Vision-Box® is the industry leader in end-to-end Passenger Experience and Electronic Identity Management solutions that use ICAO and NIST-compliant standards, with over 1,000 operational Automated Border Control & Passenger Experience solutions in more than 50 airports across the globe and 3,000 Identity Management solutions worldwide.

Vision-Box® is partnering with the most prestigious organizations worldwide, delivering dependable border control, identity management and security solutions for the most critical security scenarios, such as complex integrated border management deployments for air, land and sea borders, and for challenging innovation contexts, like citizen biographic and biometric enrollment in remote places, and self-service identity document delivery.

We constantly receive industry awards from the most prestigious global organizations for pushing the boundaries of innovation. We are consistently selected by governments, airports, airlines and private institutions to deliver superior, ground-breaking solutions, tailor-made to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations, addressing specific challenges and improving people’s lives. 100% envisioned, designed, customized, developed and produced by the Vision-Box® visionary team.

Vision-Box® developed a powerful unified software suite that integrates our complex, security-critical Border Control, Aviation, Identity Management and Surveillance solutions into a single comprehensive and open platform – vb i-shield®. Starting with an enrollment process, going through the life cycle of a biometric-based document and ending in the verification and identification processes, all solutions are linked together through this powerful IT platform, facilitating the native and seamless integration of both core and third party legacy systems under one roof.

This platform provides the users with solid information to manage all security processes and draw conclusions for improved decision-making procedures and predictive models, offer value-added services, among other benefits.


A traveler-centric integrated approach to border management, including sea, air and land borders, aiming at providing authorities with full control over all entry/exit points of a country.

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Integrated Identity solutions, performing high-quality, live biometric and biographic enrollment, as well as digital identity document management, towards a trusted digital Chain of Identity.

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Intelligent Digital Video Management solutions, including advanced Biometric Identification systems.

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