James Fazio, the CEO of Aruba Airport Authority, and Miguel Leitmann, the CEO of Vision-Box, announced a new partnership between both organizations. Aruba Airport Authority and Vision-Box have decided to sign an exclusive partnership for the further evolution of the Aruba Happy Flow.


The goal of the partnership is to:


• Sustain the leading position of the Aruba Happy Flow in the global aviation industry

• Ensure the usage of leading edge Vision-Box technology at Aruba Airport enabling unique value propositions for the airport and high-profile recognition and showcasing for Vision-Box

• Creating a knowledge and experience center on Seamless travel




“The Aruba Happy Flow Proof of Concept has exceeded our expectations during these 2 years, paving the way for a new direction for the airport,” said James Fazio, CEO of the Aruba Airport Authority. “On the other hand, with this new partnership with Vision-Box, we are now very excited to get the opportunity to establish a pioneering Centre of Excellence, where we aim to understand tendencies, develop new products and technologies in a real-life environment and support local economy. This combined effort will surely mark another milestone in the development of the future airport. “


The partnership will profile Aruba Airport as an airport that drives change with passenger centric focus, creating value for their stakeholders and an excellent passenger experience. Furthermore, the partnership should provide skills development for Aruban and international students through the Vision-Box Centre of Excellence, while building a strong foundation for sustainable airport solutions.


Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box™ CEO highlights that “This is indeed a great partnership. Aruba airport has already embraced the new era of the digital airport concept and it will soon benefit further from our game-changing technology for the Gateway 2030 project. We are convinced that this partnership will be the ground base for the next generation of Happy Flow, reaffirming Aruba Airport as an innovation center for passenger facilitation and projecting Aruba with a highly recognizable worldwide airport”.


Vision-Box has today entered into a contract with the Australian Government to deliver the world’s first automated ‘contactless’ traveller clearance processes for people arriving in Australia by air at all international airports.


This contract was celebrated in the scope of the Seamless Traveller program and will expand Vision-Box’s successful presence in Australia initially sustained by its important work on the project that began in 2015 after the Australian Government selected the company to provide biometric border control SmartGates at all Airports’ departures.


This three-year contract will deliver the next generation of Automated Border Control passenger-processing technology. Vision Box’s latest innovations will assist the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection to collect and verify biometric data from all passengers arriving at Australian International Airports.


It will also deliver a new capability that will enable known travellers to self-process through the border without the need to physically use a passport (contactless), entirely relying on facial recognition technology.





Miguel Leitmann, Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder of Vision-Box said that “This contract represents an unparalleled milestone in the history of automation at the border, since it is the first time a government will implement biometric identification through contactless services. We are permanently investing in R&D to bring innovation at the service of more secure and frictionless border control solutions. By selecting Vision-Box, the Australian Government once again puts its trust onto us, to build their leading ambition, which is an amazing recognition to our commitment to society in this respect. This is the result of our long-term dedication and the teamwork we have been able to nurture with the DIBP, and I am very proud of what our people have achieved for our customer and how they feel being part of something bigger: making the world a better place.”

Vision-Box, Inc., the worldwide leader in Identity Management and Passenger Facilitation solutions, in close collaboration with Delta Air Lines, Inc., the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport Terminal 4, has been selected to deliver the next generation Biometric Exit trial using facial recognition.


During the pilot, Vision-Box’s vb i-match™ biometric eGates will prove the effectiveness of seamless integration of self-service airline boarding and the new CBP Biometric Exit processes. The vb i-match™ eGates will confirm passenger identity using advanced face recognition technology and airline ticketing information in a single, automated, reliable, and highly secure solution. This is made possible via connectivity from the vb Orchestra™ software platform of the eGates to the CBP Biometric Exit registration platform and the Delta Departure Control System (DCS). This initiative is an integral part of the early stage implementation of the Comprehensive Biometric Entry/Exit Plan provided by DHS to Congress in April 2016.


Vision-Box solutions deployed around the world provide highly secure, reliable, automated passenger control solutions, leveraging the power of biometrics, machine learning technologies and human-factor centric touch-point interactions. The vb i-match™ eGates proved their effectiveness in production environments in the most active and demanding airport environments, executing and brokering highly specialized immigration and aviation data processing.


The vb i-match™ eGate ensures accurate ISO-compliant photo capture, assessed by built-in facial recognition analytical tools and assisted by dynamic height and light adjustments. The automated height feature adjusts to the passengers of all heights, while the dynamic lighting system enables a high quality image capture regardless ambient lighting within the terminal. The advanced telescopic doors ensure a smooth, secure and sequenced automated boarding process by managing a consistent passenger flow. The integration with Delta Air Line Inc.‘s Departure Control Systems unleashes a cohesive boarding flow compliant with aviation industry standards, in order to optimize the on-boarding timing and allow the boarding agents to focus on the traveler experience.


Since entering the U.S. passenger facilitation market in 2013, Vision-Box has deployed over 550 Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks used by CBP for automating inbound immigration processing, participated in the CBP Otay Mesa Land Border Biometric Entry/ Exit pilots, and provided systems used by CBP at JFK and Dulles International (IAD) airports for identity verification of inbound travelers.  Vision-Box brings business process modeling, workflow orchestration, complex data analysis, biometric authentication and modular systems design under a one roof. The company’s consistent long-lasting track record in delivering industry game-changing identity management solutions, via enterprise-grade products, has proven in the most demanding and innovative international airports, such at Amsterdam Schiphol. The CBP Biometric Exit pilot is a significant step towards strengthening borders and offering stronger national security, facilitated travel, and a strong public-private collaboration at the airport with an exemplary partnership of all stakeholders – with a focus on the passenger experience.


During the pilot, the vb i-match™ eGates will validate that the international destination-bound person is who he or she claims to be – based on reservation information and real-time verification of face biometrics.  Through the pilot, Vision-Box is continuing to provide subject matter expertise in support of CBP’s innovation objectives. All data will be transmitted securely and in compliance with appropriate mandates and controls.


Dr. Michael Petrov, Vision-Box Managing Director, North America, commented: “The pilot is a culmination of our efforts to build a solution that satisfies commercial aviation and CBP requirements and adheres to the strictest privacy protection norms where only the minimally required information is collected and no personally identifiable information is retained by commercial systems. Passenger experience, system throughput, workflow orchestration, biometric performance and personal data protection are the key metrics which the pilot is addressing in order to establish the foundations of a sustainable nationwide roll-out.”

The Indonesian Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi PT Jaya Teknik Indonesia and its partner, Vision-Box, the worldwide leader in Passenger Experience and Automated Border Control solutions, inaugurated an advanced biometric Automated Border Control infrastructure system at Soerkarno-Hatta International Airport’s (CGK) brand-new terminal 3.


The Vision-Box state-of-the-art biometric border control solution consists of 32 vb i-match™ Automated Border Control eGates for eligible Indonesian nationals self-service border clearance and 10 vb e-pass™ portable biometric suitcases for enhanced mobility in passenger clearance. Additionally, it includes 32 individual fingerprint and passport scanners to expedite the processing of foreign travelers at manual counters. The integrated Automated Border Control solution provides higher accuracy in passenger identity verification at the border, while increasing airport security and passenger processing capacity.


The ABC solution is considered a centerpiece of the Indonesian government’s plan to develop new economic opportunities. It is designed to ease the strain on the country’s transportation, tourism, and aviation industries, while increasing its commercial appeal.


Completion of the 3rd terminal, as well as renovations to Terminals 1 and 2, allows CGK to increase its passenger traffic significantly. By the end of 2017, the airport is slated to reach a targeted 61 million annual passengers. This is a remarkable 84% increase from its current 33 million annual passenger capacity. Already serving passengers since August 2016, Terminal 3 will reach its full capacity of 25 million yearly passengers once completed in 2017.




The ABC solution provides CGK and the Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi a modern technology cornerstone for its new terminal to quickly and accurately process arriving and departing passengers while enhancing airport security. Together, these cutting-edge authentication and verification systems represent the first major deployment of Automated Border Control eGates in the country. It is also the first-of-its-kind mobile border control system for immigration officers to efficiently process passengers, taking advantage of a quick and secure user-centric system.


For Jean-François Lennon, Vice President for Global Business Development & Sales at Vision-Box, “This next-generation Border Control solution is designed to provide the airport, the travelers and border control authority with a modern, secure, hassle-free solution, and improve efficiency and airport capacity. Our platform unleashes all the benefits of an innovative self-service immigration clearing process, supporting the future growth in passenger traffic. It adds capacity to the airport’s infrastructure without the need to expand its architecture footprint, thus providing a flexible solution for airport stakeholders during peak seasons and times. We are delighted to have been selected to deliver this digital transformation program for the Indonesian border, in collaboration with PT Jaya Teknik, our local partner.”


Ultimately, the new Automated Border Control eGate system provides a crucial component in the Indonesian government’s overall transportation plan, putting the Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at the technological forefront of passenger processing services.


Vision-Box, the world leader in Passenger Experience and Automated Border Control solutions, reinforced its support to border control officials in Portugal, sponsoring the Conference “SEF and the Economy”, organized by the SCIF-SEF


Vision-Box is pleased to announce its continuing sponsorship of the “SEF and the Economy” Conference that took place on 26 May, 2017. The conference was held at the Higher Institute of social and Political Sciences in Lisbon, Portugal, and organized by the Border Control Services Inspectors (SEF) Union, with Security and economic growth in a Europe without borders and SEF’s role as the event’s main theme.




The conference’s panel discussions explored various critical and essential topics currently affecting European borders such as Investing in Security for Tourism Promotion and Security and Economic Development. On-hand to discuss the conference’s main themes were several expert government and industry distinguished guests and dignitaries that included the Ministry of Interior Constança Urbano de Sousa, the President of the Portuguese Airline TAP, Fernando Pinto, the President of CIP (Confederation of Portuguese Business), among others.


IATA, the International Air Transport Association, estimates that the number of passengers will reach 7.2 billion by 2035, doubling the 3.8 billion recorded in 2016. In a scenario of very significant increase of international passenger numbers and a significant traffic entering the Schengen zone, measures should be taken in Portugal, but also advantage.


Pedro Alves, Vision-Box Business Development Director, at Vision-Box, explained «Portugal is becoming more and more an internationally desirable tourist and business destination.  The adoption of border management solutions able to manage the flow of people safely and conveniently is of the utmost importance. A country’s image, its tourism and finance are intimately linked and are positively affected with the adoption of innovative technologies, modern processes and visitor-centric experiences The Vision-Box designed passenger flow management solutions, available in Portugal and many other border control points around the world, are just another proof that the Portuguese people knows how to welcome our visitors!»





Vision-Box and SEF have long maintained a close partnership. Last year, the Automated Border Control solution – RAPID (Automatic Recognition of Documental Identified Passengers), implemented back in 2007 in the largest airports in the country, became available to more passengers in addition to citizens of the European Union, European Economic Union and Switzerland. With this expansion, Vision-Box biometric recognition solution, renamed RAPID4ALL, was opened for citizens of nine countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, United States of America and Venezuela, totaling 35 nationalities. This was an innovative and key project under the European Commission’s Smart Borders program, which aims to test the control processes of Arrivals and Departures of the Schengen area through airport, land and sea borders, and to outline the future border control strategy across the European Union.


In its ongoing commitment to improving the passenger experience and safety across borders, Vision-Box is proud of its relationship as a SEF key partner in the delivery of Automated Border Control solutions, and the ability to provide key tools to border control inspectors to enhance border security, traveler clearance facilitation, and innovative solutions to tackle current capacity challenges.


Exhibiting at Connect:ID, Vision-Box has unveiled a new integrated Biometric Exit solution which allows border authorities to efficiently collect the necessary information to assist in identifying persons of interest based on accurate identity verification and rules-based monitoring of travel patterns.


With the tremendous growth of the number of travelers and national entry and exit points, many countries are vulnerable to illegal immigration, identity fraud, smuggling, or trafficking.  All the while legitimate travelers line up in long queues to get to their families, reach their holiday destination or to get to their business meetings. At a time when security threats haunt international borders around the world, one of today’s greatest challenges is to find a pragmatic balance between security and facilitation.


An effective immigration system requires an end-to-end process that collects exit data and correlates it with entry data. The goal is to ensure that a traveler cannot depart using someone else’s identity or have someone depart on his or her behalf.  Without biometrically verified exit data, there is no meaningful way to accurately determine whether foreign nationals have overstayed his or her visa. The challenge is to collect and match relevant data in a reliable and efficient manner.


Exhibiting at Connect:ID, in Washington, Vision-Box has unveiled an integrated Biometric Entry-Exit system which allows Border Authorities to efficiently collect the necessary information to assist in apprehending illegal immigrants and over stayers based on accurate identity verification and rule-based monitoring of travel patterns. Building upon the company’s renowned innovative approach to integrated Border Management and Traveler Facilitation, the system features a powerful orchestration platform connecting different land, air and sea border immigration systems with traveler-centric self-service touchpoints for biometric verification at every national Entry-Exit point.


An Entry-Exit system is, however, only as strong as its weakest link. As such, the physical touchpoints used by passengers must comply with appropriate specifications. The most recent self-boarding gate technology launched by Vision-Box paves the way for the highest standards in on-the-move matching accuracy and efficiency against biometric systems of record while adhering to pragmatic security protocol focused on facilitated travel. In the new paradigm, the creators of the first eGate in the world have taken it to the next level, seamlessly merging previously disparate processes into harmonized, efficient passenger facilitation with the benefit of biometric authentication.





The successful future of integrated border control relies on stakeholders collaboration, engaged in the joint management of a privacy responsible ecosystem with the passenger at the epicenter, guaranteeing a sustainable, safe and effective entry/exit process, unleashing the power of biometrics to the next level”, stated Jean-François Lennon, Vice President for Global Business Development and Sales of Vision-Box. The company will be demonstrating the technological basis for the new Biometric Entry-Exit solution at stand #506.

Seamless Gateway: What it is and why everyone will want it!


Providing an on-the-move, contactless, and streamlined passenger journey, Seamless Gateway eliminates stops at airport control points and represents the next evolutionary step both in the way passengers interact with the airport and in stakeholder collaboration.


Advancing the concept of the non-stop and contactless airport passenger journey, Vision-Box, the worldwide leader in passenger experience and border control solutions, in collaboration with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, is presenting its newest industry game-changer, the Seamless Gateway, during Passenger Terminal Expo taking place this week in Amsterdam.




Already causing a ripple of excitement throughout the airline industry, the Seamless Gateway technology is the first-ever, contactless, face biometrics passenger identification gateway. Offering the highest security levels at key moments of the passenger journey, it is certain to change the way airports envisage their relationship with passengers by revamping the interaction between travelers, airport, airlines and border authorities in important ways:

  • Provides travelers with a walkthrough identification experience, eliminating stops and direct interaction with officers. Identification is conducted in a few seconds, without compromising the biometric capture quality or matching accuracy of the single token.
  • Features a full, contactless journey obtaining a facial image on the fly, while the passenger walks naturally, but without eliminating the travel document from the equation.
  • Enables a streamlined, one-solution approach to all touchpoints, with the Seamless Gateway technology available to all travelers, adapting itself to each passenger’s unique behavior and features, and automatically activating alternative identification methods if needed.
  • A seamless journey providing a smooth and continuously integrated passenger-centric flow, combining data from different systems to deliver the highest level of security and a modern travel experience to travelers. The powerful Common Use IoT platform, Orchestra, promotes stakeholder collaboration and activates actionable intelligence towards excellence in Airport Management.


How does Seamless Gateway work?

During each clearance process, a facial image of each approaching passenger is captured on-the-move, and matched against a traveler data envelope which includes the biometric and biographic details of the expected arriving passenger.


As a safe and proven technology for Automated Border Control, the system employs the highest security standards and operates according to international regulations and best practices, under a rigorous Privacy-by-Design architecture.


CEO of Vision-Box Miguel Leitmann highlights that “We are thrilled to be at Passenger Terminal Expo along with Schiphol Airport, our long-time and valued partners in seamless passenger modernization. This year, we are proud to unveil Seamless Gateway, a brand new concept that literally allows a passenger to go through checkpoints without stopping and heralds a revolution in the dynamic between passenger, airport, airlines and border authorities. This innovation truly is a stimulating new chapter for the passenger services model and stakeholder collaboration.”


While the Seamless Gateway links the passenger with the airport, airline and border control authorities, via a simple, transparent and on-the-move interaction, the state-of-the-art Vision-Box IoT Service Platform Orchestra integrates the entire passenger identification and Common Use flow infrastructure of solutions and processes, leveraging all traveler and journey information into actionable intelligence. Orchestra unlocks a unique collaborative management ecosystem for all stakeholders, promoting synergies, maximizing advantageous interactions and offering a personalized, first-rate passenger experience within the Digital Airport Program.


Wilma van Dijk, Safety, Security & Environment Director of Schiphol Group, also states “Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been boosting innovation in every aspect that concerns passenger experience together with our partners the Ministry of Security & Justice, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Vision-Box. Now, to be the first airport in the world to offer a completely non-stop contactless journey and to demonstrate such innovation at Passenger Terminal Expo are great reasons to celebrate. For us, modernization goes hand in hand with innovative technology. The state-of-the-art Seamless Gateway supports us with our Digital Airport Program.”


Adding to the outstanding experience offered by this seamless approach is Vision-Box Mobile ID technology that uses highly secure biometric tokens for seamlessly, hands-free authentication in authorized IoT devices. The Vision-Box Mobile ID can be used to digitally store multiple identification documents in a smartphone to easily and securely network to numerous services while connecting various agencies and authorities. Using a network of IoT devices, each individual transaction is stored and distributed using Trustchain, Vision-Box’s cutting-edge approach to blockchain, which allows authorized IoT devices to perform risk assessments and estimate the level of confidence in the individual’s personal identity, based on the sequence of ID verifications in the person’s IoT history.


Visit Vision-Box Stand 10035 at the Amsterdam Passenger Terminal Expo for the unveiling of Seamless Gateway, the first-ever contactless face biometrics identification gateway. Distinguished guests and a large team of Vision-Box ambassadors are available for meetings and for a full, live demonstration of the new solution.


Come experience this revolutionary non-stop, contactless and streamlined passenger clearance gateway and see how it will change the face of air travel as we know it!





Vision-Box™, the worldwide leader in passenger experience and border control solutions is looking for talented people to join the company and expand the international team!



If you’re looking for a passionate, fast-growing company excited with amazing challenges and with a bright future ahead, don’t look any further. Vision-Box™ is hiring!


Headquartered nearby fashionable Lisbon, Portugal, spreading with 8 offices around the world and operations in more than hundred countries in all 5 continents, the booming leader in biometric-based automated border control and identity management solutions, Vision-Box™, is the ideal place for career aspirations!


If you are wondering how you would fit in Vision-Box™, career opportunities emerge in various areas: there are plenty of open vacancies within the Software Development area, but also in the fields of Engineering, Sales, Marketing & Communication, Technical Support and Logistics. And not only in Portugal. The multi-awarded company has been growing at a fast pace in 8 offices around the world.


Requirements are different according to positions and geographies, but there are a few things all applicants need to know. Catarina Azevedo, Human Resources Director of Vision-Box™, explains: “Our company is a truly worldwide team dedicated to a bold new vision. We look for energetic, ambitious and talented people that are willing and able to overcome obstacles, whilst developing their leadership. To shape our future, we need the best, most forward-looking and challenging talents in the job market.”


Why join Vision-Box™?

Vision-Box™ is the happy result of the drive and skills of two visionaries with intensive experience in the science and technology fields, who in 2001 decided to take the results of their research to the ultimate test: the market. Today, Vision-Box™ highly talented team accounts for many hundreds and has achieved the reputation of unquestioned market experts, closely working with and consulting Governments, Immigration Authorities, Airports, Airlines and other organizations challenged to improve identity management, by offering them superior, tailor-made Border Control, Identity Management and Surveillance solutions. Whatever the nature of the challenge, whether bringing unexpected innovation to the market, meeting the changing needs of our customers or the expectations of our shareholders, Vision-Box™ has always reached for excellence and for a positive social change in the world.


Some of the vacancies are open in the headquarters in Lisbon, but there are also opportunities to strengthen the company’s activity abroad. The openings list can be consulted at Vision-Box™ website and applications can be made through the contact:


Vision-Box™ is exhibiting this week at Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam, so it will be an amazing opportunity for candidates who are as passionate about the industry as we are to know more about the company and liaise with some of its representatives. If you’re visiting Passenger Terminal Expo this week, don’t miss out on the opportunity to know everything about Vision-Box™ and leave your business card!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March, 14th 2017

Brace for impact at Passenger Terminal Expo (Amsterdam, 14-16 March 2017), as Vision-Box will unveil the ultimate “on-the-move” passenger platform, targeted for airports and beyond: the vb Seamless Gateway™.




Vision-Box already erased the “wait!” from the passenger’s journey at major airports around the world. As of today, we are eradicating the “stop!”. The Seamless Gateway™ is a self-service, game-changing solution, enabling travellers to enjoy a seamless on-the-move identification experience. The user feels welcomed through a streamlined, contactless and non-stop process.


Whether at check-in, border control, security checkpoint or boarding, the highest levels of security are met, non-intrusively, simply while walking through.


By connecting all Seamless Gateways together, unleashing the full potential of data as actionable intelligence, whilst enhancing Airport Management, the all-new multi-stakeholders vb IOT Service Platform, by Vision-Box, brings an unparalleled holistic approach towards managing the passenger flow through user-centric identification solutions, processes and experiences.


