The challenge

What does the management of a Bank, a Shopping Mall and a Casino have in common? They all experience distinct global activities and challenges, but when it comes to safety they share common concerns. Each of these institutions opens their doors to hundreds or more of people per day, which may represent security risks that include fraud and theft.
The accurate identification and verification of people is a fundamental step towards the highest levels of security and Vision-Box® is playing a part in delivering complete identity management solutions to tackle these challenges, respecting people’s privacy and comfort.

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The path to customer loyalty

begins with a secure environment

Vision-Box® solutions make it viable for retail, banks and other private institutions to hold a highly scaled and networked security infrastructure for public surveillance and efficient people flow control. Delivering security is a pivotal step in the major task of retaining customers.
Our experience in Identity Management is critical to provide Customer Enrollment solutions, Access Control and Identity Authentication, constituting a shift from traditional processes towards a more secure and personalized service where everyone has an incentive to return!





Creating innovative strategies for retail

A significant key of success in the retail market is profit, driven by customer loyalty, the comfort and security of people, as well as adding value. Theft is an instance with the instant ability of undermining the credibility of an institution and lowering overall profit in a very short period.
The implementation of a system for surveillance and ID verification based on biometric recognition (face, fingerprint and/or iris) is a solution that helps improve security and enhances customer experience by identifying people on watch lists, generating alarms to security officers, and controlling access to secure areas.
Vision-Box® solutions promote a world of potent marketing strategies by segmenting advertising based on a person’s biometrics.



Reducing security breaches in banking sector

The banking and finance sectors are extremely vulnerable to hacking attacks and theft. The introduction of biometrics can play an important part in improving safety procedures and in implementing preventative measures.
Vision-Box® for the banking sector include a central identity management platform that allows for the biometric (fingerprint, face, signature or iris) and biographic enrollment of every customer, as well as the verification of their identity in every interaction with every branch. Vision-Box® enrollment portfolio includes portable units that can be used for home registration services for people with reduced mobility or for VIP service.
In addition, biometric recognition at ATM’s deter identify thieves and identity fraud, triggering alarms during these instances and providing an extra layer of security to those using the machines, as well as for the bank.
To improve security at every branch, Vision-Box® offers access control solutions for staff as well as intelligent video surveillance based on biometric verification, which can be matched with watch lists in real time.

Real-time identification in casinos

Casinos have specific challenges when it comes to protecting currency, property and patrons, as well as avoiding crime, theft and inappropriate behavior.
Big muscled security guards and standard cameras are a thing of the past. Vision-Box® has developed an integrated identity management solution, based on biometric and biographic enrollment and complemented by an intelligent surveillance solution, which performs a real-time biometric recognition of players and visitors in casinos and other gaming facilities. The data is matched with a database that can be integrated with the casino’s white list, thus allowing for an immediate reaction to potential threats.
The individual recognition of biometric data occurs under the Privacy by Design approach, guaranteeing personal data is protected and only used for security purposes, providing a safe and enjoyable experience to VIP customers.





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