After developing the 1st ever Automated Border Control eGate based on facial recognition , Vision-Box® has been at the forefront of innovation and as a world recognized partner, delivering over 1,000 Automated Border Control (ABC) solutions for land, sea and air borders around the world. Today, our ABC and Passenger Experience solutions are processing an average of 80 million passengers per year.
Throughout the world, our solutions are helping Airports and Border Control authorities in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, The Netherlands, Brazil, Qatar, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Venezuela, among many other countries.
We provide border agencies and airports with full control over all entry/exit points of a country by using an integrated Automated Border Control solution, combining a powerful border management platform and user-friendly traveler touch points.





Ensuring border integrity in every entry/exit point

Because a country is only as well protected as its weakest entry/exit point, it is imperative to develop strategies of border control in an integrated and cohesive way.
Vision-Box® has worked for the last 10 years with several countries tackling the challenges of border security and building a Nationwide Border Control Framework that allows an integrated approach to border protection and increased efficiency while still ensuring a positive traveler experience. This approach is based on the implementation of a powerful IT platform that integrates Automated Border Control devices at every Entry/Exit point of a country. The ABC touch points are used by travelers in a self-service way, utilizing biometrics (face, fingerprint and/or iris) as main identification token, which helps speed up traveler processing, decreases waiting times and generates a positive traveler experience at the border.
Having passengers pre-profiled, as well as effectively authenticated, identified and checked against criminal databases in real-time ensures a strong and effective control at borders, reducing illegal travelers, facilitating the automatic identification of overstays, and allowing a fast identification of potential threats.
Our border control solutions can also check vehicles crossing borders through the capture and verification of registration plates, in combination with drivers’ biographic and biometric data to further combine identity ownership and subsequent liability.


A reliable orchestration of Border Management: vb i-shield® platform

vb i-shield® is Vision-Box®‘s platform devised to integrate border management processes, joining all entry/exit points (air, land and sea borders) of a country to provide authorities with a full overview of their borders.
This unifying border management software suite is a modular platform created under the principles of Privacy by Design,facilitating the centralized control, orchestration and optimization of all operations that governs passenger flow management, thus combining complex, security-critical Border Control and Identity Management solutions into a single comprehensive, holistic open layer.
Operating within vb i-shield®, vb inspector provides border guards with real-time monitoring of all operations, including high quality and real time overview of the traveler clearance process. This enables for the immediate detection of identity fraud and the notification of visa overstays, providing instant alarms, warnings and various intelligence reports. vb i-shield® further allows for Information Management, Performance monitoring, Auditing, Centralized databases, Confidentiality Management among others.
vb i-shield® receives information from various sources and translates it into intelligible information for decision making and predictive models. Information is shared on multiple interfaces for different stakeholders, in accordance with International Standards and with a front-end application for Traveler Workflow & Business Rules Configuration. It securely integrates Advanced Passenger Information Systems (APIS), Airport Operational Databases, Registered Traveler Programs (RTP), Entry/Exit Systems (EES), watch lists, Shengen Area, VISAS, Trusted Traveler Programs, among others.




vb i-match®, the best-in-class Automated Border Control eGate

The performance of vb i-match® in border control is nowadays measured in thousands of deployed solutions. The best-in-class eGate is the choice of 50 international airports around the world, as well as in sea and land borders. Countries including the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Norway, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, and Australia adopted the Vision-Box® solution to solve their border control needs.
Why? vb i-match® offers:

VB_SITE_botao_BULLET_SETA_40x40pxHigh levels of security and efficiency to authorities, based on multimodal biometric checks, ICAO-compliant capture and verification, reliable verification of various documents (ID Card, Passport, Boarding Pass, Staff Card, and many more), highly accurate matching and proactive alarms


VB_SITE_botao_BULLET_SETA_40x40pxA customer-centric experience, based on organic processes, an ergonomic design, user-friendly instructions and feedback


VB_SITE_botao_BULLET_SETA_40x40pxA modular, CUTE/CUPPS-compliant design, able to adapt to our customer’s requirements, as well as seamlessly blend into the environment and architecture of the site

In fact, while technology can improve processes and overall security, it is crucial that innovative border control solutions take into consideration the basics of the human-factor. vb i-match® has been designed to be attractive, engaging and ergonomic, proactively adjusting to the traveler and offering intuitive and friendly interfaces with relevant instructions and constant feedback to users.



Hamad International Airport


Hamad International Airport


The airport with the highest number of eGates in the world

Project: Deployment of multibiometric eGates with face, iris and fingerprint recognition


Client: New Doha International Airport (NDIA) Steering Committee


Location: Hamad International Airport, Qatar


The challenge: Jean-François Lennon, Vice President Global Business Development & Sales at Vision-Box®, emphasizes that this implementation represents the largest deployment of multimodal ABC eGates in a single airport in the world. Vision-Box® feels honored to be part of this world premiere airport project.


Lisbon Airport


Lisbon Airport


Lisbon Airport unifies manual and Automated Border Control processes

Project: Deployment of Automated Border Control eGates and manual passport readers


Client: Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF – Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras)


Location: Lisbon Airport, Portugal


The challenge: Miguel Leitmann, Senior Vice President of Vision-Box® highlights the advantages of implementing this unified system, which is “providing travellers with a more positive experience and border guards having more control over both the manual and automated border control process in an aggregated way, using the same interfaces and reporting console”.


Schiphol Airport

The Netherlands

Schiphol Airport


Automated Border Control eGates have processed more than 1 million passengers!

Project: Implementation of self-service ePassport Gates with facial recognition


Client: Schiphol Airport


Location: Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands


Testimonial: “By introducing automated border control so that we can operate a self-service passport system, we have improved the traveler experience at Schiphol but also gained new efficiencies”.
Kier-co Gerritsen
(Formerly) Dutch Ministry of the Interior


GRU Airport


GRU Airport


GRU Airport implemented the latest technology in Automated Border Control

Project: Deployment of multi-biometric eGates with face, iris and fingerprint recognition


Client: São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU Airport)


Location: Guarulhos, Brazil


In the news:Improving the passenger experience and the levels of safety are priorities for the administration of the GRU Airport”, says Luiz Ritmann, GRU Airport’s IT Director. “With the demand growth recorded in the last decade in Brazil, increasing airport infrastructure will require cutting-edge technology as well as to optimize their processes, streamlining the flow of passengers in different areas (check-in, X-ray security, immigration and emigration control, customs and baggage claim). In this context, it is urgent to invest in the modernization of systems and equipment. And that’s what we are doing in Guarulhos.


Tampa International Airport


Tampa International Airport


Automated Passport Control Kiosks at Tampa International Airport

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


Largest Automated Border Control deployment ever done in Europe!

Project: Implementation of Automated Border Control eGates in ports of entry to the United Kingdom


Client: United Kingdom Border Force


Location: Airports in Manchester, Heathrow, London City, Gatwick, Luton, East Midland, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, Stansted, Edinburgh and more to come.


Testemonial:“This deployment will represent the biggest ePassport Gate project in Europe. The new gates will allow Border Force to improve the passenger experience while maintaining security at the border and enabling the effective deployment of our resources to areas of highest priority”.
Haroona Franklin
Director of Border Systems Strategy & Capability
United Kingdom Border Force