The challenge

Citizen identification processes present an increasing challenge of security, efficiency and reliability. Citizens are also expressing a demand for more comfortable, fast and reliable procedures.

Over the years, a citizen’s identity may become fractured. From the moment a person is born, the individual is given multiple identity numbers that become disconnected over the years; a fiscal “identity”, a financial “identity”, an electoral “identity”, among others.

How to turn a citizen’s identity into a unique and distinct one? Also, how can we make citizen services more secure, streamlined and more convenient for the individual?



A true, trusted end-to-end Chain of Identity

Closing the loop in the card issuance cycle


Because of its unique, non-transferable characteristics and the inability to copy it or for the citizen to lose it, biometric data represents the safest and most reliable form of identification.  


The introduction of a wide-ranging chain based on biometricsface, fingerprint and/or iris – is the solution for improved identity management, enabling advanced data storage and sharing, continuously improving and consolidating every citizen’s interaction with the government. A true end-to-end chain of identity is created when a complete integrated digital identity management solution is put in place. Supported by a powerful IT platform, it connects all personal “identities” – National ID, Passport, Driver’s License, Healthcare ID, and Voter ID, among others – with collected or verified biometric data at enrollment stations, electronic document dispensing units, access control eGates or at Automated Border Controls.






Enrollment as the key to sucess

Generally, the enrollment of personal information into a database (documents and physical traits) is performed manually, using traditional processes that frequently have misspellings, inconsistency or errors. The adoption of automated biometric capture as well as intelligent electronic document reading solutions represents a completely new level of accuracy and consistency.
Building a consolidated and secure Chain of Identity starts at the moment a person enrolls. This phase is essential to capture an individual’s biographic and biometric data. By complying with international ICAO and NIST standards, among others, Vision-Box® solutions are guaranteeing not only quality data capture and efficiency for the immediate purpose of enrollment, but also for the next steps of the chain.
When the biometric capture is of low quality when enrolling for a new document, any future attempts to verify one’s identity will fail, leading to unnecessary delays and annoyances at border crossings and further security procedures that may require a high quality identification token. Vision-Box® offers a complete portfolio of enrollment solutions for every context, as well as document dispensing units and identity verification solutions for various purposes such as access and border control.






Secure card production, transport and delivery


Once the biographic and biometric data is captured and validated for the purpose of document issuance, the request is then digitally sent to the production facility in a private and secure way. The human factor is completely removed from the process, as the information is automatically sent over a secure link, reducing the risk for fraud while at the same time optimizing the validation process and decreasing the time for document production.
When the documents are produced and ready for distribution, the citizen can access a self-service solution that allows a quick and secure card collection – the vb e-pass dispenser. The verification of the citizen’s biometric data assures the authenticity and security of the process.

One size does not fit all!


Constraints such as the population’s geographic dispersion and the lack of registration facilities in some countries affect the quality of data captured and hence the quality of the produced documentation.
In these situations, a specific type of enrollment station is required, one that encompasses all functionalities in a self-contained and easy to carry unit. A multi-purpose unit in suitcase format capable of enrolling multimodal biometrics (face, iris and fingerprint) is the solution to address this challenge.






Portuguese Institute of Registration and Notary Affairs


Portuguese Institute of Registration and Notary Affairs


Enrollment solutions for National ID Card, e-Passport, VISA and Residence Permits

Project Requirements

  • State-of-the-art ICAO-compliant enrollment solution for the new Portuguese Electronic Passport and ID card
  • Integration with internal passport and ID card issuance workflow

Project Benefits

  • Reduced waiting times per citizen to obtain a document
  • Reduced operational cost per enrollment

This project triggered the implementation of Automated Border Control solutions at all major airports in Portugal, for the use of ID Card and e-passport at the country’s border controls.

Latvia Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs


Latvia Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs


Enrollment solutions for Latvia citizen registration facilities, Embassies and Consulates

Project Requirements

  • Highest quality enrollment of citizens, including the capture of citizen biometric data (face and fingerprint), as well as signature, in the process of requesting or renewing an identity document

Project Benefits

  • Easier and quicker to obtain identification documents at both Latvian citizen registration facilities and embassies abroad
  • Variety of solutions, addressing the specific challenges of each enrollment scenario
  • Optimized identity document issuance processes and resource management
Swedish National Police


Swedish National Police


Biometric data enrollment for the Swedish ID-Card and electronic Passport

Project in partnership with Gemalto


Project Requirements

  • State-of-the-art ICAO compliant enrollment solution for the new Swedish Electronic Passport and ID card
  • Embedded full background removal process
  • Complete turnkey solution, from the enrollment process till the document production and personalization

Project Benefits

  • Reduced waiting times per citizen to obtain a document
  • Reduced operational cost per enrollment
  • Increase on the quality and security of the issued documents