Passenger Terminal EXPO 2017

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017/03/14 – 2017/03/16

Brace for impact at Passenger Terminal Expo (Amsterdam, 14-16 March 2017), as Vision-Box will unveil the ultimate “on-the-move” passenger platform, targeted for airports and beyond: the vb Seamless Gateway™.

Vision-Box already erased the “wait!” from the passenger's journey at major airports around the world. As of today, we are eradicating the “stop!”.
The Seamless Gateway™ is a self-service, game-changing solution, enabling travellers to enjoy a seamless on-the-move identification experience.
The user feels welcomed through a streamlined, contactless and non-stop process.
Whether at check-in, border control, security checkpoint or boarding, the highest levels of security are met, non-intrusively, simply while walking through.

By connecting all Seamless Gateways together, unleashing the full potential of data as actionable intelligence, whilst enhancing Airport Management, the all-new multi-stakeholders vb IOT Service Platform, by Vision-Box, brings an unparalleled holistic approach towards managing the passenger flow through user-centric identification solutions, processes and experiences.

Welcome to a new era where the full potential of biometrics and machine-learning are shaping the future of a trust-chain of identity!