The challenge

Large venues such as stadiums, concert halls or convention centers are complex places when it comes to security. They can encompass several buildings, floors, entrances and communal areas and are places that concentrates hundreds or thousands of people, and are prone to threats of escalating tensions with massive movements of people.
This requires additional security measures when controlling entry/exit passageways to maintain the safety and wellbeing of the crowds, without interfering with the customer experience.

So how should security issues be tackled when we’re dealing with crowds of people?



On-the-fly identification and tracking of people

The control of individual identification in a large venue is made possible through knowing who your customer is, but also by having an overview of who actually is inside the premises.
As such, Vision-Box® integrated into its Identity Management solution an intelligent video analytics solution, supported by a highly scaled and networked security infrastructure, ensuring public surveillance and efficient people flow control via on-the-fly facial biometrics identification and tracking of people in a non-intrusive way.
Our advanced biometric identification platform, centralized and monitoring multiple locations, compares one image with millions of images in a database and return the matching results. By matching images from multiple sources such as live videos, video playbacks and still images, the interactive tools are the means at the disposal of the user to prevent potential threats to the public. All of this, in just milliseconds! In case of found inconsistencies, such as a person within the premises not on the customer database or a person not allowed inside for a specific event or area, immediate alarms are triggered.
Every second, millions of images are being captured and processed by Vision-Box® solutions! Vision-Box® is in fact the trusted supplier of biometric identity and digital video management solutions, having delivered to the most prestigious organizations, security to their customers, their staff, their assets and business.




Analysis tool for business intelligence

The implementation of this comprehensive security solution facilitates the creation of a decision-making environment for complex surveillance and control procedures. Permanent data capture at each point, feeding an advanced information management platform with risk assessment capabilities, turn a complex scenario into a simple Management Cockpit for decision-making and predictive models, towards enhanced security, efficiency, intelligent people management and revenue.



Schiphol Airport

The Netherlands

Schiphol Airport


Advanced “on the fly” biometric identification and matching of passengers

Project requirements:

  • Dependable video-surveillance solution, performing “on-the-fly” identification of passengers , between the boarding gate and the aircraft, to ensure that all passengers have entered the plane and are on the flight list

Project benefits:

  • Enhanced airport security
  • Real-time identification and “on-the-fly” tracking of all passengers
  • Generation of multiple isolated and zoomed facial images
  • Automatic best-image selection, for increased efficiency and matching speed
  • Automatic image quality assessment and correction
  • Intelligent image profiling
  • Smart indexing of passenger biometrics with unique identifiers, timestamps, gate number and flight number




Control of 700 CCTV cameras for the largest cash transportation and management company in Portugal

Project requirements:

  • Top video-surveillance solution, with premium performance and stability standards for their offices in seven cities
  • Total monitoring and control over the whole transportation and management cycles of each money bag
  • 24/7 real-time observation and video storage with maximum quality

Project benefits:

  • Complete multi-site intelligent video surveillance solution, including image capture, storage and site monitoring for backup purposes
  • High resolution, real-time monitoring
  • Intelligent video analysis of motion detection, moved objects, object classification, people couting and alarm notification
Arena Castelão Stadium


Arena Castelão Stadium


Intelligent video-surveillance for FIFA Word Cup 2014 in Brazil

Project requirements:

  • Storage, transmission, compression, video and image processing in real time
  • Video wall systems, local or remote, displaying video images in real time
  • Central monitoring station
  • Intelligent video analysis using Facial Recognition to track “suspect” people

Project benefits:

  • Improved security operations in critical environments
  • Optimized video footage investigation through intelligent database indexing
  • Highly dependable solution with high availability features
  • Multisite monitoring and control