Welcome to a new era where the full potential of biometrics and machine-learning are shaping the future of a trust-chain of identity!

On its 10th birthday special edition, Monocle magazine portraits Portugal as a proud and business-oriented nation, where Vision-Box is highlighted as an example of a business at the forefront of technology.


img_8328_ed2 img_8328_ed

“In the hills above Lisbon sits Vision-Box.” This is how Monocle begins the portrait of the company that unveiled the first Automated Border Control solution ever to use biometric facial recognition. Having launched the company in 2001, it was from the top of these hills that Miguel Leitmann and Bento Correia, CEO and Chairman of Vision-Box, anticipated the use of electronic passports that directed the development of the most used Automated Border Control solution in the world: the self-service eGate.


CEO of Vision-Box Miguel Leitmann had the pleasure to share with Monocle this and more stories about the company and its staggering growth over recent years. Vision-Box is an example of the Portuguese stamina that has allowed the country to keep its traditional trades growing while pushing into innovative sectors such as technology, energy and mobility.


The full story can be found on the 64-page Portugal Survey Report featured in the latest March issue that covers how the country has been building a strong national brand.

The company was selected by Eurostar after a successful tender process


Vision-Box was responsible for the implementation of a pioneering Automated Border Control (ABC) at St Pancras International rail station, at the French border:

  • This is the first time that such self-service technological solutions have been deployed by a private transportation service provider for optimizing passenger flow at a border within an international rail hub.
  • It also represents the first time that such a programme relying on facial recognition technology has been implemented for border control in France as part of an experimentation scheme.


The initiative, led in full coordination with Eurostar, the French border police (DCPAF) and the French Ministry of Interior, aims to maximise the speed and efficiency of the immigration clearance process for passengers travelling from the UK into continental Europe and the Schengen zone within a highly secure framework. It also represents the birth of a new generation of PARAFE, the French automated border crossing system that uses biometric authentication technology to verify the passengers identity at the country’s borders. The assignment of this project to Vision-Box is the successful result of the company’s application in the context of an open international tendering process mandated by Eurostar.

This state-of-the-art solution, which uses facial recognition technology, is designed to be swift, secure and deliver a positive experience for the thousands of eligible passengers that make this journey on a daily basis. With an estimated 20% expected increase in traffic levels in the coming years (and over 26,000 passengers/day at borders between the peak late afternoon hours of 4pm and 7pm), Vision-Box’s eGates allow Eurostar to orchestrate its passenger management process with greater fluidity and mobility while maintaining a high level of border security. Since June 2016, more than 500,000 passengers have been able to use the self-service eGates, having benefited from a speedy and seamless experience.

Mikaël Lemarchand, Director of Stations at Eurostar, declared: “Eurostar’s mission is to deliver a memorable experience to our customers. At every single touch point of their journey with Eurostar, whether in business lounges, on board the brand new trains or at border controls in our terminals, the customers are offered delightfully easy solutions. That is why we selected Vision-Box to accompany us on this very innovative journey. Vision-Box share with Eurostar the same vision of what an amazing customer experience shall be. They rely on professional and passionate teams who were able to understand our specific needs and match the highly demanding requirements of our Ministry of Interior. The results of this close collaboration are now visible in London St. Pancras, with the Automated Border Control solution in place enhancing the daily experience of our customers. We are now planning the next chapter to deploy automated border controls throughout the Eurostar network, in Paris and Brussels.”

Miguel Leitmann, CEO and Founder of Vision-Box, added: “Since the first day of our journey with Eurostar and the French Ministry of Interior, together in close relationship with the Border Police (DCPAF), we have been engaged in a enthusiastic, hard-working and intense multi-stakeholder partnership which materializes its apogee through the successful operation of a truly innovative passenger facilitation process at a landmark rail hub. The first statistics of usage are overwhelming in terms of adhesion and positive feedback of both travellers and Police officers. Once again, it is very much about creating a dynamic collaboration, facilitate multi-cultural understanding, and focus on the balance between two major aspects: the absolute need for higher security at the border, and a passenger-centric experience that serves the public interest to the benefit of our client. We are extremely proud to be part of this adventure, contributing to a safer world whilst improving everyday people’s lives.”


Rapid and reliable technology

Concretely, Vision-Box’s vb i-match™ ABC eGates solution has been deployed at St Pancras International as part of a Private/Public innovative initiative between stakeholders, for use by all passengers from the EU, the EEA and Switzerland over 18 years old and holding a valid electronic Passport. The automated gate solution, 100% developed by Vision-Box, ensures an effective biometric verification based on facial recognition: a swift and reliable identity check can be carried out between the passenger at the border and the e-passport presented, through a comparison of the image taken by the biometric capture device installed on the ABC eGates against the photo stored in the passport chip. This is complementary to the traditional biographic background checks that the Border Police performs based on different national and international law enforcement databases.

The gates function in a supervised, self-service mode, which can be overruled at any time by the Border Police officers in case a need to perform additional investigation work is clearly identified. The solution is therefore focused on increasing efficiency at the border, consequently eliminating any subjective aspects from the equation, thus improving the capability of the officers in their primary task of focusing at persons of interest. French Border Police supervises the process in real-time, thanks to Vision-Box’s vb inspector™ monitoring stations, part of the vb orchestra™ platform which operates in a highly secure and privacy-responsible framework.

Furthermore, the success of Vision-Box’s ABC eGates on today’s market is all the more significant as the European Commission looks to roll-out its Smart Borders Programme, which aims to further digitalize border security in Europe for third country nationals by enhancing the entry/exit control of the Schengen space whilst facilitating frequent trusted travellers movements, particularly by deploying sophisticated, yet proven, biometric technology (such as that proposed by Vision-Box) in order to make this process more reliable and convenient in order to better face increasing flow of passengers at the borders.
French market expansion

The Eurostar project allows Vision-Box to gain a market hold within France. Vision-Box intends to capitalize on this success in order to further expand on the French market by securing additional long-term partnerships in the transportation industry, delivering additional groundbreaking border control solutions to new prospects such as French airports.

Additional deployments are planned in the course of this year on other Eurostar sites in France and Belgium. Vision-Box is also participating in a PARAFE II trial pilot, based on facial recognition, with Aéroports de Paris Group (ADP) at Terminal 2F of Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport.
Since 2015, Vision-Box is supported by Keensight Capital, a strategic investor with the international scope necessary to match its global presence.

Thanks to its sector expertise and its proven experience in growing profitable innovative companies, Keensight Capital is acting as a partner to help the company undertake each stage of its global growth.

A new biometrics-based seamless passenger-walkthrough will modernize passenger journey experience in the scope of the ongoing Digital Airport Program.




Representing one of the most expected announcements in the Aviation Industry, the design and deployment of a large-scale modernization program aims at facilitating the entire passenger journey throughout the airport for all types of passengers, whilst increasing terminal capacity. New technology will be tested from 2017 to offer passengers a seamless experience, increase throughput, eliminate bottlenecks, thus enhancing capacity within the existing footprint.


After thorough market research, Schiphol selected Vision-Box, the Passenger Experience leaders responsible for processing over 200 million passengers per year at borders worldwide, to take up the challenge. Vision-Box met the highest standards of know-how, trust and experience for the endeavor and will thus be responsible for implementing, one of the founding streams of the overarching Digital Airport Program announced earlier this year.


The framework agreement consists of a long-term modernization program that will bring to life a pioneering end-to-end biometric-based passenger journey. It is founded on completely redesigned, document-less, self-service passenger-centric touch-points. The program will transform conventional physical and psychological barriers into a standardized, yet streamlined, seamless passenger-walkthrough experience.


Miguel Leitmann, CEO at Vision-Box, stated that “We are proud to announce this real premiere in the Aviation industry at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Our commitment is to present a completely modernized passenger experience, based on a shared vision of the digital airport. The redesigned Schiphol Airport journey will offer the best-in-class human-machine experience, a memorable passenger-centric walkthrough from curb to cabin and a seamless gateway into the future.”




Amsterdam, February, 8th 2017

Facial Biometric boarding solution by Vision-Box™ being trialed at Schiphol Airport

Boarding quickly and easily without showing your boarding pass or passport is the goal of the biometric boarding trial in operation at Schiphol Airport. Involving KLM, the three-month initiative intends to test facial recognition to expedite and speed up passenger boarding, recognizing them by their face.

At a specially selected gate at the airport, a dedicated kiosk was made available for passengers to register for the trial, by scanning their passport and their boarding pass, as well as enroll their face image. This will allow them to quickly go through a biometric eGate simply looking at a camera, without showing any document.


Vision-Box™ and Schiphol have been working together, developing innovations and creating smart ways of improving ease of travel, speed, and airport processes. As the airport aims to become “Leading Digital Airport” in 2018, Vision-Box™ was the partner allowing one further step in that direction.

It is expected that after the trial, biometric boarding will roll out to more boarding gates at the airport.


The joint initiative to transform Princess Juliana International Airport into a seamless end-to-end self-service passenger journey has progressed to phase two with the launch of Vision-Box™ biometric Automated Border Control eGates.




On one of the premier vacation paradise jewels of the Caribbean, Sint Maarten, the joint initiative of Princess Juliana International Airport N.V., Immigration and Border Protection Services, the Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM), and Vision-Box™ has been heavily engaging in transforming the airport into a world-class Passenger Experience.


This commitment to reinvent and modernize Princess Juliana International Airport continues with phase two of the project with the upgrading of the airport’s passenger immigration infrastructure, now employing Vision-Box™ self-service biometric Automated Border Control eGates intended to modernize the process, improve the security of the identification procedure, and expedite passenger flow at one more stage of the passenger journey across the airport.


vb i-match™ ABC eGates have now integrated the recently announced seamless passenger journey designed by Vision-Box™, joining the already existing vb i-match™ security checkpoint eGates installed in the first phase of the project. Together, these solutions are streamlining identification processes for departing passengers, when entering airside and clearing immigration.


Chief of the National Police Force of Sint Maarten Carl John states that, “The main goal is to introduce an integrated passenger experience program that seamlessly streamlines the identification, verification, validation and enrollment processes in such a way that it positively enhances passenger flow, while maintaining the highest level of security for travelers.


The enthusiastic arrival of biometric ABC eGate technology at SXM Airport means that, after successfully entering airside using vb i-match™ security checkpoint eGates, passengers crossing the border will be able to complete the entire immigration process in just a few seconds using a customer-centric self-service touchpoint – vb i-match™ ABC.


Once at the eGate, the passenger will first scan their ePassport, where facial biometric information from the echip is scanned and matched with a live facial image capture of the passenger. Once all identification and safety checks have been successfully conducted, the passenger is allowed to clear immigration. At the forefront of modernizing the immigration clearance procedure is cutting-edge fraud detection and self-clearing biometric identification capabilities, using an advanced eGate security algorithm authenticating the passenger’s ePassport and identity through multiple fraud and security operations, which take just a few seconds.


Newly appointed airport ambassadors are there to greet and guide travelers in the use of the eGates, additionally to the support of a passenger-centered, expertly designed User Interface, oriented towards the success of the operation! Additionally, every passenger transaction is closely monitored by an immigration officer using vb inspector™, a monitoring system giving the officers immediate information on each passenger’s identity and transaction status, detecting identity fraud, leveraging biometric and biographic information during real-time checks of intelligence and criminal databases, and instantly alerting border officers in case of an emergency.


Planned for later in 2017 as part of phase three is the addition of vb orchestra™, a robust and unifying management suite that will give SXM Airport, Immigration and Border Protection Services, and the KPSM a complete overview and control of the entire passenger flow infrastructure and security network. Orchestra™ will give airport and security management officials an effective tool for the proactive monitoring and risk-based assessment of passengers. This software engine gives officials the ability to enhance operational security, while optimizing the passenger experience through flow metric reporting and business rules configuration.


The full realization of SXM Airport, Immigration and Border Protection Services, KPSM, and Vision-Box™’s collective vision for a full self-service airport of the future will come to fruition with the installation of Vision-Box™’s Advance Passenger Information/Passenger Name Record (API/PNR) platform, thus delivering to all stakeholders the full benefits of an Entry/Exit system further boosting the internal security of the airport. The API/PNR is also slated to go fully live at the end of 2017.


Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box™ highlights that “It has been an amazing journey. With the latest generation of passenger identification technology in place, Princess Juliana International Airport will soon be ready to benefit from a game-changing asset made possible by a robust orchestration platform and an API/PNR framework: the power of anticipation. The identification of travelers in advance will allow for effective situational awareness, for the detection of potential risk situations and for the activation of preventive measures, as well as offer a range of opportunities to leverage data, in a privacy-responsible matter, towards more secure, agile, and efficient processes.”

Lisbon, Portugal, November 28th, 2016

What if you could land at your holiday destination, swiftly go through the immigration process just by presenting your face to a camera at the Automated Border Control eGates, take a selfie with your phone to prove who you are and get both your electronic car key and hotel room key delivered to your phone? And what if you could book your seats for that special concert using biometrics, and get into the venue without having a ticket, just by showing your face, like a VIP? If you think this is too futuristic, get ready: Happy Flow is arriving in town!


Following the widespread use of biometrics in electronic documents, border control and plenty of other contexts, as well as the ongoing adoption of face biometrics as the single token at major international airports, it’s time for Happy Flow to extend the positive traveler experience outside the airport and into the city.


Cannes was the city selected by Vision-Box™ to announce the innovation, during the internationally renowned Trustech, taking place from November 29th to December 1st, and this year incorporating Cartes Secure Connexions. Happy Flow Smart City has brought biometrics into every identification process of your daily life.




“Have you ever thought about how many times we are identified every day? Every time we use our credit card, every time we insert a password or every time we provide our passport, ID card or driver’s license. Identification happens everywhere and for the most varied purposes. So why not make it simpler, using one single key?” Miguel Leitmann, CEO at Vision-Box™, asks.


The vision of Happy Flow Smart City is to revolutionize the interaction model among citizens, governments, travel stakeholders, and additional private interests, whereby the former will access, in a quick and streamlined manner, a series of services usually characterized by bottlenecks of time and efficiency, stemming from the need to verify and authenticate their identities. Identity thus is verified by way of biometrics, in replacement of passport, ID Card, boarding pass, keys, passwords among other traditional tokens, easing access to multiple services, in a quick, uncomplicated, modern way.


So what is Happy Flow Smart City?




How will Happy Flow impact Smart Cities?


According to Pedro Torres, Head of Marketing at Vision-Box™, “this revolutionizing concept will change people’s lives. The impact of generalized biometric identification is measured by convenience and trust. It offers governments enhanced security through elimination of identity fraud, efficiency through optimization of personnel, and gives commercial interests an innovative leap forward in service levels and Business Intelligence-driven revenue.” As to benefits for the traveler, he adds “It enhances purchasing and utilization experiences which require consumer identification, transforming them in fully user-centric experiences, allowing consumers to use biometric tokens as proof of identity and authorization, in agile and seamless document-free processes.”



What’s new @Trustech 2016?


Vision-Box™ Stand #D088 at Trustech will receive the first ever biometric Smart City. Don’t miss out on the demonstration. CEO Miguel Leitmann will be presenting his vision at the Main Trustech stage on November 30th 2016.

To support the comprehensive updating of Lithuania’s national driver’s license issuance process, Vision-Box™ in partnership with ATEA installed a new nationwide integrated biometric enrollment solution for Regitra, the Lithuanian State Enterprise responsible for issuing the country’s drivers’ licenses. Citizens are using the solution at 18 Regitra offices in the country since the beginning of the year, experiencing a much easier, faster, and more convenient procedure to obtain their driver licenses.
Seeking a way to expedite the processing and issuance of nearly 200.000 driver licenses per year and aiming to modernize their services, the Lithuanian State Enterprise Regitra turned to Vision-Box™, the leading provider of electronic identity solutions, and ATEA, the leading supplier of IT infrastructure and system integration in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Together, they deployed a full-fledged, state-of-the-art identity management infrastructure designed to facilitate the enrollment of citizens’ biometric data, improve the quality level of data capture and management, as well as enhance personal data security, placing Lithuania on the leading edge of biometric identity document issuance innovation.
To replace the previous bulky and slow legacy photo booths, Regitra chose vb e-pass™ kiosks and desktops touchpoints to provide a completely renewed interface method with the citizen. With a much smaller footprint, these integrated enrollment stations, used in both self-service and assisted mode, have brought a new look, feel, and visibility to Regitra offices, without impacting available space and offering better conditions, optimization, and efficiency for citizens and operators.
Additionally, the touchpoints are resolving long-standing image quality issues of obsolete systems, with the vb e-pass™ kiosks and desktops capturing each applicant’s face biometric image and digital signature according to the highest international standards, in just a few seconds. Adding to the effectiveness of the system, the vb e-pass™ kiosks and desktops are deployed jointly with vb e-pass™ backdrop units. These intelligently illuminated screens are used to achieve a uniformly lit background, boosting the quality of facial image captures and further guaranteeing full compliance with ICAO guidelines for a perfect face image capture colorless background.
The Vision-Box™ track record of more than 3000 Identity Management solutions deployed in over 30 countries and responsible for around 50 Million biometric enrollment processes for electronic documents was essential in delivering the new system’s diverse goals.
The new Regitra solution also benefited from Vision-Box™’s renowned experience in human-machine interaction with:

  • Ergonomically optimized touchpoints offering an easy process for both officer and citizen, to ensure a fast, accurate, and smooth experience.
  • Expertly designed animated instructions displayed to the citizen on the embedded LCD screen for an easy to follow and efficient process.
  • An automated height adjustment camera capturing a facial image of the person when the eyes are detected and guaranteeing a perfect camera alignment without causing any discomfort to the applicant.
  • A correct and fully ICAO compliant photo capture the first time around.
  • The applicant given a choice to choose their preferred photo to be printed on their driver’s license, adding to the overall efficiency and user-friendliness of the system.
  • The applicant electronically signing on an embedded pad, legally certifying the biometric capture process and as a final validation of the captured data.


The new solutions have so far produced tangible results of significantly decreased applicant processing times; vastly reduced queuing lines; and increased document and associated processes security.
Saulius Šuminas, Regitra deputy director, “Due to Vision-Box™ provided solution we are observing great improvement in driving license issuing times and customer satisfaction. Vision-Box™ biometric enrollment solution is very intuitive for our customers and a very powerful tool for our employees. As being state company, one of the main success indicator is customer satisfaction and with the Vision-Box™ solution we are able to achieve it.”
Behind the user-centric touchpoints is the vb e-pass enrollment software suite, a robust platform managed by Regitra, and integrating the entire national enrollment infrastructure. The platform is responsible for gathering all applicants’ biometric and biographical data captured at the enrollment stations, as well as automatically assessing and validating the quality of each capture in compliance with all international requirements such as ICAO. The correct enrollment and consolidation of the data is absolutely pivotal for further document personalization and life cycle management.
Built upon a Privacy-by-Design principle, the vb e-pass enrollment software suite offers a full protection and cross-matching of information, guaranteeing the safeguarding of a citizen’s personal information and other critical data through all the stages leading to document production.
Rimas Kvaselis, ATEA Project Group manager “It was a very interesting challenge to find a better way for all drivers to get their driver licenses. The new system brought additional knowledge for Regitra employees. Well prepared trainings managed to prepare employees in a short period of time. After having fully adopted the system, the driving license issuing process is much more streamlined and customer satisfaction is noticeable.”
Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box highlights that, “Regitra is heavily committed to modernizing the services they offer their citizens. Having a driver’s license is life changing for most people and Vision-Box is happy to be able to provide the best experience to applicants from the start at Regitra offices. Matching this with the goal of offering top-notch quality of data enrolled and, therefore, efficiencies throughout the lifecycle of a document, is what we do best so we’re happy to put Lithuania on the map of advanced identity management technology!”

The innovative platform for end-to-end passenger flow management and improved airport business intelligence has been presented this week at the Future Travel Experience Exhibition in Singapore.


A new, user-centric and comprehensive platform for collaborative passenger flow management, Orchestra™ combines valuable actionable intelligence tools to guarantee the reliable identification of travelers and people of interest. This includes risk anticipation, real-time passenger flow monitoring, effective exception handling, and an improvement in the overall monitoring metrics of traveler flows at the airport through unrivaled data analytics capabilities.




Orchestra™, the passenger-centric multi-stakeholder platform as a foundation of the modern digital airport.



A specialist on passenger experience, Vision-Box™ has revolutionized the aviation industry with the first 100% self-service airport journey. Happy Flow™ unveiled a world of possibilities in innovative and comprehensive new methods of biometric passenger flow management. The engine driving Happy Flow™ is Orchestra™, an integrated passenger journey management software where each stakeholder has their own view of all integrated airport processes.


With Orchestra™, each stakeholder can define passenger workflows and rely on a catalog of published services to write their own relevant business rules. Based on biometric transactions initiated by the passenger at each sequential self-service Happy Flow™ touchpoint – be it mobile, check-in kiosks, bag drop, security, border or boarding gates – high quality and real-time data on passenger identity is stored on a virtual Passenger Data Envelope, where each passenger’s unique information is stored in a highly secured manner utilizing Privacy by Design Principles.


Once again leading the industry into the future, Vision-Box™ exposed the power and versatility of Orchestra™ at Future Travel Experience Global Asia Expo in Singapore, one of the world’s principal gatherings of leading travel industry businesses, government representatives, and insider experts.




