollment scenario there’s a solution addressing its specific needs, always providing the same level of quality in securing our clients’ Identity Chain of Trust. Vision-Box is proud to understand and overcome our customers’ challenges, meet their demands and be the company of reference in this market”.


Editorial Contact

Vision-Box® Headquarters

Catarina Meleiro



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