Covering the entire digital identity management life cycle, Vision-Box® delivers to governments and issuing authorities, solutions ranging from live biometric enrollment stations, document verification kiosks and digital document dispensers.
Throughout the years, we’ve deployed 3,000 identity management units around the world for National ID, Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s License, and many others.


One solution guaranteeing unique identity

Vision-Box® successfully developed a game-changing end-to-end approach to the life-cycle management of eID documents, which provides governments with full control of the enrollment and delivery processes for eID Cards, ePassports or all other relevant personal document, having an important impact on society and on the way identity processes are perceived.
Based on the vb i-shield® platform, the proposed solution covers both the hardware and software components for the enrollment and the delivery of ICAO-compliant identity documents, as well as its use at borders and other locations. All of these components, securely integrating with card personalization solutions, close the loop of the eID issuance process and compose a true end-to-end chain of identity, from enrollment to delivery.


Controlling the card issuance process is the first step in unlocking the value of a strong identity chain. With the Vision-Box® end-to-end Chain of Identity, governments have integrated knowledge of a citizen’s identity and can access all related data, regardless of the point of contact. Whether the citizen is crossing the border or requesting health care benefits, authorities are a click away from making an informed decision, as they can access in real time clear, actionable information about an individual’s identity.
A Trusted End-to-end Identity Chain guarantees:

Reduced errors caused by manual procedures


Elimination of problems in the integration of components from different providers


Enhanced robustness of existing solutions for public places


Reduction of the environment impact on performance and quality


Ergonomic and customized design


An empowering personal citizen experience with self-service solutions and automated, efficient processes!





Portuguese Institute of Registration and Notary Affairs


Portuguese Institute of Registration and Notary Affairs


Enrollment solutions for National ID Card, e-Passport, VISA and Residence Permits

Project Requirements

  • State-of-the-art ICAO-compliant enrollment solution for the new Portuguese Electronic Passport and ID card
  • Integration with internal passport and ID card issuance workflow

Project Benefits

  • Reduced waiting times per citizen to obtain a document
  • Reduced operational cost per enrollment

This project triggered the implementation of Automated Border Control solutions at all major airports in Portugal, for the use of ID Card and e-passport at the country’s border controls.

Latvia Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs


Latvia Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs


Enrollment solutions for Latvia citizen registration facilities, Embassies and Consulates

Project Requirements

  • Highest quality enrollment of citizens, including the capture of citizen biometric data (face and fingerprint), as well as signature, in the process of requesting or renewing an identity document

Project Benefits

  • Easier and quicker to obtain identification documents at both Latvian citizen registration facilities and embassies abroad
  • Variety of solutions, addressing the specific challenges of each enrollment scenario
  • Optimized identity document issuance processes and resource management
Swedish National Police


Swedish National Police


Biometric data enrollment for the Swedish ID-Card and electronic Passport

Project in partnership with Gemalto


Project Requirements

  • State-of-the-art ICAO compliant enrollment solution for the new Swedish Electronic Passport and ID card
  • Embedded full background removal process
  • Complete turnkey solution, from the enrollment process till the document production and personalization

Project Benefits

  • Reduced waiting times per citizen to obtain a document
  • Reduced operational cost per enrollment
  • Increase on the quality and security of the issued documents