Vision-Box™ had a special presence at the FTE Asia Expo Seminar Stage. Under the theme “Fast Travel & Baggage Advancements”, João Sena, Business Unit Manager of Vision-Box Australia has unveiled what’s behind the company’s revolutionary Happy Flow™ and revealed how the open services platform Orchestra™ is connecting all airport stakeholders, managing passenger flow intelligently! Sharing the stage with IATA in a remarkable initiative, Vision-Box covered the latest trends on passenger processing, based on future visions from IATA on Auto Check-in, Passenger Communications, Biometrics Developments and Document Checks.


Pedro Torres, Marketing Director, highlights that “Orchestra™ is the first open services, cross-stakeholder platform for improved process monitoring, business intelligence and decision-making built upon biometrics. Combining all identity and border management solutions into a complete set of intelligent layers, Orchestra™ effectively digs into a gold mine of different security, efficiency and value-creation opportunities for every airport stakeholder. Aruba International was the first airport in the world to deploy Vision-Box™’s 100% self-service Happy Flow and major international airports will soon announce its adoption.”


Demonstrating its exceptional benefits to aviation stakeholders, Orchestra™ incorporates a set of Business Intelligence tools that allow the definition of custom Business Rules where stakeholders can raise alarms and trigger actions based on information from various sources. For example, an airline may wish to define a rule to keep luggage on hold for a passenger who is severely delayed, thereby allowing the airline to avoid a flight delay because of baggage off-loading. Similarly, an airport may wish to define a rule triggered by a large number of passengers checking in or crossing security access gates, thereby automatically opening more security lanes. Retailers and airlines may also offer customers personalized services according to their location and demographics, personalizing each offer to the individual passenger.





During Future Travel Experience Global Asia Expo, Vision-Box™ showcased a true end-to-end passenger journey, with a live demonstration of Happy Flow™ and Orchestra™ and how they play a fundamental role in the airport ecosystem. In particular, how the information made available by Orchestra™ is used to answer important questions such as in which areas of the airport passengers are spending most of their time, whether passengers have crossed specific touchpoints and how delayed they are: in a nutshell, visitors were offered a true vision of the airport of the future!

The first stage of the automation program has been completed: self-service security checkpoint eGates by Vision-Box™ are already available for passengers entering departure area

Named after the Caribbean island where it is located, Sint Maarten Airport, also known as Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM), is implementing an integrated Passenger Experience program to streamline identification processes and enhance passenger flow. The project is a joint initiative by SXM Airport and the Immigration and Border Protection Services, a department within the Ministry of Justice of Sint Maarten, who are strongly committed to the modernization of airport processes and to the improvement of the customer experience at SXM Airport when visiting this touristic Island.


The first milestone of the comprehensive program has been achieved: 6 self-service Security Checkpoint eGates have been recently installed to provide a seamless experience to departing travelers, who will simply have to scan their Bar Coded Boarding Pass (BCBP) at the self-service eGates prior to entering departure hall. The eGates, integrated with the common-use infrastructure of the airport, offer a very fast security control procedure, validating the authenticity of the boarding pass and confirming the passenger’s eligibility to enter the restricted area on the day of travel for all airlines operating on the island. Once the process is completed successfully, the passengers proceed to departure level.

And this is only the beginning: SXM has planned a self-service revolution, having designed, together with Vision-Box™, a modernized passenger experience across the whole airport, covering both arrivals and departures. While Security Checkpoint eGates are expediting eligibility control from landside to airside, the latest generation of Automated Border Control eGates will soon be ready to enhance the next step of the passengers’ journey: exit emigration procedures. At the eGates, passengers will be able to automatically authenticate their passport and have a photo taken, to be matched to the one stored on the passport’s chip. Upon successful authentication, the passenger will cross the border and proceed through the airport security screening. In turn, passengers arriving at the island will be able to use self-service Automated Immigration Control Kiosks supplied by partner YVR, integrated into the Vision-Box™ Border Management suite.

SXM Airport Deputy Managing Director Larry Donker has stated that “SXM Airport is proud of this accomplishment, which is another successful milestone. Automation has and continues to revolutionize the aviation industry. With self-service solutions being the new standard in the industry, SXM Airport is making leaps and bounds towards its vision of offering passengers an experience that will move them”.

All interacting machines will be smartly integrated, building a trusted chain of secure common-use touchpoints based on biometric passenger verification at critical identification stages of both Departures and Arrivals: this is a Single Token approach, leveraging modern identity verification methods founded on biometrics.

The robust unifying management platform – vb orchestra™ – offers both SXM Airport and Immigration and Border Protection Services with an overview and control of the whole security and passenger flow infrastructure. This extended software suite further allows for effective pro-active monitoring and risk-based assessment features, reporting on operational, security and flow metrics, as well as passenger workflow and business rules configuration.

vb orchestra™ is ready for the integration of further passenger touchpoints and the achievement of the last chapter of the contracted program which includes the implementation of Vision-Box’s API/PNR (Advance Passenger Information/Passenger Name Record) platform, thus delivering a full-fledged Entry/Exit system targeted for 2017.

Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box™ highlights that “This is indeed just the beginning. With the latest generation of passenger identification technology in place, Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) is embracing the new era of aviation. In addition to the modernization of passenger experience, SXM will soon be ready to benefit from a game-changing asset made possible by the conjunction of a Single Token approach using biometrics, smartly combined with an API/PNR solution: thus delivering the power of anticipation. The identification of travelers in advance will allow for increased situational awareness, for the detection of potential risk situations and for the activation of preventive measures, as well as offer a range of opportunities to leverage data, in a privacy-responsible matter, towards more secure, agile, and efficient processes. Princess Juliana International Airport is, no doubt, a first-mover in establishing a new paradigm of border management and hassle-free experience to its growing passengers’ flow.”



Having shaken the Aviation industry with the deployment of Happy Flow™ in 2015, the first ever 100% self-service airport journey in Aruba, Vision-Box™ has announced the launch of a comprehensive open services platform built upon biometrics for passenger flow management usable by airports, airlines and border authorities, aggregating valuable actionable intelligence tools for improved process monitoring and decision making. Orchestra™ promises to be a launch pad towards the digital revolution of airports.


Lisbon, Portugal: September 9th, 2016 – One of the world’s largest gatherings of leading travel industry businesses, government representatives, and insider experts took place in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Resort this week. More than 700 leaders in the travel industry have gathered to exhibit and explore the latest advancements in passenger experience at the Future Travel Experience Global 2016 Conference.


After last year’s recognition of Aruba Happy Flow, the first single biometric token airport experience, with the Best Immigration & Arrivals Initiative Award, a joint work including Aruba Airport Authority, the Aruba Government, Schiphol Group and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, eyes are on Vision-Box™, the company that successfully designed and made the industry-changing concept real, to see how far the “passenger’s favorite airport journey” has gone in improving the passengers’ experience.


In addition to presenting the key findings of over one year of successful operations of Aruba Happy Flow™, Vision-Box™ unveiled yet another game-changer: underneath the well-known Happy Flow™ lies Orchestra™, the intelligent passenger journey open services platform engine that is revolutionizing the relationship between passengers, the airport, airlines and border authorities. Orchestra™ makes an incredible amount of actionable information available through multi-stakeholder collaboration providing a clear path to optimizing operations and streamlining passenger flow. Unlocked by the single biometric token of Happy Flow™, Orchestra™ brings the aviation industry to a rich collaborative ecosystem for real-time intelligence-driven airport management.



Orchestra™, the passenger-centric multi-stakeholder platform as a foundation of the modern digital airport.


Enabling the digital airport and managing through business intelligence


With Orchestra™, each stakeholder can define passenger workflows and rely on a catalog of published services to write their own relevant business rules. Based on biometric transactions motivated by the passenger at each sequential self-service touchpoints of Happy Flow™ – be it mobile, check-in kiosks, bag drop, security, border or boarding gates – high quality and real-time data on passenger identity is stored on a virtual Passenger Data Envelope.


Where are passengers spending their time at the airport? How delayed is a specific passenger? Has he crossed immigration yet? How much time are they spending in the retail area? These are just some of the questions that Orchestra™ is ready to answer.


Orchestra™ benefits from a set of Business Intelligence tools and allows for the definition of custom Business Rules whereby stakeholders can raise alarms and trigger actions based on information from various sources. For example, an airline may wish to define a rule to keep luggage on hold for a passenger who is severely delayed, allowing the airline to operate avoiding flight delays or to off-load baggage. Privacy by design ensures information is aggregated with the appropriate granularity not to disclose, for instance, whether the passenger has been retained at border control for questioning or there is a long queue at immigration. This ensures the airline knows where the passenger is in the process while safe-guarding the privacy of the passenger. 


Similarly, an airport may wish to define a rule triggered by a large number of passengers checking in or crossing security access gates to automatically open more security lanes. Retailers and airlines may target customers according to their location and demographics to offer personalized services they have chosen to receive.


Pedro Torres, Director of Marketing explains: «These are fantastic times we are living in. Leveraging on the seamless passenger flow and the single biometric token, we have reached an absolute tipping point in the digital airport era. Airports, airlines and governments have now an open services platform at their disposal where they can collaborate and create real time business rules about passenger flow to both optimize their operations and improve security. All this, without compromising a millimeter on the privacy and security of information they share with other stakeholders in the ecosystem. It’s indeed the best of both worlds – cooperation and competition. Happy Flow™ and Orchestra™ are a must for airports and airlines at the forefront of passenger innovation and we are now witnessing the first big wave of market uptake in major international airports».


Key takeaways from Future Travel Experience Global


Throughout the week, Vision-Box™ has exhibited at FTE Global and was awarded the Best Exhibition Stand of the event at the 2016 FTE Awards Gala! A true end-to-end passenger journey was showcased, including the latest touch-points for passenger interaction, from mobile, through kiosks and eGates. Vision-Box™ also presented how Orchestra™ plays a fundamental role in instituting a trusted and reliable cross-stakeholder collaborative environment. In particular, how such versatile platform can provide biometric Entry and Exit Systems that gives border authorities powerful tools to collect real-time information and enhance the security from the moment passengers arrive into the country to the moment they leave. And this is just the beginning!








With the last go-live of departures SmartGate in Adelaide last month, the nationwide roll-out of Automated Border Control at the eight main airports in Australia is now completed. The initiative pursued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has successfully reached its final stage, making universal streamlined border control processes and enhanced border protection a reality. Vision-Box™, as the leading provider for automated border management solutions, played a fundamental role in delivering this complex and robust large-scale deployment to all major Departure Terminals of the country.


Sydney, August 25th, 2016 – Since the first bank became operational in Sydney last year, 10 million passengers have been successfully processed by the installed Automated Border Control eGates in Australia, with passengers of all ages and all nationalities being able to leave the country, using the Automated Border Clearance solution, by simply presenting their passport and looking at a camera to clear the Border.


It took only 12 months to set up an unparalleled Automated Border Control infrastructure in Departures Halls at 8 major airports around Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Cairns and Darwin: all 8 major Australian Airports are now equipped with the latest self-service biometric technology for Border Control, offering departing passengers with a unique passenger-centric experience at the 83 SmartGates installed.


On the announcement of the national completion of the departures SmartGate roll-out, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton highlighted that “This milestone delivers on Australian Government’s commitment towards streamlined border control processes and enhanced border protection capability at our international airports”.



SmartGates by Vision-Box™ at Sydney International Airport


Mr. Dutton defined the introduction of this technology as “critical to improving our ability to accurately confirm the identity of travelers”. In fact, the commitment with the latest generation of Automated Border Control eGates in 2014 was a determined step to strengthen Australian borders.


The use of self-service biometric touch points offers a quick, reliable authentication of each passenger’s travel documents and guarantees that the passenger holding it is the rightful owner, by matching the passport chip’s photo with a live photo. While legitimate travelers cross the border in a smooth, self-service way, Australian Border Force officers can focus on actual risks at the border.


Side by side with security, the standardisation and streamlining of processes is having a huge impact in the way passengers perceive the airport experience. SmartGate has widespread passenger adoption, by embracing what has become the universal language for personal identification. Gradually, self-service passenger processes have become standard at international airports in Australia. The advancements of technology have allowed the passenger experience to be amazingly convenient – cameras automatically adjust to the passenger’s height (especially needed when any age is accepted) and innovative patented document feeder technology promotes the highest reading success rate, by automatically positioning the passport precisely on the reader at all times and by only returning the document to the passenger when reading was fully completed, eliminating any delays due to document misplacement or inadequacy of time for reading.


A happy combination of attractive and ergonomic common-use hardware, an expertly designed workflow and intuitive interfaces based on the best human–to-machine interaction practices allow passengers to use the technology very easily and clear immigration in just a few seconds.


At busy periods, up to 150 passengers are being processed per hour at each gate.


The efficiency and accuracy in the process of identifying passengers through the use of advanced biometric recognition, together with a seamless integration with the Border Force platform, were also pivotal in ensuring a unique performance of the system and the quickest processing times.


The powerful software suite put in place by Vision-Box™ integrates passenger identification (biometric verification, passport checks, passenger assessment and profiling) with real-time monitoring of SmartGate operations, offering Border Force Officers a solid control of the entire end-to-end security infrastructure via a holistic integrated border management platform allowing to promptly react to any exceptional situation or threat.


Miguel Leitmann, CEO of Vision-Box™ states that This project is simply the most remarkable SmartGate roll out ever at a global scale, with state-of-the-art biometric technology intensifying border security at all major exit points of the country. We are very proud to have worked cooperatively with the Australian Border Protection authorities in implementing this project of reference and providing the best tools for major international airports to boost their capacity and manage increasing traveler volumes. 10 million passengers have been reliably identified. And that’s how this solution is working at the service of international security, efficiency and the convenience of people who travel.”



Known as one of the most efficient and traveler-friendly airports worldwide, and committed to improve traveler processing and security, Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport (the largest in Uruguay) has just inaugurated an innovative integrated Border Control solution. Easy Airport is the program that is offering passengers and for the first time in the country, self-service Automated Border Control, reinforced by the simultaneous modernization of assisted procedures. Vision-Box™ is one of the designated partners to meet the goal of the overarching SISCA – Integrated Airport Security and Control System – of boosting security, whilst revolutionizing the passenger experience.


Lisbon, Portugal, August 23rd, 2016 – Puerta del Sur S.A. (part of Corporación America and concessionary of the Carrasco International Airport), and the National Direction of Migration of Uruguay have been developing together a significant transformation of their Border Control Procedures, in the scope of SISCA, a comprehensive program that analyzes, develops and makes use of the best technologies and procedures to control and secure airport facilities, verify travelers and cargo, as well as facilitate passengers along their airport journey.


Travel document readers and finger print scanners were introduced in 2014 into manual document control procedures for arriving and departing travelers. Last week, a very significant milestone was reached for SISCA and for Puerta del Sur: the inauguration of the state-of-the-art integrated Border Control solution. Integrating both Automated and manual Border Control, the solution was designed and implemented by Vision-Box™. With proven Automated Border Control solutions in more than 70 airports in all continents, the company was the selected partner to ensure the main goals were accomplished: improve security in border processing and transforming the travelers’ experience.


The inaugural ceremony of this pioneering solution in Carrasco International Airport was held last Friday and attended by distinct members of the Carrasco Airport, both national and international Government authorities and Vision-Box™. Passengers could go through immigration procedures experiencing the brand new Automated Border Control eGates and the response as very positive!






State-of-the-art Automated Border Control composes the “Easy Airport”


Carrasco International Airport is the first Entry/Exit point of the country to implement Automated Border Control. This is a breakthrough in the reliability of security checks and in the optimization of operations, but also in passenger experience, offering an agile, quick, convenient border crossing process. Hence the campaign name “Easy Airport”.




As a fully automated process, a robust bank of Vision-Box™ vb i-match™ eGates is operational at Arrivals offering a full self-service experience and ensuring passport authentication, background checks and biometric passenger verification.


The system compares the facial image stored in the chip of the passengers’ passport against the live captured image, all according to the highest quality and security international standards, making sure that the traveler has a valid document and is the genuine owner of the document. After this first step is successfully accomplished, the traveler will be asked to select his/her flight through a user-friendly display available at the eGate.


According to Eng. Ricardo Cerri, CTO at Puerta del Sur, “The new procedure will have a huge impact in streamlining passenger journey at the airport, especially with the reduction of waiting times. We are expecting a reduction of transaction times per person in migratory procedures to drop around 65%, which is a direct benefit to the user of Easy Airport, but also for the users of manual booths, which will also be relieved from congestion. We are very happy to be able to offer our travelers more convenience, agility and efficiency while contributing in securing the border control in Uruguay.


In reference to the official inauguration of the new Automated eGates, the Minister of Interior, Mr Eduardo Bonomi, underlined that “(the eGates) give the country safety and swiftness. Safety because passengers cannot skip the identification process bearing their Uruguayan ID or passport, which compares immediately and accurately against unforgeable data. And swiftness because now a process that usually takes longer, with this solution is quite faster.”


Furthermore, the Minister mentioned that the technological investment associated with the installation of the Automated eGates corresponds to Puerta del Sur S.A., and the investment related to the electronic passport and electronic IDs correspond to the Ministry of Interior, which has released 95,000 and 950,000 documents, respectively.


Easy Airport is available for all international flights. Eligible travelers are all Uruguayan citizens with electronic document (Passport or Identity Card with chip) older than 18 years; in the future, Argentine travelers are expected to be able to use the eGates.


Optimized Manned Border Control


Also subject to a modernization process, manned control booths have been endowed with new touchpoints to optimize processes: vb AIC desktops (Automated Immigration Control) are being used to assist Border Guards in identifying passengers. The traveler simply presents his face and fingerprints to the desktop, to be respectively matched with the travel document and the Immigration backend system in order to be correctly identified.


A future-proof comprehensive platform for border management


Vision-Box™ implemented a state-of-the-art Border Control solution capable to address the challenge of improving security and operational efficiencies on the whole, while simultaneously putting in place quick, convenient traveler identification procedures at the airport. Therefore, both ABC eGates and vb AIC desktops are integrated into a robust software suite for real-time management of the whole security infrastructure as well as interface with watch lists such as Interpol.


This platform is ready to support the current and future stages of SISCA. While the basis for privacy-responsible data exchange between all travel stakeholders, corner stone for SISCA, have already been assured, this future-proof platform is ready to serve forthcoming expansion goals of the airport: it is expected that an End-to-End Passenger Flow system based on a single biometric token is implemented covering most of the passenger identification touch-points – such as security checkpoints and self-boarding gates –, as well as vb orchestra™, a passenger-centric and comprehensive common-use based suite for airport, airlines, and governments’ managed services, with rich, flexible intelligence tools for informed decision-making and data-driven airport management.


Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box™ already foresees that “aligned with the vision of Corporación America, the airport itself and the country, this solution is expected to grow even further towards a completely self-service integrated passenger experience, processing all passengers arriving or departing, connecting all entry and exit touch points.


The introduction of this integrated border management solution, together with the implementation of SISCA, opens way to a range of international collaborative border control initiatives, tighter security and enhanced efficiencies. The program, participated by other countries, allows for the capture, reception and sharing of information on travelers with border control authorities even outside Uruguay. This includes traveler identity, booking details, payment method, rented vehicles, baggage taken to the seat on the plane: every detailed information allows for a beforehand analysis by the Uruguayan authorities on expected passengers’ profile, risk assessment, verifications against watch lists, predictive analysis, the anticipation of threats at the border, and the intelligent management of resources according to needs.


Additionally, the planned introduction of biometrics into an Advance Passenger Information set of data, and its combination with the biographic capabilities, will allow for authorities to establish, up-front, the risk-based assessment of travelers, acting on it early in the process, focus on persons of interest and provide better border services including streamlining their ground operation and creating more hassle-free experiences.



Jean-François Lennon, added that “Carrasco Airport is now enjoying the benefits of modern, state-of-the art technology. We are proud to be working with such a forward-thinking partner and we will certainly be working together in the future to achieve more, together, leveraging smart data to the benefit of actionable intelligence, efficient processes and a distinct experience for their customers, and keeping Carrasco and Puerta del Sur a reference hub in Latin America!”


The Mato Grosso State Court of Justice is currently conducting a pilot program using a biometric enrollment solution to improve the personal identification processes in criminal hearings. A Vision-Box™ developed portable solution that allows the real-time collection of biometric and biographic data ensures an accurate verification of the enrolled person’s identity during all the stages of the hearings.


In Brazil, when a person is caught in the act of committing a crime, they are arrested and held for an immediate criminal hearing. This innovative process, launched in 2015 by the National Justice Council, ensures a speedy hearing for the individual before the judge, usually within 24 hours.


The extensive evaluation process to identify the person before the hearing was initially based on manual identification methods. To improve the process, Mato Grosso State recently chose Vision-Box™ to design and provide an integrated biographic and biometric enrollment solution to speed up the identification process.


vb e-pass™ portable is an integrated enrollment and verification solution that captures biographic and biometric data in real-time, allowing the Forensic Office of Technical Identification (POLITEC) technicians to capture instant face and profile photos, fingerprints, and digital signature from the prisoners, as well as all biographic data registered on their ID cards. As a further benefit to the identity process, additional pictures are taken of specific body marks, such as tattoos and scars, to add to the person’s ID file.








All this information is consolidated into a single personal profile that is associated with the arrested person, shared with the court house where the subsequent hearing take place, in addition to being stored in criminal databases at State and Federal level.


Since the beginning of the pilot, hundreds of identifications were processed using the biometric portable solution, enhancing the security of the identification procedure, ending data discrepancies of the suspect’s identity, and guaranteeing a consistency and improvement in the enrollment process. After identity verification, a doctor completes a medical exam, with a multidisciplinary team composed of a social worker, a psychologist, and a nursing technician, conducting a follow-up interview.


According to Aílton Machado, the POLITEC Metropolitan Director of Technical Identification, “This partnership aims to modernize the identification processes and guarantee an efficient and agile service delivery. The POLITEC technicians developed the pilot idea and helped to develop the solution along with Vision-Box™ Brazil as a way to build a system capable of being integrated in other Brazilian states, ensuring the biographic data capture provides an authenticity verification of the individual.”




vb e-pass™ portable – the integrated enrollment and verification solution used by POLITEC technicians to capture biographic and biometric data in real-time


The ease of use of the portable solution is guaranteed through an integrated and autonomous front-end platform – vb e-pass™ – that allows the operator to capture, visualize, and store the biographic and biometric data collection using an automated procedure. The software, specifically customized to conform to the project’s challenges, guarantees that the biometric collection and data processing are made in accordance with every ICAO and NIST international standards.


Leidivino Natal da Silva, Country Director of Vision-Box™ Brazil highlights that, “This solution is going to revolutionize the citizens’ identification processes in the Brazilian Justice system. Vision-Box™ is collaborating directly with official Justice authorities to guarantee the information’s authenticity that remains stored in official databases. On the one hand, it allows the authorities to take actions with total trust in the quality of the information. On the other hand, it assures society at large that their identity is protected in the Justice system, and that this system is really judging the true criminals”.


In a continuous commitment to enhance and improve the passenger experience for travelers worldwide, Vision-Box™ and SEF – the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service – are pleased to announce the expansion of RAPID: a solution designed for Automated Identification of Passengers Holding Electronic Travel Documents. Already in use by EU, EEA (European Economic Area) and Swiss citizens at Lisbon International Airport, the pioneering self-service face recognition border clearance system, rebranded RAPID4ALL, is now available for citizens of nine additional countries outside of the European Union.


20160718 RAPID4ALL Inauguration - Lisbon International Airport (2)


Lisbon, Portugal, July 21st 2016 – Beginning immediately, international citizens of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, United States, and Venezuela flying out of Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado International Airport are now able to take full advantage and enjoy the RAPID4ALL self-service border crossing system that is making travel faster, more efficient, and secure by putting the passenger in control of the border clearance process.


Already used and trusted by nearly 2 million European passengers crossing the Schengen border annually through Lisbon’s International Airport, the expanded scope of the RAPID system to include these nine additional countries brings to international passengers considerable benefits including a quicker border crossing, much shorter lines and time spent waiting, and enhanced security features using biometrics stored in their passport echip, as well as ensuring a fuller compliance with national and European laws on the border exit control of these passengers.


As passengers become more familiar and accustomed to Automated Border Control procedures, more of them are abandoning the traditional manual booths and showing their preference for the RAPID system, as evidenced by its impressive 61 percent increase in passenger use over the past year. Considering the exponential increase in passengers over the past decade, the RAPID4ALL is a boon for international travelers in minimizing their time spent at the airport.


20160718 RAPID4ALL Inauguration - Lisbon International Airport (5) 20160718 RAPID4ALL Inauguration - Lisbon International Airport (3)


To commemorate this exciting event, SEF held an inauguration ceremony last Monday at Lisbon’s International Airport to introduce the expansion of the RAPID4ALL service for the additional passengers. The ceremony was well attended by distinguished guests including SEF Director Luísa Maia Gonçalves, Lisbon Borders Director Luís Quelhas, State Secretary for the Interior, Jorge Gomes, as well as Vision-Box™ Executives.


“This does not mean less security”, said Lisbon Borders Director Luis Quelhas. “On the contrary, it means an augmented level of security. SEF controls the Entry and Exit of passengers in our airports in the same manner, with the same rigor, and with the same high level of security. We modernized, we simplified, while maintaining the same level of security”.


Conceived, produced and implemented by Vision-Box and inaugurated by SEF in 2007, the RAPID System is designed for the Automated Border Control of citizens arriving and departing through Portuguese airports. Ahead of its time, the solution became an industry reference point for face recognition use in border crossing procedures, eliminating identity fraud, and using captured data for comparison with national and international watch lists.


This passenger automated border clearance capacity expansion comes at a fortuitous time as it is estimated that by 2025, the number of international travelers entering the Schengen area will double to around 300 million people per year from its current number. To meet the logistical challenges of this increase, the European Commission has proposed establishing the Smart Borders Initiative by 2020, with the explicit goals of modernizing, accelerating, and improving the Schengen Area external border management, while increasing the border control effectiveness in preventing illegal immigration.


With these goals in mind, Portugal was the first country in Europe to launch the trial of the European Commission Smart Borders pilot program to study the Entry/Exit control procedures of passengers from outside the Schengen Area through airports, land, and sea borders, with Vision-Box™ delivering state-of-the-art Border Control systems to SEF in collaboration with ANA/Vinci Airports. This is in addition to Portugal being chosen as one of 12 countries to take part of a test group for the future implementation of the Smart Borders Initiative. This study includes the automated registration of biographical and biometric information of short-stay visitor, and whose results will be used in the final assessment on the feasibility of “Smart Borders”.


Now encompassing 35 countries around the world and available to millions of passengers, the RAPID4ALL system represents an important improvement on border control procedures and offers a significant upgrade to passenger flow, constituting a system that clears the departing passenger automatically and requires intervention by a border control officer only in case of any irregularities. The RAPID4ALL system is currently available to passengers who are 18 years of age and older, are in possession of an echip-equipped passport, and entered the Schengen Area through Lisbon International Airport.


The new Automated Border Control solution at RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport is almost ready to go live and accelerate border control processes. From this month on, Brazilian citizens will be able to use self-service ABC eGates to cross the borders when arriving or departing, enjoying a stress free experience.
Automated Border Control in replacement or reinforcement of legacy manual procedures is the trend at the most advanced and renowned airports around the world, following the need to improve security, boost efficiency, enlarge capacity and offer a modern experience to today’s demanding, tech-savvy passengers.



Brazil has not fallen behind – on the contrary: the country has been on the edge of innovation as far as advanced Border control solutions are concerned, with Guarulhos, Viracopos and now RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport adopting groundbreaking self-service technology based on biometrics to modernize processes and streamline the passenger flow. Today, more than 70% of the country’s immigration processes are now relying on Vision-Box integrated ABC solutions.

Tom Jobim International Airport has registered an astounding number of 17 million passengers in 2015, being the main airport serving the touristic Rio de Janeiro, the second most populous city in Brazil. The busy international airport has been involved in modernizing the infrastructure, namely in implementing innovative technologies that will capacitate the operator to process more passengers in a secure, confident and smooth way.

As a result, this month will bring a significant upgrade for Brazilians using the airport: any national above 18-years old holding an electronic passport will be able to cross immigration and emigration control through state-of-the-art Automated Border Control eGates. The integrated solution is being deployed by Vision-Box in Terminal 2 – where the majority of international airlines are based – and will offer passport authenticity checks as well as facial biometric verification of passengers through an automated self-service process.

Designed by Vision-Box, the advanced ABC solution is based on self-service biometric eGates that will validate the passengers’ passport, capture a live facial photo according to the highest quality and security international standards, and compare the facial image stored in the chip of the passengers’ passport against the live one, to make sure that they are the genuine owner of the document. In addition, the system is connected in real-time to the Federal Police SATI backend system that checks each transaction and guarantees that all passengers going through the process are not of interest.

As opposed to the manual passenger control typically performed by the Federal Police, the eGates offers a quick, totally self-service experience to the eligible passengers, who will encounter user-centric interfaces with simple and clear instructions. This process allows the identification of the passenger in a few seconds, thus relieving the stressful experience of endless queuing times.

Leidivino Natal da Silva, Country Director of Vision-Box Brazil already foresees the staggering advantages in flow management optimization:
“The conventional manual immigration control process usually takes some minutes per passenger. Vision-Box ABC eGates reduce passenger processing time to only a few seconds! That’s the necessary time to perform the appropriate validations and clear a legitimate passenger. Why keep passengers waiting in line, if technology can give us a hand? vb i-match™ eGates combine a customer-centric design and a unique human-to-machine experience, which will help cut down waiting times and offer an empowering experience to passengers. Of course, the most reliable identification technology is there to support the Federal Police to ensure security procedures in the most efficient way”.

In fact, a powerful common-use software platform is responsible for the orchestration of the border control infrastructure, passenger flow monitoring and metrics, privacy responsible data transfers and offers a real-time view of every traveler identification process. The Federal Police is thus able to remotely monitor every clearance process at the eGates and take immediate action in case of an exceptional situation. For example, if the passport is part of a database of stolen documents or the passenger belongs to a watch list, the Police receives an alert and may instantly react accordingly.

This represents a significant improvement in the efficiency of an airport’s border control processes. The future-proof solution is perfectly aligned with the Airport’s improvement strategies on operations, security and efficiency.

Alexandre Villeroy, IT Manager of RIOgaleão states:

“RIOgaleão is becoming an international reference concerning operations, and access optimization is one of the many actions we have been pursuing in order to enhance passenger experience. We believe the rising passengers numbers is definitely a trend and we want to ensure that the Airport is ready to optimize any demand with comfort and safety.”

Leidivino Natal adds:
The adoption of automated immigration processes is the first step towards today’s vision of the digital airport, in which data is crucial for reaching high levels of security, efficiency and non-aviation revenue. Tom Jobim International Airport will be reaching this amazing milestone in June and we hope that our collaboration will expand the innovation to further passenger touchpoints, enlarging the potential of the orchestration platform to comprise managed services for airports, airlines and government, build powerful business intelligence and offering a superb end-to-end passenger-centric experience.”

An innovative Automated Border Control system has recently been inaugurated at Copenhagen Airport. Vision-Box developed and deployed a unique solution that allows passengers, departing to or arriving from outside the Schengen Area, to clear immigration in the same hall using a unique bank of self-service biometric eGates. Security, but also efficiency and passenger experience, were on the agenda. This landmark project in the country was implemented in collaboration with the Danish partner Biometric Solutions.

EU citizens aged 18 years and above, holding an Electronic Passport and flying out or into the Schengen area will be using 9 Automated Border Control eGates to cross the border at the entrance/exit of Pier C (used for departure / arrival flights from countries outside the Schengen Area).

Copenhagen Airport - Vision-Box bidirectional eGates (1)

The official inaugural ceremony of this innovative solution was held in the presence of distinct members of the Government and the Airport. A new approach to passenger flow has considerably expanded the hall capacity and is making the lives of the 7 million passengers, who travel to or from destinations outside the Schengen Area, easier. This was made possible through the deployment of a flexible, two-way flow ABC solution based on 3 departure, 3 arrival and 3 bidirectional eGates in a single bank. The first of its kind to process departing and arriving passengers as such, the new eGates allow for the Danish Police, in charge of passenger control and risk management at the airport, to dynamically operate touchpoints by switching the flow according to the predicted volume of passengers entering or exiting the Schengen area.

This means a significant improvement in operational efficiency and in security for the Airport and for the Danish Police. A powerful software orchestration platform offers Border Guards not only the reliable identification of travelers, but also an overview of every passenger’s process, the ability to immediately react to alert situations (forged documents, identity theft, left objects, hit on watch lists, doors forced, among others) and the control of the whole security infrastructure (i.e. the configuration of operation rules and flows of the eGates).

Copenhagen Airport - Vision-Box bidirectional Gates

Copenhagen Airport is the largest aviation hub in Northern Europe, having recorded more than 26 million passengers in 2015. Aiming to stretch this capacity to 40 million per year, the adoption of this edge-cutting solution is part of a modernization plan to improve security and improve effectiveness in flow management. Vision-Box experience in the conception and deployment of Automated Border Control and Passenger Flow management solutions, via advanced layout modelling and passenger flow tools, was pivotal to deliver an integrated, yet customized solution addressing the need to improve the airport capacity, offering a streamlined passenger experience.

Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box highlights what is so special about this project: “For the very first time, an airport and a border authority together own total flexibility to adjust the throughput of entry and exit points at the border, according to the predicted passenger volume. Copenhagen Airport receives millions of passengers per year and has adopted a future-proof solution, perfectly aligned with their improvement strategies on operations, security and efficiency. We’re glad to contribute, together with Biometric Solutions, to the optimization of Passenger Flows, to the reduction of queues and waiting times, ultimately transforming the experience of the passenger for better, who will now have time to enjoy one of the largest retail areas in the world!

The vb i-match™ eGates are very easy to use and the process takes just a few seconds: travelers authenticate their passport through a latest generation travel document reader and match the information contained on the chip with their live-captured facial biometrics just by looking at the camera.

According to Alex Ramskov Johannsen, CEO of Biometric Solutions, “Biometric Solutions are proud to help Denmark welcome its visitors with a solution that is based on state-of-the-art, fast, very user friendly technology. Our focus is always to deliver a great experience to both the employees servicing the citizens and to citizens using our solutions. The eGates in Copenhagen Airport connect biometrics, security and convenience for citizens and airport staff in a way that makes it a showcase of the future of border control and, more generally, of intelligent ID control at any kind of gate.

This project takes place under the 4-year framework agreement celebrated in 2014 between the Denmark Government and the consortium Vision-Box / Biometric Solutions. Under this agreement, the consortium is delivering biometric solutions and related services to improve processes related to citizen’s electronic identity to, among others, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Protecting citizens and maintaining free movement are some of the most important duties of a government. As European countries have been rethinking their border control strategies, especially in a moment when efficient border management strategies are imperative, the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service and their union (SEF/SCIF) promoted a conference under the theme “Europe and the refugees – risks and opportunities”. The goal was to debate the migrant crisis and to understand how prepared the country is to effectively answer these challenges.

Inserted in the SEF/SCIF Annual Congress agenda, the Conference took place last week in Lisbon, attended by the highest-ranking authorities of the Portuguese Government and of National Border Control, as well as by the main sponsor Vision-Box, a close partner of the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

SEF has been involved in the most relevant discussions about the current refugee situation in Europe and is engaging in gathering the right experts to define new strategies to address the demanding challenges, together with Vision-Box. Portugal was one of the first countries in Europe to introduce Automated Border Control (ABC) technology following the implementation of the electronic Passport. The well-known RAPID, launched in 2007, was the first ABC system in the world to recognize travelers using face biometrics. The subsequent nationwide rollout of a state-of-the-art integrated ABC solution, also by Vision-Box, equipped the country with the most advanced and robust shield securing the country’s borders, including over 100 ABC eGates at 7 international airports in Portuguese mainland and Azores and Madeira islands, becoming the first large-scale automated borders program worldwide.

Head of Marketing Pedro Torres represented Vision-Box, the right partner to answer the main question of one of the discussion panels: “Portugal, border of the EU: does SEF have the operational conditions to guarantee the safety of national borders?”. From a technological point of view, “SEF has one of the most advanced platforms in the world to fight against growing challenges such as illegal immigration, identity fraud, smuggling, trafficking and others.” said Pedro Torres. “The integrated border control solution based on self-service biometric technology, which is under continuous improvement, has completely revolutionized the way borders are managed today, and there are still important developments to be pursued, especially when it comes to integrated data management and exchange, cross-stakeholder collaboration, anticipation of risk and big data analytics, some of the key areas where Vision-Box has leading edge technology. And we’re working on it with SEF and other organizations in Europe to keep our borders safe.”

Vision-Box approach to European Borders was also clear at this event. The company has been working on it together with association such as IATA, Frontex, eu-LISA, ICAO among others to define harmonized guidelines and legal frameworks to create sustainability at our borders. Instead of deploying incremental updates on traditional processes which fail on a medium-term basis to actually improve border management, the company suggests the creation of a sustainable Entry and Exit System, supported by the Personal Data Envelope concept, created for each traveler and migrant entering a EU country, and which virtualizes biographic and biometric data as well as travel details and relevant interactions with authorities (creation of a document, crossing a border, etc.), and the Orchestra™ platform, an integrated, robust collaborative software platform that is based on flexible self-service points of interaction, and which collects and generates actionable information, draw patterns, and analyze risk. This multi-stakeholder platform is devised for different stakeholders, such as Border Authorities, Government Authorities, Airports and Airlines, to provide valuable bilateral services to each other based on high quality and real-time citizen data, information and event streams. The objective is to identify suspects, help apprehend irregular and illegal immigrants, especially over stayers, deter illegal immigration, prevent terrorism and tackle other serious criminal activities.

Automated Border Control has indeed been and still is the cornerstone of modern border management, but its full potential is far from being achieved. Integrating land, air and sea port borders, together with the use of biometrics and automation by a wider range of citizens and countries is the beginning of a trusted Chain of Identity that will harmonize and secure borders not only in Europe but around the world.

The Centre for State Information Resources “Registru” (CSIR) of the Republic of Moldova is deploying an integrated biometric enrollment solution provided by Vision-Box to update and modernize the identity documents issuance process across its offices countrywide.

“Registru” is a state-owned enterprise that holds the exclusive rights to produce and issue identity documents to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Besides production and issuance of paper based security printing products and various types of plastic cards, the company has extensive expertise in developing, maintaining and keeping the main state registers. In fact, the State Register of Population underpinned the creation of the National Passport System in the Republic of Moldova in 1995.

Aiming to deliver outstanding solutions to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, “Registru” is focused on the permanent development of its internal processes, upgrade of infrastructure and rendering of customer-tailored services and products in the area of ID documents issuance.

With this mission, the company announced an open Tender in 2015 aimed at updating and modernizing the identity documents issuance process across its countrywide offices for population documentation and records by implementing an integrated biometric enrollment solution. The announced Tender has been won by Vision-Box, given its extensive experience in biometric enrollment and verification.

In answering the challenge, Vision-Box is deploying a state-of-the-art enrollment solution across 55 registration offices that raises the bar on identity security and protection, putting Moldova on the forefront of biometric identity document issuance.

The Vision-Box developed vb e-pass™ desktops were the preferred touchpoints to interface with the citizen, conceived in line with the company’s renowned best practices in human-machine interaction, based on the experience of deploying more than 3000 Identity Management solutions around the world.


News images - Moldova
55 registration offices in Moldova will be endowed with vb e-pass™ desktops


The ergonomically designed units offer an easy process for both the officer and citizen, ensuring a fast, accurate, and stress free experience. With an automated height adjustment camera capturing a fully ICAO compliant facial image of the person when the eyes are detected for perfect camera alignment, and a fingerprint capture just as easy because of animated instructions on the embedded LCD screen displayed to the applicant, this will ensure a correct and fully NIST compliant capture the first time around.

Lastly, the applicant completes the process by electronically signing on the embedded pad, legally certifying the biometric capture process and as a final validation of the captured data. The vb e-pass™ desktops are designed to provide maximum fidelity and reliability of biometric identification, ensuring the highest quality of biometrically captured data, fully compliant with all international ICAO and NIST standards.

The solution will integrate with “Registru”’s infrastructure and be built upon a Privacy-by-Design principle, meaning a responsible protection and cross-match of information, while guaranteeing critical data through all stages leading to document production and safeguarding their population’s personal information.

The solution implemented for the state-owned company “Registru” provides the ancillary benefits of a boost in efficiency and optimization of resources. It decreases waiting time and improves processing time, vastly reducing queuing lines and un-congesting office space. By implementing this solution, “Registru” not only improves its data security level by capturing consistent biometric data on a crucial stage of the document issuance cycle, but also saves countless working hours of its staff which can focus on higher value added tasks.

A new self-service passenger clearance solution by Vision-Box has gone live in Curaçao (Caribbean) to expedite border control processes at both arrivals and departures.

Vision-Box worldwide-leading Automated Border Control eGates were recently inaugurated at Curaçao International Airport to make every traveler’s first and last island experience a pleasant one. Focused on improving the experience of 350,000 yearly European and North American tourists on the beautiful tropical island, Curaçao Airport Holding N.V. (CAH) selected Vision-Box as their partner to implement a full-fledged ABC solution for both arrivals and departures terminals of the airport. KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean coordinated the project from the ground.

Curaçao International Airport has just inaugurated a state-of-the-art integrated Automated Border Control solution that will help with the challenges of expediting and facilitating traveler airport clearance and make the airport even more welcoming to the eyes of all visitors.

Experiencing an exponential growth in the number of leisure and business travelers combined with a strategic planning to expand their capacity from 1.6 to 2.5 million passengers a year, Curaçao International Airport Holding turned to Vision-Box, the leading company in Identity Management and Passenger Experience, at the end of 2015, to help increase the airport capacity through the design and implementation of an intelligent Passenger Flow system.

The result of this collaboration was the launch of a customized integrated Border Control solution based on self-service eGates, combining attractive and ergonomic common-use hardware and intuitive graphical interfaces for a unique Passenger Experience. Whether arriving or departing, locals and tourists (staying up to 3 months) over 18 years of age, and holding a European, Canadian or American ePassport are now able to use the eGates and control their own clearance process, authenticating their passport and claiming their identity through facial biometric verification.

ABC eGates inauguration - Curacao Airport ABC eGates inauguration - Curacao Airport (2)
ABC eGates inauguration - Curacao Airport 3 ABC eGates inauguration - Curacao Airport (4)


Ergonomically designed to fit seamlessly into the airport’s infrastructure, the eGates offer a smooth experience and a straightforward process to passengers: on approaching the eGate and selecting their flight, passengers validate their passports using an innovative document reader feeder with 100% reading success rate, allowing for a perfect placement and reading time of the travel document. After that, they simply look at a camera and a biometric photo of their facial features is automatically taken, verifying the photo against the information stored in their passports’ chip. This takes just a few seconds. No further process or direct interaction with Border Officers is needed: border is cleared!

A powerful common-use-based orchestration platform connecting all passenger touchpoints provides Border Guards with a real-time view of the passengers’ individual clearance processes (allowing for a prompt reaction to inconsistencies or threats), as well as centralized control and optimization of the whole security infrastructure. This guarantees a reliable identification of travelers and of persons of interest, process exception handling and the overall monitoring metrics of traveler flows, through potent, scalable data analytics capabilities.

This powerful software suite is interfaced to the new electronic Embarkation / Disembarkation system (tourists staying up to 3 months have to fill in the E/D Card online, 24 hours before departure, to use the system). It also natively integrates with the AODB flight list supplied by the Curaçao Airport Partners and with the Border Management System of the Curaçao Police Force (Korps Politie Curaçao) for improved real-time passenger background checks including API (Advance Passenger Information) on arrival.

Devised for managed services, the system combines smart management dashboards of relevant data inputs and outputs for all stakeholders (border control authorities, government, airport and airlines), always complying with the Privacy by Design principle for secure, segmented information transactions.

According to Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development and Sales, “Curaçao International Airport is now endowed with a future-proof technological framework that guarantees improved security and the expedited flow of low risk passengers, thus establishing the sustainable foundations of the island’s planned growth. The intricate, intelligent security infrastructure won’t scratch passenger experience – on the contrary! This will be experienced by the modern traveler as a positive leap, right into the future. Either on holiday or on business visit, the passenger will feel empowered, excited and fulfilled to experiment this hassle-free way of crossing the border. In fact, he is at the very heart of it.”

Mr. Wilhelmus Ignacio, one of the main pioneers behind the eGates project, spoke about the ease in experience brought by the eGate use at the Curaçao International Airport: “the eGates allow the airport to become more modern, inviting passengers to enjoy easy border control check. Aside from this benefit, it also allows the airport stakeholders, to increase airport security, facilitation of travel, and enhanced border system integrity. It’s a transformation that is placing Curaçao International Airport in the forefront of Innovation in Airport Management and Passenger Experience in the region.”

CEO Miguel Leitmann and Chairman Bento Correia are the winners of the 6th Edition of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Portugal. They will now represent Portugal at the world final in Monaco, which will gather 60 winning enterprises worldwide.


Vision-Box is the winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Portugal. CEO Miguel Leitmann and Chairman Bento Correia proudly received the highest award last week at the gala ceremony held in Lisbon.


BR_227  BR_210


CEO Miguel Leitmann and Chairman Bento Correia receiving the Award from EY Portugal Managing Partner João Alves and Portuguese Minister of Economy Manuel Caldeira Cabral


The award was granted to the Vision-Box founders for their unique entrepreneurial spirit, excellent financial performance, strategic direction turning visions into reality, the culture of innovation and the personal commitment to their business and all stakeholders, including customers, partners and the community.

Bento Correia, Chairman of the company, stated “With excellence comes appreciation. And appreciation comes not only in the shape of an award, which we are so thankful for, but also in the great and rewarding relationship we consistently have with our customers. We are very grateful and honored to be partnering with inspiring, dedicated organizations worldwide that think the way we do, out-of-the-box, match our creativity and innovative spirit and put people first. That comes down to delivering solutions that really change people’s lives.


Since day one, Vision-Box’s Chairman and CEO have been visionaries: they have developed and deployed, together with a small team, the first Automated Border Control eGate based on facial recognition ever. The aim was to improve the identification of people through the use of biometric recognition technology. The achievement of much higher security levels and a quicker border control process dictated the success of the two entrepreneurs and of Vision-Box: 1200 Automated Border Control and Passenger Experience solutions have been implemented at land, sea and air borders around the world since 2001 and become the standard and the reference around the world.

With customers in 150 countries and offices in 5 continents, Vision-Box has been in the forefront of innovation in its sector, delivering end-to-end biometric-based Identity Management solutions worldwide mostly for governments, airports and airlines, complying with the highest security standards and excelling in human-to-machine interaction. The impact of our solutions is measured in 100 million users every year.

When asked about the key to success, CEO Miguel Leitmann answered: “We are committed to making a positive contribution to the world by continuously improving the collective values of security, safety, efficiency and convenience. We want to enhance travelers’ experience, improve people’s access to services and promote the bond between citizens and governments through trusted, people-centric digital identification technology. It’s all about creating new, brilliant things that improve processes necessary to everyone, every day in every corner of the world. That’s why we, together with all the people that work with us – employees, customers, partners, suppliers and friends – make a difference”.

Promoted by EY (previously known as Ernst & Young), the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards celebrate the most innovative business leaders and are among the most prestigious business award programs in the world. The 6th Portuguese edition counted on 20 applicants, six of which were finalists. Vision-Box victory is the visionaries’ passport to the world finals in Monaco, which will take place from June 7th-12th and gather a number of renowned speakers from various domains of society and an international panel of judges to elect the World Entrepreneur of the Year.

Beginning in January 2016, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at JFK International Airport started using facial recognition technology to match travelers’ faces to the photo on their passport. This exciting technology is a significant step forward in conducting biometric verification of every person requesting admission to the United States.

In a critical step forward with far-reaching implications affecting the security of airline passengers around the world, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) deployed a system for biometric authentication of electronic passports. This technology allows for a highly accurate biometric matching of a traveler’s face with the facial image stored on the identification document’s e-chip, thus preventing document swapping.

Vision-Box, a leading company in the area of biometric traveler facilitation, is providing the core biometric technology, the vb e-pass desktop, as part of a facial recognition solution provided to CBP by Unisys Corporation, a leading global IT firm, for this initial deployment at three JFK arrival terminals. This deployment follows the successful testing of the same system at Washington’s Dulles International Airport.

The deployed solution supports a simple process: After authenticating and reading the chip of the traveler’s electronic passport, the vb e-pass desktop takes a biometric quality photo of the passenger’s face, matches the captured facial image against the photo stored in the e-passport, and gives a probability match based on multiple facial features. If the image match probability is low, the passenger may be flagged for additional screening.

Dr. Michael Petrov, Vision-Box North America Managing Director, commented, “By the end of this year every non-expired U.S. passport in circulation will be electronic, while the majority of them already are. The deployed solution completes the lifecycle loop of the e-passport by providing reliable means of checking that the passport belongs to the holder, thus helping address a significant security threat of document swapping with unfortunate precedents documented in other parts of the world. It was reported, for example, that a known Australian jihadist was able to leave Australia for the battlefield in Syria using his brother’s passport. His travel could have been prevented with the use of vb e-pass desktop.”


The accuracy of the system is ensured by strict compliance with ISO standards for image capture and the use of one of the industry’s best face matching algorithms. The biometric e-passport issuance is guided by ICAO recommendations, which in turn are based on ISO standards of biometric image quality. Full embracement of the ISO biometric standards in Vision-Box vb e-pass desktop solution ensures consistent photographic capture accuracy by using software-controlled multidirectional lighting and automated camera height adjustment based on the face position.

The face matching algorithm integrated into the system provides accurate results even when the photograph in the passport’s chip is of substandard quality. This algorithm proved itself as a winner of several recent NIST vendor evaluations, and it was further tested during the field trial in the aforementioned Dulles Airport pilot. Essentially, the system answers the question, “What’s the statistical probability that the document does not belong to the holder?”, and ultimately, “Is this person who they say they are?”


The combination of these key technologies ensures the highest quality of biometrically captured data, integrated inside a unit designed to assure travelers of the fidelity and reliability of biometric identification.

Complementing the new process at immigration booths, Vision-Box has already started installing face matching technology at APC (Automated Passport Control) kiosks used by CBP for the inbound immigration processing at a dozen of the largest US international airports, with Orlando International Airport becoming the first to go live in October 2015.

Government and industry experts are gathering next week to discuss all aspects of biometrics and identity management technologies. Connect:ID conference will, for the third time, explore in depth the human identity in the 21st century, and Vision-Box will bring its experience of deploying over three thousand biometric border control and civil identity management solutions worldwide, presenting its vision of automated and integrated US borders.

In a time where severe security threats haunt international borders around the world, one of the greatest challenges that arises is how to involve all government and travel industry stakeholders in ensuring physical security of borders, facilitating traveler flow and safeguarding personally identifiable information.

Vision-Box has developed an innovative integrated approach to Border Management and Traveler Facilitation, which includes a powerful orchestration platform connecting different land, air and sea border immigration systems with traveler-centric self-service touchpoints for biometric verification at every Entry/Exit port of a country.

Orchestra™ is an innovative, user-centric and comprehensive common-use-based platform for integrated border management, aggregating valuable actionable intelligence tools to guarantee a reliable identification of travelers and of people of interest, risk anticipation, passenger flow monitoring in real-time, process exception handling and the improvement of overall monitoring metrics of traveler flows, through an unmatched data analytics capability.

Orchestra™ is devised for managed services, joining border control authorities, government, as well as other Travel Industry stakeholders, such as airports and airlines, always complying with the Privacy by Design principle for secure, segmented information transactions.

In the particular context of the USA, Vision-Box has been responsible for the most meaningful steps towards a future biometric Entry/Exit implementation. A pilot at Otay Mesa land border crossing is demonstrating how face and iris biometric recognition at self-service kiosks facilitates immigration process and enhances border security. JFK International Airport has recently started using facial recognition technology at immigration booths to match traveler’s faces to the photo on their passport, which is a significant step forward in conducting biometric verification of every person requesting admission to the United States. And these are some recent major projects. In fact, all major international US airports are already benefiting from Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks with face recognition technology to speed up the entry process for international arriving passengers, including Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and New York JFK amongst others.

The reliability of biometric identification and verification results in more secure and faster border control processes, with APC kiosks already reportedly reducing average waiting times up to 40% in many airports.


Dr. Michael Petrov, Vision-Box North America Managing Director states that The implementation of self-service biometric solutions such as APC kiosks is a positive step in overcoming border management challenges, but in the long run a more comprehensive strategy is demanded, namely towards an integrated Biometric Entry/Exit system consistently implemented across all air, land and sea borders.

Our innovative Happy Flow is live in Aruba since May 2015. This innovative traveler flow informational management framework, which uses biometrics as a single airport journey token, is a relevant part of this equation for a future integrated concepts which span across travel industry operators and the government and may even extend across country borders in certain preclearance implementations.”

“The future of borders and travel experience: a single biometric token to streamline passenger flow” will be the theme co-presented by Jean-François Lennon, Vice President for Global Business Development and Sales of Vision-Box, and Annet Steenbergen, Pre-Clearance Program Manager of Aruba Government, at Connect:ID conference. Vision-Box will be demonstrating the technological basis for a biometric Entry/Exit solution at stand #300. The entrance to the exhibition is free.

Lisbon, Portugal, March 7th, 2016

Vision-Box presents powerful passenger flow orchestration platform to enhance stakeholders’ collaboration, smart decision making and business intelligence

The air transportation market is booming. IATA (International Air Transport Association) has recently announced that global passenger traffic has risen 6.5% in 2015 compared to 2014, well above the average annual growth rate of 5.5% in the past 10 years. There’s an urgent need to rethink airport capacity and flow management in creative and disruptive ways, improving passenger experience and making airports enjoyable, more profitable and further competitive. The way to do it is Digital, affirms Vision-Box. And they are proving why at Passenger Terminal Expo, the most expected aviation tradeshow for 2016 taking place this March in Cologne.

Vision-Box has been on the edge of passenger experience innovation, even more since the inauguration of Aruba Happy Flow, the game-changing 100% self-service passenger flow based on biometrics at the Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport last year. This unique multi-stakeholder passenger-centric framework has put in place, for the first time ever, a streamlined, paperless journey from check-in to departure and beyond, using facial biometrics as a single token. The results were a drastic decrease in passenger waiting times, improved operations, and an unparalleled collaboration between airlines, airport and border control authorities.

Passenger Terminal Expo will be the stage for Vision-Box to unveil what is behind this sequence of passenger-centric touch-points that enables such an outstanding end-to-end passenger journey: an innovative, user-centric and comprehensive common-use based orchestration platform for airports, airlines and governments’ managed services, integrating real-time passenger flow management, the necessary security and privacy infrastructure coupled with actionable intelligence through unmatched data analytics capability, which is constantly unveiling new business opportunities.


Miguel Leitmann, CEO of Vision-Box, presents the new platform, named orchestra, as the only common-use management platform bringing stakeholders together, building powerful business intelligence and helping to cope with soaring passenger numbers while offering a unique passenger-centric experience. Airports have to go digital: what really needs to expand is not physical space or resources; it is intelligence. And for that you need powerful orchestration.

orchestra is, in fact, the first platform ever based on an end-to-end self-service passenger experience, transforming passenger information and people’s flow into actionable intelligence for exponentially accelerated efficiency, enhanced risk anticipation, improved security and new revenue growth.

stakeholders orchestration

How? As a passenger goes through the airport, biometrics are used as a single authentication token to activate transactions at each touch-point by consuming services and data from a virtual Passenger Data Envelope which will be used by stakeholders according to privacy by design and permission-based policies to improve efficiency, security, as well as to offer better services.

For instance, transactional information on passenger flows helps Airports plan operations, understand tendencies and anticipate events, such as congestion and seasonality in movements. Predictive models allow for proactive actions such as allocating fixed and movable human and physical resources, activating preventive measures, etc.. Learning more about passengers, flows, dwelling times, trends and behaviors unveils a goldmine of opportunities for retailer partners and, therefore, airports as well as for airlines through frequent travel programmes. The biometric token may even be used by passengers to access lounges or even pay while shopping.

For an Airline, the information that a delayed passenger will not arrive on time at the boarding gate may be worth an on-time flight, which is today one of the main drivers for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Border Control Authorities make the decision to authorize a passenger to enter or leave a country according to the validation of their documents, biometric identity and watch lists consultation, or activate measures based on risk profiles, among others.

The full-fledged orchestra intertwines all these data inputs and outputs and translates them into actionable information for stakeholders, according to the Privacy by Design methodology, which is based on a set of intelligent layers which guarantee a secure and segmented information orchestration to safeguard compliance to any legal requirements and personal data protection framework.

Leitmann added The digital transformation of airport goes well beyond small technology experiments which fail, on a long-term basis, in achieving goals for the stakeholders and, especially, for the passenger. orchestra provides the holistic, overarching airport view the industry has been looking for, managing self-service biometric-enabled touch-points to achieve a superb, streamlined passenger process, and unlocking a world of security, efficiency and commercial benefits for those who want to offer superior service value for the passenger.”

To provide first-hand insights and testimonial, Vision-Box is honored to have James Fazio, CEO of Aruba Airport Authority, with Vision-Box CEO Miguel Leitmann, presenting “The happy flow revolution: passengers using the airport by themselves” at Passenger Terminal Expo in Cologne, from March 15th to 17th. orchestra will be presented at Vision-Box stand #7065, together with the new Vision-Box passenger app, AppyFlow, which constitutes the first mobile touch-point providing the passenger with a real-time interface with all stakeholders to start his journey off the Airport.

Passengers are already clearing immigration through the newly expanded Automated Border Control solution with more state-of-the-art eGates serving both Arrivals and Departures.


Passengers traveling through Queen Beatrix International Airport (Aruba Airport) have surely noticed great changes in the last months. It has been almost a year since Aruba Happy Flow pilot project, the first 100% self-service passenger flow ever, has been operational at the Airport, with extremely positive results: passengers from 28 different countries have already testified this unique contactless experience, responsible for a fast and convenient passenger processing, decreased waiting times and certainly a more relaxed journey for passengers.


To take further advantage of the potential of the ABC technology available today and get even better results in the scope of this modernization program, the Aruba Airport Authority (AAA), manager and operator of the Aruba Airport, has decided to expand the solution at both Arrivals and Departures with new Automated Border Control eGates. The goal is to streamline even more the flow of all passengers, especially during the peak tourist seasons. The ABC eGates in operation alongside the Aruba Happy Flow eGates at Arrivals have already processed to date more than 130,000 passengers from 33 different countries.


Also in December, a dedicated Automated Border Control area was inaugurated for USA Departures, to address the increasing flow of American passengers who see Aruba as an attractive touristic destination. These new eGates are already offering them a seamless immigration process, with no queues and no hassle – since the inauguration, more than 20,000 passengers have already been processed!



 Aruba Happy Flow Kiosk  Aruba Happy Flow ABC eGate


Self-service check-in Kiosks and ABC eGates at Aruba Airport


For the Aruba Immigration Services (IASA), this upgrade means a significant enhancement of security levels as they are relying on secure and robust common-use biometric passenger touch points and a powerful software suite integrating the entire infrastructure and monitoring all passenger operations. Integrated with IASA’s system, a full-fledged management platform allows operating officers to monitor all Automated Border Control eGates through a smartphone, supervising all operations and passenger processing status, biometric captures, identification document security features and authentication response, results of background checks, VISA status, among other possibilities.


Furthermore, this innovative inspector software integrates data related to the announced digital Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED-card), a new convenient and green alternative to the existing paper version, which can be easily completed by the passengers with the required information before embarking on their journey. This means that, as soon as this digital document becomes mandatory, the ABC eGates will only clear passengers upon Arrival that have successfully submitted their ED-card, in addition to all the checks already being performed.


Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box, remarks: “Aruba is riding the crest of the wave of passenger experience! Having given stage to the first ever 100% self-service passenger journey, Queen Beatrix International Airport is having the privilege to feel what Aruba Happy Flow is about: happy, returning passengers. Adding the recent expansion of eGates is just a natural step towards increased efficiency, safety and a welcoming passenger-friendly airport. At Vision-Box we are really proud to have embarked on this life-changing journey!”

Aiming for a faster and enhanced secure passenger control process, Viracopos International Airport implemented the latest Automated Border Control technology by installing Vision-Box™’s ABC eGates at the end of 2015, already processing thousands of passengers during its first month in operation.


One of the largest centers of air traffic in Brazil, Viracopos International Airport reached a record level of passenger volume in 2015, with an annual 10.3 million passenger movements. To meet this record increase, an innovative Automated Border Control solution was implemented in December 2015, just in time to meet the special seasonal demand of the higher passenger flow traveling in both domestic and international flights.


“After Viracopos reached a record in passenger volume in a single year, this new technology has arrived to make the airport journey much more seamless and secure”, states President-Director of Viracopos International Airport, Gustavo Müssnich.


 201601_Viracopos_1 201601_Viracopos_2


Vision-Box™ ABC eGates are operational in Viracopos since December


The innovative Automated Border Control solution implemented by multinational Vision-Box™ allows for a faster passenger identification process, through eGates that ensure both passport authenticity and biometric passenger verification through an automated and self-service process. The passengers are in control of their own journey through immigration and emigration control, without directly interacting with the Federal Police, as long as they are at least 18-years-old and hold a Brazilian electronic passport.


The solution is very easy to use as an appealing alternative to traditional passenger control which is typically a time-consuming and uncomfortable experience for the traveler. In this new process at the eGates, the passenger is identified in just a few seconds, using Vision-Box advanced biometric technology. The system compares the facial image stored in the chip of the passengers’ passport against the live captured image, all according to the highest quality and security international standards, making sure that they are the genuine owner of the document.


Passenger experience is one of the priority focus of the solution, presenting a highly intuitive interface with simple, clear instructions for the user, who seamlessly concludes the process in a self-service way, without queuing times! Since they have been deployed, the eGates installed at the Arrivals and Departures areas of the airport have processed more than 9000 passengers, each process taking only 15 seconds on average! This represents a considerable reduction from usual time needed in traditional control – around 3 minutes.


Federal Delegate Carlos Fagundes Vieira, responsible for Airport Security Police in Viracopos, stated that, “ABC eGates will reduce the time spent by the passenger in immigration control; the entry and exit of Brazilian citizens in the country will be faster.”


In terms of security, the new platform guarantees an enhanced level of trust in passenger identification and represents significant improvements in the efficiency of an airport’s border control processes. The Federal Police remotely monitors every passage at the eGates in real time, leveraging Vision-Box software inspection platform interfaced with the International Traffic Automated System. In case of an exceptional situation during the process, the Police immediately receives an alert in order to evaluate the situation and take immediate action, while the passenger remains inside the eGate. For example, if two people simultaneously enter the eGate or if the passport is part of a database of stolen documents, the Police can take instantaneous action.


This exception risk-based automated process offers the Federal Police with the capability to better focus on persons of interest through smart case management.


Since its inauguration, the solution has positively impacted airport‘s activity as well as the quality of service delivered to passengers. As Leidivino Natal da Silva, Country Manager of Vision-Box™ Brazil, highlights:


“One of the trend of special interest in the aviation industry is currently to refine security processes in order to increase reliability and sustainability. Viracopos International Airport is highly aware and decided to focus on the solution that brings higher levels of innovation and orientation to passenger experience! As an Airport that hosts millions of people per year, the offered platform is the key to optimize passenger flow, to reduce the existing operational costs, as well as to reduce the queues and waiting times, so the passenger may enjoy the retail areas as well as other airport’s attractions.

The pioneering solution that has shaken the Aviation and Border Control industries in 2015 with a revolutionizing view of a passenger’s journey across the airport has collected one more relevant distinction, this time in Asia: the Radiant eID Awards.


Lisbon, December 23, 2015– The newly launched initiative by ASPCA (Asia Pacific Smart Card Association), the Radiant eID Awards, recognizes excellence in planning, design, implementation and operation of national electronic identity schemes, applications and services. Aruba Happy Flow™ won one of the four categories, “The Radiant Pioneer Award” category, having been recognized by the jury as the most “pioneering use and application of smart technology” in a public sector identity scheme in 2015.


This unprecedented multi-stakeholder initiative, launched last May by Vision-Box™ and the Aruba Happy Flow™ working group (composed of the Aruba Government, the Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport, Schiphol Airport, the Dutch Government and KLM), has in fact turned into a world reference, having revolutionized the way Airport Operations and Passenger Experience are perceived.


This was the first ever 100% self-service journey across the airport, offering innovative biometric common-use touch-points for passengers and a powerful pervasive orchestration platform. This combination means a radically simplified passenger flow-control process, more secure and agile passenger identification, privacy-responsible data sharing, boosted efficiencies and even more revenue for airlines and airports. Simultaneously, “happy airports” offer passengers an empowering experience, where they can manage their own journey across the airport with autonomy, convenience and free time for leisure and shopping.




Pedro Pinto and Lawrence Ng received the Radiant Award on behalf of the Aruba Happy Flow™ Working Group, from the hands of Greg Pote, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA)


Pedro Pinto and Lawrence Ng, Vision-Box™ Business Development Managers proudly received the award on behalf of the Aruba Happy Flow working group at The Radiant Awards Ceremony, held on December 1st, the second day of 11th Government Forum on Electronic Identity, APSCA’s annual event, where Vision-Box™ was one of the main exhibitors.


«Happy Flow™ has itself been an incredible journey! The whole Aviation industry has recognized this landmark initiative and Governments, Airports and Airlines have been engaging enormously since the Happy Flow™ launch in Aruba, even in Asia! They have clearly understood that Happy Flow™ will effectively change airports for the better and especially people’s lives!», Pedro Pinto said.


Looking at the future, while the 2-year Aruba Happy Flow™ project will continue to process happy passengers (it was already used by more than 6,000 passengers from 28 different countries in 6 months), the tendency seems to be a massive adoption, in an onward journey to establish Happy Flow™ as an industry standard!

Vision-Box, the world wide leader in Automated Border Control (ABC) and electronic identity solutions announces today the entry of Keensight Capital into its equity structure, to accompany the exponential growth that the company has been facing since 2013.


Created in 2001, Vision-Box designs, develops, manufactures and integrates biometric border control solutions, which allow for a more secure and quicker travellers handling at borders. The company also produces identity management solutions, such as its live biometric enrolment units, which generate the data contained in the electronic travel documents and are used in border control. These two business lines rely on a unique know-how in both hardware and software design.


The company has substantially grown over the past few years and the partnership with Keensight Capital, through a minority stake investment, will focus on the company’s further expansion, which shall be sustained by organic growth and product portfolio enhancement. The company already has an interesting market share into international markets, locally supported by its 7 subsidiaries spread around growth regions. Apart of exploiting further its leading position in the border control segment, the objectives shall drive the company to expand in scope and range within the electronic identity market.


“As a renowned investor specialized in technology sectors, Keensight Capital is the ideal partner to help us to pursue our business growth in the coming years. We look forward in working closely with the new team in order to materialize our key business ambitions, focused on deploying our ‘Happy Flow’ solutions for airport productivity and improved passenger experience on a worldwide basis”, says Bento Correia, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Vision-Box Group.


“As we embrace to embark upon a new stage of our growth, we are delighted to welcome an experienced strategic investor such as Keensight Capital with the necessary international reach to match our global investments. With our combined expertise applied to a high-quality product and services range, we intend to capitalize on sustained demand for secure and effective biometric identity processes in order to safeguard our global leadership in border control systems”, comments Miguel Leitmann, Co-Founder and Group CEO.


“We are delighted to support Vision-Box’s impressive growth story going forward by leveraging our expertise in helping companies develop internationally. Vision-Box has talented and ambitious managers, and extremely promising fundamentals which will underpin its growth in the coming years. Given the projected rise in passenger numbers and, in a context of increasingly stringent safety requirements at borders in recent years, demand for solutions such as those offered by Vision-Box, which facilitate the continuous flow of passengers throughout airports while maintaining high security standards, will remain high. Currently the undisputed market leader in border control systems and identity management, Vision-Box today begins a new phase of its development aimed at consolidating its position on a global level and sustainably winning further contracts in strategic markets.” says Jean-Michel Beghin, Managing Partner at Keensight Capital.

La Línea de la Concepción has implemented an Automated Border Control (ABC) solution to enhance security procedures, supporting authorities to strengthen the perimeter. Deployed by Vision-Box for the Spanish Ministry of Interior and the National Police Force, the new Automated Border Control solution reinforces traditional manual procedures with an effective and advanced self-service clearance process that includes face biometrics and fingerprint recognition and match with travel document information.


Laying on the border between Spain and the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, La Línea de la Concepción is a strategic Entry and Exit point of the Schengen area. With several thousands of people and a considerable amount of goods crossing every day, authorities face challenges, such as the intensification of formalities needed for clearance causing a strong congestion and long queues.


To address the challenges of this demanding crossing point, Vision-Box has designed a solution that grants authorities the ability to efficiently and reliably monitor traveler clearance.


This is only possible via two main fully integrated components. The first is automated biometric eGates: whether entering or leaving Spain through La Línea, 13 biometric-based vb i-match® ABC eGates offer an intuitive self-service border clearance in both inbound and outbound terminals, processing citizens from the EEA (European Economic Area), provided they are over 18 years old and hold an Electronic MRTD (Machine Readable Travel Document). At the eGates, citizens authenticate their ePassports and have their identity verified by looking at a camera, which capture a live face image compliant with ICAO standards; the system matches it against the biometric data stored in the travel document. In the case of Spanish citizens, both face and fingerprints are verified and matched against their national ID card. The workflow is very straightforward and user-friendly interfaces guide the traveler through a quick, positive experience. The eGates even adjust to each traveler’s height and adapt light while capturing their face images, for a high quality result, compliant with the highest international standards.


The second component of this innovative system is the robust software platform which offers the Spanish National Police the possibility to control, in real-time, all that is happening at the eGates through the use of monitoring stations. These allow for the National Police to overrule the whole security infrastructure, detecting false identification documents, any disparity of information between the traveler and the verified data or other irregularities. In those cases, alerts are immediately triggered, facilitating an instant reaction by the agents (for instance, in case of a forced entry or two people trying to go through), until the traveler, document or situation is further inspected and solved.


A boost in efficiency and optimization of resources is expected, since, instead of performing manual verifications in an intense way prone to errors, National Police officers are focusing on more relevant duties, such as profiling and monitoring high-risk travelers, bringing added-value to national security.


Furthermore, the Vision-Box unifying software suite vb i-shield® integrates all the information from the eGates and all critical data with the platforms of international security organizations, ensuring a boost in security and an immediate identification of potential risks. For example, if the document presented by the traveler is presumably forged or there is a hit on a watch list, the National Police is informed, and the guards can promptly redirect the traveler to a complementary verification process.


As highlighted by Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box, “La Línea represents a critical crossing point of Entry/Exit in the Schengen area and deserves the most advanced Automated Border Control solution. Not only to enhance safety and protection, quickly identifying irregular situations, but also to streamline control procedures and turn the mythic La Linea crossing into a secure journey to travelers.”


This project has been implemented by Vision-Box in cooperation with Accenture and the initiative is part of an extended program to enhance security at Spanish Borders through Automated Border Control systems.

The 5th Future Travel Experience Awards in Las Vegas distinguished the game-changing passenger flow system last week as an outstanding effort to improve the passenger experience.


It is called Happy Flow™ and it received the Best Immigration and Arrivals Initiative Award at Future Travel Experience Global, which took place in Las Vegas September 9 to 11. First implemented on the “happy island” of Aruba, Happy Flow™ is the end-result of an unprecedented multi-stakeholder collaboration composed of Aruba Airport Authority, the Aruba Government, Schiphol Group, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Vision-Box, the working group that made the Aruba Happy Flow possible.


FTE Awards Happy Flow

Tina Bergsma, Vice President International Stations, Air France-KLM, receiving the award on behalf of the Aruba Happy Flow™ working group from the hands of Kiran Merchant, CEO of DY Consultants & Chairman of Airport Terminal of the Future


After going live in May of 2015, the Aruba Happy Flow project has been on the aviation’s industry experts’ lips as no other initiative in a while. Why? Because it represents a huge leap forward in the passenger airport experience, representing a radical simplification of the passenger flow-control process. From check-in to boarding, facial biometric technology guarantees passenger identification at every step, meaning the passenger can put away their travel documents after checking in, going through a sequence of self-service touch-points, only looking at cameras that recognize their face almost on the go, making the Face the identification “document” throughout the process. No uncomfortable ID checks, no queues, no stops. Your face is your personal trigger to interact with all the stakeholders, thus authorizing the processing of your data to progress in hassle-free mode throughout your journey at the airport!

This innovative and groundbreaking process earned the Happy Flow system the prestigious Future Travel Experience Award for Best Immigration & Arrivals Initiative at FTE’s Annual Global event. Jean-François Lennon, Vision-Box’s Vice President for Global Business Development and Sales had this to say, We’re extremely proud of this award. It’s the confirmation that the whole Air and Transport Industry is ready for a new aviation era in passenger experience. Happy Flow™ is ready to reshape identification processes through an unparalleled passenger-centric flow, at every airport that wishes to deliver the best and empower their customers, secure their processes, become more efficient and profitable.


Manuel van Lijf, Senior Manager for Product Innovation at Air France – KLM also expressed his enthusiasm: KLM is very honored to have received the award on behalf of the Happy Flow consortium. It proves that the further innovation and optimization of the passenger experience at airports lies not in improving the individual touchpoints anymore but in the collaboration of all the stakeholders at the airport, and by applying state of the art technology. Only in this way can we improve the passenger experience and make his airport journey a pleasure. KLM has invested in the Aruba Happy Flow to work with and learn from the best industry parties. Aruba airport is the first of many more airports in the Air France KLM network we are discussing with to implement Happy Flow.


Leading the way is in fact Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport, the first airport in the world to provide a 100% self-service passenger experience, based on traveler-centric biometric technology. Replacing outdated clearance procedures, traditionally performed by border and airport agents, the solution is based on the implementation of the most innovative self-service biometric touch-points for passengers – common-use self-service biometric check-in kiosks, baggage-drop and eGates. At check-in, the passenger enrolls his biometric data and travel documents, whilst a virtual Passenger Data Envelope is created. Across their journey at the airport, at each subsequent step, namely bag drop, security, immigration and boarding, passengers are recognized via a face camera in just a few seconds, receiving approval to move forward, while the envelope is continuously updated with the relevant information such as biometric captures, real-time passenger status, among others. The stored information is then processed and shared selectively and privately with the relevant authorities, for each specific transaction.


aruba happy flow

Aruba Happy Flow: a passenger-centric approach revolutionizing the airport ecosystem


However, it takes more than innovative biometric passenger-centric touch-points to make this work. Vision-Box implemented a comprehensive, holistic approach to passenger processing, putting in place a holistic common-use management software suite that collects all information from the passenger touch-points, source intelligent data from 3rd party systems enriching the envelope of the Passenger data, and ultimately offers a ground-breaking orchestration engine to all the stakeholders involved. vb orchestra™ is the new generation common-use platform dedicated to the management of the whole security infrastructure, the configuration of all traveler based workflows, the optimization of all passenger handling operations, combining all the complex and typically segregated Airline, Airport and Government systems into a comprehensive set of intelligent shared layers. This allows data to be distributed among the different stakeholders according to the Privacy by Design principles, delivering modeling and predictive capability in a big data capacity approach.


The Prime Minister Eman of Aruba said “I am honored that Aruba’s Happy Flow has received this prestigious award. Public private cooperation is the basis for this unique and innovative project that will change passenger facilitation. Aruba is proud to participate in this project for which our outstanding airport and immigration service provide the facility. As a prime tourist destination Aruba is always aiming at providing the best experience for our visitors and Happy Flow does just that. For Aruba this is a strategic project as the Happy flow system will also provide the necessary foundation for our goal; a first EU-Schengen pre-clearance facility.”



Another innovational leap forward of the Happy Flow system is the aim to create a first pre-clearance border control process for passengers travelling from Aruba to the EU-Schengen area, extending the passenger experience well beyond the Aruba terminal. The 2-year pilot project has the unique and visionary goal to establish a process where a passenger departing from Aruba and intending to enter the EU-Schengen space is pre-cleared before take-off. In case a passenger does not fulfill the requirements needed to enter the EU or is unable to fly because of other safety concerns, the appropriate measures are immediately triggered and the respective authorities notified anticipatively.


Increasing number of happy passengers

KLM passengers with European, US and Canadian electronic passports travelling from Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are already using Happy Flow™ upon invitation, and the number of eligible passengers invited to join is gradually increasing. In fact, children starting from 8 year-old and families are now using Happy Flow™, making it an attractive, seamless and stylish option for families to enjoy their holidays until the last minute! This makes for truly happy passengers!


aruba happy flow working group

The Aruba Happy Flow working group, composed of Aruba Airport Authority, the Aruba Government, Schiphol Group, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Vision-Box

In a pioneering initiative, a state-of-the-art high security eDocument is being issued to representatives of the European Union, as the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) has been awarded the implementation of laissez-passer. A key partner of the project, Vision-Box is responsible for the entire biometric and biographic enrollment infrastructure, essential to guarantee quality not only in the personalization and issuance of eDocuments but also throughout the whole lifecycle.


It is the first travel document for EU representatives; it contains the highest security features ever; and it is meant to protect the individual identity of EU employees, reduce forgery and facilitate the identification and verification procedures of EU employees especially outside the EU, hence its name: laissez-passer.


The demanding 9-year project was awarded to the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) and the partners Vision-Box and X-Infotech, whose joint expertise resulted in the delivery of an integrated set of end-to-end services and solutions. Starting with a high quality biometric and biographic enrollment, it goes through data preparation, production, personalization, delivery, installation of the life cycle management system, all the way to the maintenance of the deployed systems.


Vision-Box is responsible for the biometric and biographic data capture and processing infrastructure for the laissez-passer enrollment centers, located in three European cities. The process is simple and quick: EU employees have dedicated enrollment units which capture their face photo, fingerprint and digital signature. These units are equipped with user-centric design and interface leading to a positive, quick process, the camera is adjusting automatically to the height of each user and proactively adapting the light necessary for a perfect photo to the environment lighting. The process takes less than a minute.


For Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box, “A high quality biometric enrollment is the first step for a trusted life cycle of a document, that’s why it is so important. Biometric data represents the most reliable form of identification, given the inability to copy it or lose it. The innovative laissez-passer is definitely a step ahead in the protection of identity of EU representatives travelling around the world.”


”We are pleased to implement another project with Vision-Box, as they complement perfectly with the Austrian State Printing House for a customized turn-key solution”, says Claudia Schwendimann, Executive Director of OeSD.


The enrollment solution in place includes vb e-pass® kiosks and vb e-pass® portables (portable enrollment units in a suitcase format to ease and speed up onsite processes), which combine all functionalities and quality assurance criteria needed for a flawless capture of biometric and biographic data, complying with the international recommendations of ICAO, NIST and the EU specifications for Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD), and is recognized by all major International Authorities around the world.


The unified software vb e-pass® enrollment suite integrates the whole enrollment infrastructure: it gathers the applicants’ biometric and biographical data captured at the enrollment stations, automatically assesses the quality of the captures in compliance with the international requirements, and consolidates all the data for further document personalization and life cycle management. This solution is built upon a Privacy-by-Design principle, meaning a responsible protection and cross-match of information and critical data through all stages that lead to document production.


The implementation of the laissez-passer comprises a secure and complete end-to-end process, made possible thanks to the technological expertise of the partners involved. This unique document will be endowed with the latest state-of-the-art electronic chip technology and personalization which will ensure a secure identification of EU representatives and reduce the risk of document falsification, thus making this project of international importance and a reference for organizations and global Government entities.

Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport is the first airport in the world to provide a 100% self-service passenger experience. Today, the airport was in the spotlight of the Aviation world, inaugurating Happy Flow™, the revolutionary Airport platform developed by Vision-Box, in collaboration with the Aruba QBI Airport, the Aruba Government, Schiphol Airport, the Dutch Government and KLM.


Aruba, May 28, 2015Secure, quick, easy: this is Happy Flow™, the first 100% self-service way for passengers to cross the airport, from the curb to boarding the aircraft. Up and running at Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport and tested by the first happy passengers, the solution was unveiled today at the much anticipated launch ceremony.


Presided over by Aruba’s Prime Minister Mike Eman, and attended by the working group that made Happy Flow™ possible, including Aruba Airport Authority N.V., the Aruba Government, the Dutch Government, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Authority, KLM officials, and Vision-Box representatives, the unveiling brought together all the major contributors of the Happy Flow™ accompanied by high level ranked representatives from different Government and Aviation organizations.


Vision-Box, the company selected after a rigorous tender process to deliver this cutting-edge solution and put the 2-year pilot program in place, believes that this unique and life-changing initiative will revolutionize the synergy between passengers and airports. Miguel Leitmann, Senior Vice-President of Vision-Box, said, “Having initially accepted the challenge in 2013, Vision-Box is truly proud of the inauguration of the first 100% self-service passenger flow based on passenger-centric biometric technology. This amazing pilot, result of an exceptional collaborative effort, represents the onset of a new era in the Aviation Industry, reshaping the future of identification processes and passenger experience not only in airports, but at borders around the world”.


Happy Flow™ has two clear goals as a pilot: a) Evaluate the first pre-clearance border control process, travelling from Aruba to the EU-Schengen space, and b) to streamline passenger processing by substantially improving the travel experience, in a visionary way.


The concept easily resembles a futuristic scene from a sci-fi movie, but Vision-Box has turned what may seem fantasy into reality, as participants in the opening ceremony experienced an unparalleled journey first-hand. Throughout their airport progression, passengers have to show their passport only once at check-in, afterwards moving swiftly through the airport, simply looking at a face camera smoothly embedded in the different self-service passenger touch-points that recognize their facial features on the fly.


Replacing outdated clearance procedures traditionally performed by border and airport agents, face biometric authentication at self-service touch-points is the main identification token throughout the passenger journey: no waiting in lines, no burdensome identity verification processes, promising a secure, quick, easy and happy journey all the way to boarding!

Aruba Happy Flow


Aruba Happy Flow™: a passenger-centric approach revolutionizing the airport ecosystem

Happy Flow™ is an extremely innovative and important step in the transportation industry for passengers, not only for Aruba but worldwide. Aruba is very proud to launch this unique concept by bringing together public and private parties. Happy Flow™ is another milestone in creating a sustainable knowledge economy in Aruba and fortifying the development of Aruba as a hub.” said Jos Nijhuis, president & CEO of the Schiphol Group.


The uniqueness of this initiative is based on the implementation of the most innovative self-service biometric touch-points available to the traveler and on a comprehensive, holistic approach to passenger processing. Vision-Box’s unified border management software suite, the vb i-shield, is a powerful and modular platform created under the principles of Privacy by Design. The new framework delivers a groundbreaking orchestration engine focused on optimization of all passenger handling operations directing flow management, thus combining all the complex, security-critical Border Control and Common Use solutions into a comprehensive set of intelligent layers, where data can be shared among the different stakeholders in a privacy responsible manner.


The pre-clearance initiative between Aruba and The Netherlands also represents a significant step towards a broad-based legal vehicle for cooperation between countries to exchange intelligence and improve security. The aim is to ensure that a passenger departing from Aruba and intending to enter the EU-Schengen space is pre-cleared before take-off, meaning that if a passenger is not cleared to enter the EU or is unable to fly because of other safety concerns, the appropriate measures can be immediately triggered and the respective authorities notified anticipatively.


At the end of the day, it is up to passengers to decide if they want to take advantage of Happy Flow™. However, it seems inevitable that an airport, without waiting lines and a stressful environment, is definitely catering to their customers’ comfort, offering a much happier journey and a stunning, stylish experience for passengers, leaving time to discover the modern amenities offered at airports in a relaxed, family-friendly, and happy atmosphere!

Portugal was the first country in Europe to launch a trial of the European Commission Smart Borders, a pilot program studying the Entry/Exit control procedures of Third Country Nationals into the Schengen Area through Automated and Manual Border Control Check Points at airports, land, and sea borders.


Vision-Box® delivered the solution to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service SEF, in collaboration with ANA/Vinci Airports.


An innovative European Commission Smart Border pilot program to enhance Third Country Nationals Entry/Exit processes into the Schengen Area went live on March 15 at Lisbon International Airport. The project is being coordinated by the European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice (eu-LISA), selecting Lisbon’s International Airport as the first EU site to inaugurate the pilot program that will run until the beginning of June, in direct collaboration with SEF, who is responsible for project management at national level in liaison with eu-LISA, ANA/VINCI Airports and Vision-Box®.


The 12 EU Members States participating in the program are Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Romania. Each of these countries will perform tests with Third Country Nationals (TCN) passing through immigration checkpoints at various airport, land, and sea borders, experimenting with different facial, fingerprint, and iris biometric verification methods.


The main purpose of the program is to identify the best technical solutions for each specific type of border using multi-modal biometric identification and verification processes and comparing the metrics and usability of each solution through specific reporting methods. The results of the pilot programs will set the foundation for a common, standardized platform used to manage European borders, namely for an Entry/Exit System (EES) and a Registered Traveler Program (RTP). By combining these initiatives, European Member States will be able to monitor traveler flow using a EU-unified system, proactively identifying irregular situations such as travelers overstaying their visits.


The first test case in Portugal consists of testing exit/departure ABC eGates by TCN visa-exempt passengers. In fact, this is an unprecedented worldwide program: the state-of-the-art Automated Border Control (ABC) eGates from Vision-Box® are now processing citizens from Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Macedonia, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, Venezuela and Brazil. The close collaboration between eu-LISA, SEF, ANA/Vinci and Vision-Box® is crucial in evaluating the overall feasibility of the system and a key factor to validate the concept, processes and future solutions of the program.


Travelers’ impressions upon encountering Vision-Box®’s ABC eGates were extremely positive, exceeding all expectations. The first user, a Brazilian traveler flying to Sao Paulo, was quite surprised with the opportunity to utilize the Automated Border Control eGates in Lisbon. Already installed at Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo, the same solution, also deployed by Vision-Box®, gives travelers the benefit of avoiding long lines at manual border control checkpoints, substantially decreasing the time it takes to go through immigration.


The project also has a secondary objective in raising awareness of the mechanisms used to ensure the integrity and privacy of all captured biometric data, in compliance with the EU regulations. Vision-Box® ensures the security of all data through the cutting-edge Privacy-by-Design principle, which guarantees full confidentiality of the travelers’ data.


Lisbon International Airport is also testing two additional cases at entry points, the first comprising of an iris enrollment process to measure the capability of this modality in Europe and the second consisting of pre-registering arriving travelers using a Vision-Box® Automated Immigration Control Kiosk. The aim of this test case is the future use of automation to combine into a single family-friendly process the following set of controls: authentication of the passenger’s travel documents, verification of the validity of their Visa and pre-enrolled fingerprints against the central EU VIS system in Brussels and capture of a high-quality ISO-compliant photo for potential use at ABC eGates once exiting the Schengen Area.


At the Lisbon Smart Border pilot launch event, which brought together high-ranking officials from eu-LISA and Portugal to witness the official unveiling of the Smart-Border Program, Joao Almeida, Portuguese Internal Administration State Secretary, stated that, “This kind of projects (…) allows, on the one hand, for better information for countries to control the entry/exit of third country nationals (…), but even more importantly, it allows citizens who visit the EU to register first (…), in order to go through borders even more rapidly”.


The European Commission will analyze the findings of the eu-LISA Smart-Border Pilot Program with the expectation that biometrics and Automated Border Control will be part of a solution for a common European Border Control Strategy, shielding it from terrorism and fraud.

A solução inovadora visa ajudar todas as entidades cujo escopo inclua a verificação da identidade do cidadão a garantir uma gestão avançada de pessoas e identidades, bem como uma experiência melhorada para os cidadãos, que poderão usufruir de processos mais rápidos e seguros.

A abordagem se baseia na utilização de tecnologia biométrica para reconhecimento de pessoas em modalidade de auto-atendimento, desde o registo do cidadão (por exemplo para a carteira de identidade) até à entrega do documento digital, estendendo-se ainda a vários pontos de utilização do mesmo – seja um processo de imigração, um controle de acessos, a autenticação como cliente num banco, ou a entrada numa arena de futebol.

Este conceito holístico do ciclo de vida de um documento irá oferecer a governos, autoridades de emissão de documentos, bancos, varejo, à indústria desportiva ou de entretenimento, e demais organizações um aumento de segurança e eficiência nos processos que se iniciam no cadastramento biométrico até à verificação da identidade, mas também uma experiência positiva para todas as pessoas que utilizem este tipo de soluções.


Então como funciona a Cadeia de Identidade?

Para implementar uma verdadeira cadeia de confiança na identidade digital é necessário garantir, em primeiro lugar, um cadastramento biométrico de qualidade: a recolha de dados biográficos e biométricos (face, impressão digital e íris) que obedeçam a critérios internacionais de qualidade (como ICAO e NIST) é de maior importância para uma gestão confiável de documentação eletrónica, seja na carteira de identidade, passaporte ou qualquer outro documento que seja usado como token de segurança para autenticação e identificação do seu usuário. A Vision-Box® oferece um conjunto de soluções para este fim, para vários contextos e em vários formatos, em quisoque (vb e-pass® kiosk), maleta portátil (vb e-pass® portable) ou até para unidades móveis de cadastramento ou escritórios com largos volumes de pessoas, com vista a um cadastramento em massa (vb e-pass® desktop). Todas estas soluções permitem uma redução dos custos operacionais, pois automatizam todo o processo, facilitando a alocação de recursos humanos para tarefas de maior valor acrescentado.

Após uma captura e validação de dados de qualidade, todos os processos seguintes são salvaguardados e otimizados, desde a produção do documento digital até ao seu processo de entrega ao utilizador correto, também este efetuado através de unidades de entrega de documento em modo de auto-antendimento – vb e-pass® dispenser, mediante identificação do usuário biometricamente.

Por fim, a gestão segura da identidade é reforçada em cada um dos momentos de verificação da identidade também eles em self-service, como a renovação de documentos, controle de acessos (por exemplo numa escola, num banco ou numa superfície comercial), ou o controle automático de fronteiras (num aeroporto ou fronteira através de portas eletrônicas vb i-match® eGates).

O Diretor da Vision-Box® América Latina, Leidivino Natal da Silva, afirmou: «Um sistema integrado que contempla a coleta dos vários dados individuais numa só plataforma automatizada é hoje em dia a melhor forma de melhorar os processos de identificação de pessoas, aumentando significativamente a qualidade do atendimento ao cidadão

De facto, a Vision-Box® desenvolveu uma plataforma de gestão integrada permite o armazenamento e partilha de dados de forma simples e baseada num conceito de “privacy by design”, que garante total privacidade no tratamento e transmissão dos mesmos, bem como uma atualização constante dos dados de cada pessoa a cada interação com estas unidades. Essa plataforma pode integrar também soluções de vídeo-vigilância para monitorização de pessoas, veículos ou outros objetos para uma maior segurança dos espaços, bem como sistemas de terceiros.


Para obter maiores informações, nos contacte em!


The air travel industry is booming. Record passenger demand is pushing airport capacity to the limit. To cope the industry needs a way to process travellers faster, more securely and in a way which improves the entire experience.


The adoption of end-to-end Passenger Experience and Identity Management solutions based on self-service procedures and biometric technologies for passenger identification is successfully answering the challenge and Vision-Box is at the heart of this strategy, with solutions implemented in more than 50 international airports.


With a 20-year experience in the market, Vision-Box is helping airports around the world to improve passenger processing and is already anticipating the future, with the definition of an end-to-end solution that will transform the passenger journey into a sequence of user-centric self-service touch points, from check-in to boarding the aircraft.


A contactless process for the passenger is behind “Happy Flow”, the pioneering concept where biometrics is being used as the main passenger identification token in an airport, replacing manual control and multiple document verification, such as passport, ID Card or boarding pass.


The concept will be implemented at Aruba International Airport, in the Dutch Caribbean, in an initiative gathering relevant stakehold­ers, and it will reshape the future of identifi­cation processes and passenger experience, acting as a reference in airports worldwide in the coming years.


With Vision-Box® face-recognition technology, passengers will have their identity assessed at check-in in a self-service kiosk. After that, they will be able to cross every control stage (self-service biometric Baggage Drop, Immigration eGates and Self-boarding eGates) quickly and comfortably, simply looking at facial recognition cameras.


Everyone in the airport ecosystem will benefit – the airport, airline, border control authorities and passengers – while Happy Flow guarantees to eliminate queues, im­prove security, speed up processing times and ensure holiday makers flow through the terminal with the least possible stress.

In recent years, Vision-Box®’s unparalleled experience of deploying ABC solutions has in­cluded the largest-ever installation in Europe, involving more than 150 eGates at the UK’s largest airports.


Glasgow, Heathrow, Manchester, London Stansted and Edinburgh are some of the airports using Vision-Box eGates to per­form the authentication of ePassports and facial recognition in compliance with docu­ment and government watch lists. The UK’s Border Force is using ePassport gates to process passengers using facial recognition more than any other national border agency in the world.


The USA are also a reference of automation at border control point. The adoption of our vb Automated Passport Control kiosks – already 300 – has been widespread in many international airports through a strategic partnership. The airports that are already using our Kiosks are Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Orlando, Boston, Atlanta, San Diego, Tampa and Philadelphia. In the near future, there will be more! In some cases, waiting times for immigration clearance was reduced by nearly 70%!


Other examples of Vision-Box airport pro­jects include the world’s largest number of mul­ti-biometric ABC eGates at Qatar’s new Hamad International Airport in Doha and a nationwide roll-out in Australia of ABC eGates to guarantee accuracy in the identification of passengers before their international departure.


Fulfilling the best outcomes in line with industry standards, Vision-Box works with recognised international organisations, such as Frontex and the International Air Transport Association, to help draw up solu­tions to integrate with initiatives, including implementation of smart borders, entry and exit, registered traveller programme, advance passenger information system and pre-clearance, which are underway and will be operational in the near future.


The future implementation of smart borders is one of the major improvements foreseen in Europe. Recently, the first out of 14 different European smart borders pilots was launched at Lisbon International Airport. Co-ordinated by eu-LISA (European agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice), the smart borders initiative relies on the participation of 12 member states to conduct tests with third-country nationals at specific border-crossing points on a limited set of technical options to validate solutions and concepts.


Vision-Box® will contribute by driving the technology assessment at some of these locations, with the implementation of biom­etric solutions using facial image, fingerprints and iris, but also on the processes using ABC eGates and kiosks to improve security, while facilitating passenger flow. Results of the project will establish some of the founda­tions for a common, standardised platform to manage the Schengen agreement of 26 European countries that have abolished passport and any other types of control at their common borders.


Vision-Box® has developed an integrated global solution to address these challenges: the vb i-shield®, a powerful IT software suite, enables the implementation of an advanced management solution, integrating ABC, security checkpoint and boarding Gates, self-service biometric check-in kiosks and baggage drop units, with advanced digital video management solutions (with intelligent biometric and biographic search engines). This platform enables an overview of the security infrastructure, of a person’s identity or his/her stage within the airport journey, as well as flow management, with unlimited scalability. Additionally, this platform makes possible a cross-match of information and critical data with other platforms of international security organizations, always with data protection in mind, through a “Privacy by Design” framework.


Outside the airport, Vision-Box® has also adopted a holistic approach to Identity Management, addressing the global challenges of Security and people Identification: the end-to-end eID Chain of Trust. Starting with a reliable biometric and biographic enrolment of a citizen, the company guarantees a dependable self-service document delivery and an optimized identification in any control point such as border crossing. On top of all high quality user-centric interfaces for citizens and operators, a powerful management solution integrates the whole identity chain.


Headquartered in Portugal, Vision-Box® has established sales subsidiaries in United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil, USA, UAE, Hong Kong and Australia. Its solutions now process around 80 million passengers a year.


(This article was published in The Times, in a special report by Raconteur featuring “Biometrics & Identity Management”. Read the article here)

A new Automated Border Control solution has been inaugurated at the Varna and Burgas International Airports by the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior. Any passengers who are over 18 and hold electronic machine-readable travel documents, citizens of EU, EEA and Switzerland may now enjoy a seamless border crossing experience in both airports. The associated contract is co-financed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and EU, under Action 5 – ”Establishing automated border control for EU citizens”, Annual Program 2012-2013 of the External Borders Fund.


Lisbon, January 13th, 2015 – Accounting respectively for an estimated traffic of close to two million passengers per year, Varna and Burgas International Airports, the 2nd and 3rd busiest in the country, are now using Vision-Box’s latest generation of Automated Border Control eGates to optimize passenger processing. The implementation of ABC technology represents a shift from the traditional border control to a new paradigm where biometric technology and self-service offer the perfect passenger solution. Passengers are in control of their own immigration process at the eGate, having their travel documents authenticated, their identity checked through face recognition and matched against biometrics templates embedded in the chip of the travel document, (fingerprint matching will be available soon), reducing the need to interact directly with authorities at the border control point and clearing immigration lines efficiently.


Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales and Marketing at Vision-Box® believes that “In modern airports like Varna and Burgas, facing constantly increasing flows at the border, it is imperative to embrace new technologies that concede the traveler more control and better convenience during his journey, while delivering the most efficient and effective tools to the Border Control Authorities to increase their capacity“. He added “Vision-Box® vb i-match® 5 offers a complete passenger experience package, combining intuitive and user-friendly interfaces with instructional animations and quick proactive adjustments to each traveler, which will make security processes less time-consuming and the Bulgarian Airports more welcoming and attractive for travelers. Everyone benefits!».


In fact, this means a clear improvement of the experience felt not only by the passengers who use the airports, but also by the Border Control authorities. Instead of following traditional manual verification vulnerable to errors, Border Control officers are now taking advantage of highly dependable technology and transferring their focus to security procedures with greater added-value. Having real-time access to all processes occurring at the eGates by means of a fully integrated software platform, they can overrule the system and act only in cases of issues detected by the eGates (i.e. fraudulent Passport, unruly passenger and others).


Furthermore, this single-source ABC solution is strengthening the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior with a self-integrated software platform, including improved levels of document authentication and biometric verification, supported by an advanced passenger monitoring application that delivers relevant operational and analytical information to border authorities, helps them reduce errors, correctly assesses security risks and effectively monitors those entering and exiting the country.


As a future development, fingerprint matching will be activated to complement facial verification, making it the first multimodal biometric solution implemented in the Balkans! Meanwhile, Burgas Airport will expand the solution, adding more eGates to expedite passenger processing during 2015.


To better support the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, Vision-Box® partnered with Printec, an experienced and nationally established technology and service-driven company, providing local support services.

The Danish Government has awarded the consortium of Biometric Solutions and Vision-Box® with a 4-year framework agreement on the procurement of biometric-based solutions and components for both Enrollment and Automated Border Control. Under this agreement, the consortium will deliver biometric equipment and related services to, among others, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).


Lisbon, August 27th, 2014 – By means of this framework agreement, the Danish Government intends to improve processes related to citizen’s electronic identity. The biometric technology provided by the consortium will be used in several Ministries’ missions for Danish citizen and foreigners’ enrollment for passport, visa and residence permits.


The Danish Government will thus be able to benefit from Vision-Box®’s large portfolio of advanced Identity Management solutions. One of the key parts of the whole solution will be a portable biographic and biometric enrollment & verification solution, the vb e-pass® portable, an all-in-one unit that collects a citizen’s face and fingerprint biometric data, as well as their digital signature. The versatility and size of vb e-pass® portable are the key drivers for multiple applications, including extra mobility in citizen identification and enrollment, and enhanced security checks across the country, The partner, Biometric Solutions, will contribute with its existing Enrollment portfolio, already deployed at Danish embassies and municipalities to enroll citizens in accordance with applicable rules and regulatory requirements.


“We look forward to working with the Danish Government, and our partner Biometric Solutions, to provide the best citizen experience ever. For that, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art technology, designed to offer more efficient and convenient services related to Electronic Identity.”, says Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing at Vision-Box®.


Alex Ramskov Johannsen, CEO of Biometric Solutions, declares: “We are very happy that our collaboration with Vision-Box® will help government institutions raise their service level for citizens around the world, while at the same time strengthening the security measures protecting citizens’ personal data.”


With this agreement, effective since February 2014, the two companies are consolidating their position in this region of the globe, where Vision-Box® has been the market leader for some years, with a strong presence in The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia, while Denmark is the native territory of Biometric Solutions.

The solution designed by Vision-Box® is already being tested in the new terminal and will be installed in the international terminals by the end of August.


São Paulo, Brazil, June 16th, 2014 – Brazilian passengers from GRU Airport – São Paulo International Airport – in Guarulhos may soon enjoy an innovative process of immigration, which will streamline the flow of people and reduce waiting times. In August, Terminals 2 and 3 in Guarulhos will receive the latest Automated Border Control technology, allowing passengers to control their own immigration and emigration processes autonomously, without the need to interact directly with the Brazilian Federal Police, provided they have a Brazilian electronic passport and are over 18 years of age.


How does it work? As an alternative to the traditional manual control of passports, the passenger can go directly to one of the eGates installed by Vision-Box®, through which will only allow the passenger through if the passport is authentic, if the passenger the real passport holder, and, finally, if the person is allowed to travel (e.g. no criminal record prohibiting the trip). This is possible through advanced technology that allows for the verification of the authenticity and identification of documents, as well as for the facial recognition of the passenger. The whole process is controlled remotely by the Federal Police, and will only intervene if any anomalies occur, thus freeing them for truly risky situations.


Working in self-service mode, the vb i-match® 5 e-Gates focus on user experience, with clear instructions, intuitive interfaces and automatic adjustments to each passenger’s height and external lighting conditions, capturing their facial image according to international quality standards such as ICAO. The process takes no more than a few seconds, meaning a faster and less stressful experience for the passenger.


Improving the passenger’s experience and the levels of security are priorities for the administration of the GRU Airport.“, says the Airport’s IT director, Luiz Ritzmann. “With the growth of demand recorded in the last decade in Brazil, the Airport infrastructure will increasingly require cutting-edge technology and optimized processes, which will streamline the flow of passengers in different areas (check-in, X-ray security, immigration and emigration control, customs and baggage claim). In this context, it is urgent to invest in the modernization of systems and equipment. And that’s what we are doing in Guarulhos”, Ritzmann explained.


The solution, designed by Vision-Box® and customized to meet the challenges of the largest airport in Latin America, is already installed in a proof of concept stage at Terminal 3. Leidivino Natal Silva, Managing Director of Vision-Box® Latin America, states that “It is a privilege to be part of a project of this size and relevance for Brazil. The GRU Airport is facing the enormous challenge of accommodating millions of Brazilian passengers per year! And they are responding in the best way: with more security and more innovation! Vision-Box® Automated Border Control technology will match the level of demand, giving a new momentum to this new space.”


Vision-Box® is confident in this new challenge: the company has already deployed about 500 Automated Border Control solutions and 3,000 digital identity management solutions for biometric capture worldwide!

As the world’s newest showroom for innovation in passenger experience, Aruba, where Europe Meets the Americas, and Vision-Box®, the renowned leader in biometric solutions for airports, introduces the industry changing traveler system, Happy Flow.


Lisbon, May 15th, 2014 – Airports and Airlines of reference around the world are gradually more engaged in finding ways to ensure a positive passenger experience while guaranteeing the highest standards of security and safety in airports. Vision-Box® is showing the direction this week in Aruba at the Happy Flow demo meeting, an initiative launched by the Government of Aruba intended to implement innovative technologies to improve airport experience in Aruba’s airport and to establish a pre-clearance situation between Aruba and The Netherlands. The event gathers the initiative’s steering committee consisting of the Prime Minister of Aruba, the CEOs of the Schiphol Group, KLM and Aruba Airport, the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Justice of The Netherlands, and is combined with other initiatives, such as the presentation of the first KLM biofuel flight.


For the second year, Vision-Box® was the company selected, after a rigorous tendering process, to present a live demonstration of the “Aruba Happy Flow”, a concept that will not only improve processes in Aruba but shape the future of passenger experience in airports worldwide in the next years.


The focus of the “Aruba Happy Flow” is to offer passengers a seamless, fast, intuitive and secure ground process through the use of the latest face recognition technology and state-of-the-art self-service equipment at every control point of the airport. But what else is so special about this concept? Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing at Vision-Box® answers: “This project is indeed a revolution in the airport ecosystem. For the first time ever, biometrics is being used as the main passenger identification token in an airport. Instead of using either a passport or a boarding pass, the passenger swiftly goes through all airport control points where he simply has to have his identity checked by looking at facial recognition cameras.”


The process is simple and check-in plays a central role. At that stage, the passenger’s passport is validated and his face image is collected; the information is aggregated in the “Traveler Data Envelope”, and shared with airports, airlines and border authorities. After check-in, the passenger will be able to go through all airport control points without presenting any document, as biometrics will be the sole identification means. He can even check his bag at a self-service bag drop belt, where his identity is checked by looking at a facial recognition camera. The process is 100% self-service and will make the journey of a traveler much quicker and simpler.


The “Happy Flow” suggested by Vision-Box® is truly a customer-centric experience: while hardware was carefully designed to be attractive, engaging and ergonomic, even proactively adjusting to the passenger (i.e. in height), software interfaces are intuitive and friendly, providing relevant instructions and constant feedback to users (and even welcoming them by their name!).

In this context, the passenger is not the only one that benefits. By using a robust central management platform integrating identity management, security and border control features, airports, airlines and border authorities will have a full overview of the travelers’ progress across all control stages, with clear gains in security, revenue and efficiency. Data sharing is no longer an issue either: the “Privacy by Design” approach ensures a sustainable model to meet each party’s needs and strategies, as well as business and legal objectives and constraints.


By setting up a pre-clearance process between Aruba and The Netherlands, for example if a passenger is identified as ineligible to enter the destination country or unable to fly for safety reasons, the airline will be immediately notified and be able to activate the adequate security measures. “Emphasis is on preventive measures, not on reactive ones” explains the security specialist Jean-François Lennon. And he adds: “The relevance of the pre-clearance initiative is world-ranging. It means these countries are building a broad-based platform for further cooperation and intelligence exchange, which will be a case study of world relevance for more cooperative, efficient and reliable border management around the world“.


We won’t have to wait much longer to see the Happy Flow in a real environment. A permanent pilot project is planned to be implemented before the end of 2014, and will make Aruba the place to visit!

For some, managing traveler’s identities by using biometrics at all airport touch points is still considered to be in the future. However, Vision-Box® is changing this perception by paving the way and demonstrating how it flawlessly works in a real traveler life context, at Passenger Terminal Expo 2014, one of the most highly regarded airport terminal conferences in the world, taking place this week in Barcelona.


Lisbon, March 25th, 2014 – Getting to the airport, checking-in, going through the security check, enduring queues at border control, getting to the gate and boarding the plane may take, in some cases, more time that the flight itself and generate high levels of stress and anxiety for both passengers and the authorities, not really contributing to non-aviation revenue for Airport operators.


To ensure a hassle-free passenger journey and make the airport experience enjoyable while guaranteeing highest standards of security and safety, the human factor is at the center of Vision-Box®‘s approach towards the Passenger Experience, introducing biometrics at every step of the journey, in a strategic partnership with the 14 steps of the Future Traveller Experience developed by IATA (International Air Transport Association), being presented at Passenger Terminal Expo.


By automating identification and verification processes and implementing a robust central management platform integrating identity management, security and border control features, airports and airlines are able to provide a more convenient, expedient and streamlined experience to legitimate passengers, by reducing queuing times and putting the passenger in control of their journey. This improves security levels, by reducing errors and correctly assessing security risks, actually being able to benefit from an advanced passenger monitoring infrastructure, including predictive modeling of people’s flow. In fact, from check-in to boarding, the passenger interacts with the airport at every security touch point, thus contributing to the aggregation of relevant information by the Airport, Airline or Border Control Authorities, consequently gradually filling, in a privacy-sensitive manner, the “Traveler Data Envelope”.


Despite the passenger-centric approach, Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing, explains that “all airport stakeholders are taking benefit from the broad use of biometrics and from the Traveler Data Envelope concept: While Governments and Border Control Authorities are improving security at the border by way of a reliable biometric identification and verification methods, Airports and Airlines are offering their customers a more sophisticated innovative edge and better services, improving passenger flow, decreasing congestions and waiting times, and making passengers enjoy travelling again to the benefit of their revenue growth!“


A live demonstration of Vision-Box®’s Passenger Experience offering can be seen at stand 2200 at Passenger Experience Expo. The entrance to the exhibition is free.

U.S. Government officials and industry experts gathered together under one roof to discuss the growing challenges associated with securing human identity during the conference Connect ID, which took place in Washington last week. One of the hot topics under discussion was Aviation Security and the balance between the facilitation of legitimate travel and tight border control.


Lisbon, March 24th, 2014 – As one of the leading industry specialists, Vision-Box® contributed to the debate with their wide experience of over 400 Automated Border Control solutions implemented worldwide and provided some answers with regard to the growing need for effective identification and verification solutions. “Not only robust ABC solutions at each country’s entry/exit point are important, but a powerful IT platform ensuring a Unified Architecture and integrating Identity Management, Security and Border Control solutions is crucial to consolidate all dimensions and the dataflow management of an entry/exit process. This will permit a nationwide view of migration flows, anticipating peaks, associated measures and building the foundations of a solid predictive model”, explains Jean-François Lennon, Director of Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing at Vision-Box®, in a fishbowl session with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Finish Border Guard.


The company sets a very special focus on the passenger experience – seamless journeys, decreased congestion, reduced waiting times and a unique technological experience. However, this approach will include and benefit all airport stakeholders: while Governments and Border Control Authorities will confirm an improvement of the security at borders and an optimization of processes and resources, Airports and Airlines will offer more innovative services, reduced queues, increased on-time departures and happier passengers!


In this scenario, data sharing is no longer an issue. In fact, the Vision-Box®-developed platform, the vb i-shield®, was based on the “Privacy by Design” concept, for a sustainable Data Sharing model to sustain each parties’ needs and strategic, business and legal objectives and constraints.

Vision-Box® has been awarded the contract for delivery of automated biometric enrollment solutions to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia, thus confirming its leadership in the Baltics. 171 new integrated biometric enrollment stations will be put in operation until June next year, at Latvian citizen registration facilities and embassies abroad, to improve processes related to the identity document issuance processes.


Lisbon, January 23rd, 2014 – The new units will be used to capture the citizens’ biometric data (face and fingerprint), as well as the signature, in the process of requesting or renewing an identity document, helping the issuing authorities guarantee a top quality enrollment of citizens. This innovative system will not only assure compliance to ICAO, NIST and other international standards in biometric data collection, but also improve the service provided: the enrollment solutions will speed up processes, reduce waiting times, and contribute with a pleasant experience to citizens, through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, combined with quick proactive adjustments to each applicant, such as the automatic height adjustment of the capture device.


With a growing track record in the Baltic countries, having been responsible for the deployment of self-checkpoint eGates at Riga International Airport and of Automated Border Control eGates and self-service verification kiosks at Tallinn International Airport, in Estonia, Vision-Box® was the selected supplier for this massive deployment in Latvia, having fully met all of the customer’s requirements with the vb e-pass enrollment solutions’ family.

In addition to the ergonomic design, user-centric interfaces, Plug&Play deployment processes, and a lot of innovative features, the Vision-Box® vb e-pass® solution portfolio is distinguishing for its diversity of form factors, addressing the challenges of the different contexts where citizen enrollment will take place. In fact, while the Latvian registration offices will be using easy-fit desktop units in their facilities, embassies abroad will use full-blown and robust self-service kiosks, to optimize the available space and resources. Mobile services, to which portability is a key word, will benefit from smaller and light-weighted “suitcase-type” integrated units, which can be quickly relocated according to the peaks of demand.


Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box®´s Senior Vice-President, stated that: “This project confirms that, as far as identity management is concerned, one size doesn’t fit all. For every enrollment scenario there’s a solution addressing its specific needs, always providing the same level of quality in securing our clients’ trusted Chain of Identity. Vision-Box is proud to understand and overcome our customers’ challenges, meet their demands and be the company of reference in this market”.

Vision-Box® will be the supplier of next generation eGates to ports of entry to the UK for the next four years.


Lisbon, January 6th, 2014 – Having previously installed 46 of the UK Border Force’s first generation eGates since 2009, Vision-Box® has now been awarded the contract to deploy up to 180 of the 2nd Generation of eGates, Vision-Box® vb i-match® 5.


To date, more than 13 million passengers have passed through Vision-Box® eGates located at seven of the UK’s busiest International Airports. The expectation is for this number to increase rapidly once the rollout of the new eGates has taken place at these and other airports. To deliver this project Vision-Box® have sub-contracted ESP Global Services for rapid on-site engineering support and Accenture to provide accreditation and consulting services.


The 2nd Generation eGates present a slim, unique form factor, developed in conjunction with UKBF, which complies with specific design requirements for UK airports and makes the most of the limited space in the immigration halls.


Miguel Leitmann, Senior Vice President of Vision-Box® S.A., stated that “today, as in 2009, Vision-Box® is fully committed to supporting Border Force protect the UK borders by offering a secured, unparalleled and positive experience to passengers entering the country.”


From UK Border Force, Haroona Franklin, Director of Border Systems Strategy & Capability, highlights the fact that “this deployment will represent the biggest ePassport Gate project in Europe. The new gates will allow Border Force to improve the passenger experience while maintaining security at the border and enabling the effective deployment of our resources to areas of highest priority”.


Gatwick Airport is leading the way, having recently officially opened the first bank of 15 new Generation ePassport Gates to the public.

Vision-Box® deployed its innovative video surveillance system at the Arena Castelão Stadium that will allow monitoring and control of the entire arena and surrounding area. The solution included the installation of over 250 IP surveillance cameras, distributed throughout the arena, operated by the authorities through the Vision-Box Video Management System SentrySpider, with integration to the Building Management System (BMS) and the Ticketing Access Control to better track supporters. The solution is fully compliant with the official FIFA requirements for World Cup stadiums.


Lisbon, July 16th, 2013 – The video surveillance solution will ensure the safety of not only the supporters but also the security of existing equipment. In order to guarantee the safety of all VIPs that will attend the World Cup games, a priority corridor was defined for a better and more efficient monitoring of this particular group.


Additionally, whenever a supporter enters the arena, its ticket will be indexed with a picture taken by the surveillance system deployed by Vision-Box to ease the identification of people if needed, using Vision-Box® facial recognition technology Facelink.


The control and supervision of the entire system will be carried out through a state of the art graphical interface optimized for operators, supported by a full IP videowall, which will allow the rapid identification of any situation that deserves attention, real-time view of the entire arena and interconnection with other systems in order to expedite the process response, if necessary.


The whole system is integrated with Vision-Box®’s vb i-shield®, a powerful IT platform which enables the consolidation of all input information from the various sensors scattered across the Arena.


This project fits into the “THINK CROWD” framework develop by Vision-Box®, which puts the supporter at the kernel of the stadium experience and includes solutions covering access control, biometric validation, CCTV and cards/tickets dispensing.


For Leidivino Natal, Business Director Latin America Vision-Box® S.A. this project “represents an opportunity to be part of this great celebration through the implementation of a robust and efficient solution that contributes significantly to the safety and well-being of all supporters”.


The success of this partnership will continue with the implementation of a similar solution at Beira-Rio Stadium.

French Riviera, France, 2017/11/28 - 2017/11/30
Singapore, 2017/11/07 - 2017/11/09
London, UK, 2017/11/01 - 2017/11/02
Barcelona, Spain, 2017/10/24 - 2017/10/26
Montréal, Canada, 2017/10/24 - 2017/10/26
Bogota, Colombia, 2017/10/10 - 2017/10/11
Munich, Germany, 2017/10/09 - 2017/10/12
Darmstadt, Germany, 2017/09/18 - 2017/09/19
Texas, USA, 2017/09/17 - 2017/09/20
Las Vegas, USA, 2017/09/06 - 2017/09/08

Vision-Box has been spearheading the most disruptive initiatives towards a Seamless Passenger Journey, having deployed over 2000 electronic identity management solutions around the world promoting security, efficiency and revenue in over 80 airports. The portfolio for airports, airlines and immigration authorities comprises integrated biometric-based solutions addressing check-in, entry-exit, API/PNR, baggage drop, security checkpoints, border control and self-boarding.

@Booth A10, experience the Vision-Box Seamless Airport 4.0:

- A new web-based business-driven airport analytics tool for insightful discoveries, Dashbox™
- 4.0 Common-Use multi-stakeholder Services Platform Orchestra™ for end-to-end passenger experience management
- The digitalization of the airport experience through mobile ID

Dublin, Ireland, 2017/06/26 - 2017/06/27

How well is my airport doing today? With FTE Europe about to start in Dublin, Vision-Box is ready to demonstrate our comprehensive common-use based suite for airports, airlines and border control authorities, the groundbreaking Orchestra! Don't miss this great opportunity to meet our team to know all about it! All at stand #A53!

Lisbon, Portugal, 2017/06/12 - 2017/06/12

Vision-Box is sponsoring the “Biometrics in Aviation” seminar, taking place in Lisbon on June 12th and hosted by the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and followed by a the IATA One Identity workshop.
Biometrics on the move and the Single Identity Token will be the key topics discussed in these events, gathering all major stakeholders from the aviation industry, including airports, airlines, government and the biometrics leader Vision-Box.

Jean-François Lennon, our Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales, will be delivering an insightful presentation about application and management of biometrics in the air travel process.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to keep in touch with the latest trends arising from improved biometric technologies!

Contact us @ to get on board!

Washington DC, USA, 2017/05/01 - 2017/05/03

How does facial recognition offer a Trusted Chain of Identity? With Connect:ID about to start in Washington DC next week, Vision-Box is ready to share its experience in deploying over 3000 user-centric biometric solutions around the world with an impact in the lives of 500 000 000 users! Learn how a single biometric identity is pivotal in orchestrating a nationwide identity! Learn more about the success stories and the promising projects, from Aruba Happy Flow to Seamless Passenger Walkthrough at Schiphol Airport, from nationwide departure eGate solution at Australia to new generation kiosks improving immigration processes at Toronto Pearson… Get to know the biometric trials being conducted in the USA and discuss your projects with our experts!
They are looking forward to meet you at stand #506!

Windhoek, Namibia, 2017/04/26 - 2017/04/28

Engage with the latest trends within the identity management and security industry in Africa. At ID4Africa, to be held in Windhoek, Namibia from April 26 to 28, learn all about our vision of Identity Management and our Trusted Chain of Identity, maximizing the potential of electronic documents in the continent and orchestrating an and-to-end approach to document management, from enrollment to delivery!
Our Business Development Manager, Pedro Pinto will deliver an insightful presentation about our latest and most innovative solutions for identity management. Is e-ID really working out for the citizen? Don’t miss this great opportunity to know how to maximize the potential of Electronic documents through the use of biometrics and a Trusted Chain of Identity.
Try our live demo of innovative enrollment and verification solutions at stand #C19!

Rio de Janeiro. Brazil, 2017/03/29 - 2017/04/02

Vision-Box will be exhibiting at Wings of Change, an event organized by IATA and IBAS, collocated with the International Brazil Airshow, being held in Rio de Janeiro along this week! At this glorious aviation event we will be demonstrating our comprehensive common-use based suite for airports, airlines and border control authorities, the revolutionary Orchestra! This groundbreaking platform for integrated passenger journey is a launch pad towards the digital revolution of airports. Don’t miss this great opportunity to know all about it! Our team is looking forward to meet you at stand #30 from March 29th to April 2nd!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017/03/14 - 2017/03/16

Brace for impact at Passenger Terminal Expo (Amsterdam, 14-16 March 2017), as Vision-Box will unveil the ultimate “on-the-move” passenger platform, targeted for airports and beyond: the vb Seamless Gateway™.

Vision-Box already erased the “wait!” from the passenger's journey at major airports around the world. As of today, we are eradicating the “stop!”.
The Seamless Gateway™ is a self-service, game-changing solution, enabling travellers to enjoy a seamless on-the-move identification experience.
The user feels welcomed through a streamlined, contactless and non-stop process.
Whether at check-in, border control, security checkpoint or boarding, the highest levels of security are met, non-intrusively, simply while walking through.

By connecting all Seamless Gateways together, unleashing the full potential of data as actionable intelligence, whilst enhancing Airport Management, the all-new multi-stakeholders vb IOT Service Platform, by Vision-Box, brings an unparalleled holistic approach towards managing the passenger flow through user-centric identification solutions, processes and experiences.

Welcome to a new era where the full potential of biometrics and machine-learning are shaping the future of a trust-chain of identity!

Rome, Italy, 2017/02/15 - 2017/02/16
Cannes, France, 2016/11/29 - 2016/12/01

Visit us at stand #D088!

Brussels, Belgium, 2016/11/22 - 2016/11/23

Join us at Security & Crisis Management Special Summit, an event hosted by the Airports Council International, which will take place in Brussels. The main themes will explore and present effective ways of delivering safe, efficient and secure services to the airports.

Pedro Torres, Marketing Director of Vision-Box, will be speaking under the theme of "How a single biometric token brings the best of both seamless travel and enhanced security? And how can it deliver robust risk management through stakeholder collaboration?"

Don’t lose this opportunity to listen to insightful speakers who will bring new and advanced approaches to manage security at airports.

You can register at the event here:

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Montréal, Canada, 2016/11/15 - 2016/11/17
Bangkok, Thailand, 2016/11/09 - 2016/11/11
Brasilia, Brazil, 2016/11/08 - 2016/11/10

Vision-Box will be exhibiting at the 2nd Biometrics and Human Identification Technology Expo, Business & Conference, to be held in São Paulo, Brazil! Our team will be waiting for you at stand #13 to present our Trusted Chain of Identity, demonstrating how it ensures an end-to-end approach to document management, from enrollment to delivery! Furthermore, Jeff-François Lennon, our Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales and Leidivino Natal, Director of Vision-Box Brazil, will deliver insightful presentations about our solutions and their applicability within the Brazilian market!

Visit us at stand #H045!

Milipol will be a great opportunity for you to get in touch with the most recent solutions related to security and identity management all over the world. The international event of homeland security in the Middle East will gather a wide range of companies which will be exhibiting their products, services and solutions, including the well-established Vision-Box. Vision-Box will be presenting its latest and most innovative border control and identity management solutions, and share our most recent success stories in the region and around the world!

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a meeting with our experts! Contact us at!

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, 2016/10/25 - 2016/10/26

Visit us at stand #E31!

Happy Flow has marked the beginning of a new era in Passenger Experience. The 100% self-service biometric airport journey has contributed to streamline passenger flow and has unlocked the huge potential of data from passenger interactions to achieve higher levels of efficiency, security, cost-reduction and revenue improvement. Vision-Box is now unveiling the underlying Orchestra, the powerful common-use orchestration platform for airports/airlines/government’s managed services, offering full view of traveler facilitation infrastructure and metrics, business rules and business intelligence tools, allowing for airports to move into data-driven, pro-active decision-making. Vision-Box is also demonstrating how Orchestra is supporting a sustainable biometric Entry/Exit system.

Westminster, London, UK, 2016/10/18 - 2016/10/20

Richard Camman, Regional Director of Vision-Box in The Netherlands will be sepaking at the "ID at the borders" panel.

Recent discussions within the Biometrics Institute have defined key trends and strategies around the use of biometrics at the border. This session will look at this output and how to create closer collaboration between carriers, airports/ infrastructure providers and border agencies to create secure and efficient movement of people.

Richard Camman is an experienced executive in the security, defence and aerospace industries and has been working in the sector since 1988.

As an entrepreneur in business and technology innovation, Richard has been a key player in fostering new market-entry strategies, and developing distinct innovative solutions for the travel ecosystem based on biometric identification technologies and state-of-the-art workflow concepts.

Joining Vision-Box in 2016, Richard used his leadership and experience to drive the advancement of strategic programs and future innovations, defining new markets and propositions in support of Vision-box’s growth strategy.

Richard has quickly demonstrated his superior aptitude in leading, developing, and accelerating ground breaking strategic programs as exemplified by the award-winning Happy Flow™ Platform, introduced at Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport. Richard was responsible for the project from its conception until the successful deployment of this first-of-its-kind, paperless passenger processing solution.

Prior to joining Vision-Box, Richard was Managing Director at Accenture in the Border and Identity Management section, and Public domain and Associate Director at LogicaCMG in the Public Safety and Defence department.
Richard continuously seeks new innovative product developments for emerging markets in biometrics, Airports, Airlines and the safety and security sectors. He graduated with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Business Informatics and Marketing, and earned an MBA in International Management.

Dubai, UAE, 2016/10/18 - 2016/10/20

Under its signature theme "Innovating better, together", the World Passenger Symposium 2016 takes place on 18-20 October 2016. Gathering the most renowned experts of the industry, the event counts on a keynote speech of Miguel Leitmann, CEO of Vision-Box on October 18th on the Panel “Airport of the Future” sponsored by Vision-Box.

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Tampa, USA, 2016/09/19 - 2016/09/22

Vision-Box will be exhibiting at Global Identity Summit in welcoming Tampa, Florida. The US Federal Government will be hosting an immersive event along three days dedicated to strategic planning, information sharing, needs analysis, collaboration and relationship building. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet our experts at the Booth #424! We will be presenting our Multimodal Biometric ID Solutions and demonstrating how a single-token can enhance multi-stakeholder identification at Entry/Exit points.

Las Vegas, USA, 2016/09/07 - 2016/09/09

Vision Box will be exhibiting at FTE Global in amazing Las Vegas, Nevada. Mandalay Bay will be hosting one of the greatest events in the airport industry. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet our experts at Stand A14! We will be presenting our innovative approach towards a reliable Entry/Exit System (EES), where biometrics play a fundamental role.

Washington, D.C., 2016/06/29 - 2016/06/29

Join us at Identity and Biometrics Innovations Forum 2016, an event hosted by Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA) that will take place in Washington D.C. on June 29th. Innovations in traveler identity management is one the main themes of the forum that will gather distinguished Government authorities and relevant organizations representing the biometrics industry.

Jean-François (Jeff) Lennon, Vice President for Global Business Development and Sales of Vision-Box will participate in Panel I - Screening Innovations: Increasing Accuracy, Speed and Throughput. The panel will discuss the progress of innovations to improve accuracy, speed and volume in the screening and processing of large volumes of people for travel and national scale identity management enterprises, including the testing of multi-modal biometrics, contactless fingerprint capture and document authentication.

Early registration is encouraged, as seating is limited. Register at the event in here:

Serock, Poland, 2016/05/24 -
Riga, Latvia, 2016/05/18 - 2016/05/19
QEII Centre, Westminster, London, UK, 2016/05/10 - 2016/05/12
Cologne, Germany, 2016/03/15 - 2016/03/17

We are exhibiting at stand #7065!

Washington DC, USA, 2016/03/14 - 2016/03/16

Vision-Box will be present at stand #300 and also be part of the amazing Conference panel!

Rome, Italy, 2016/02/17 - 2016/02/18

Vision-Box is exhibiting and speaking at the event. We are also sponsors.

November 11th 2016