Everyone has one identity. Vision-Box® is dedicated to delivering a true, trusted Chain of Identity,

so that every single one of us, whether as a citizen, a passenger or a client,

can enjoy all the potential, benefits and comfort of integrated digital identity management!

Vision-Box™ in partnership with ATEA implemented Biometric Enrollment Solution for Nationwide Driver License Issuance in Lithuania

To support the comprehensive updating of Lithuania’s national driver’s license issuance process, Vision-Box™ in partnership with ATEA installed a new nationwide integrated biometric enrollment solution for Regitra, the Lithuanian State Enterprise responsible for issuing the country’s drivers’ licenses. Citizens are using the solution at 18 Regitra offices in the country since the beginning of the year, experiencing a much easier, faster, and more convenient procedure to obtain their driver licenses.

Vision-Box™ boosts airport digital transformation with new open services platform Orchestra™

A new, user-centric and comprehensive platform for collaborative passenger flow management, Orchestra™ combines valuable actionable intelligence tools to guarantee the reliable identification of travelers and people of interest. This includes risk anticipation, real-time passenger flow monitoring, effective exception handling, and an improvement in the overall monitoring metrics of traveler flows at the airport through unrivaled data analytics capabilities.

10 million passengers cleared through Vision-Box’s SmartGate at major Australian International Airports

With the last go-live of departures SmartGate in Adelaide last month, the nationwide roll-out of Automated Border Control at the eight main airports in Australia is now completed. The initiative pursued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has successfully reached its final stage, making universal streamlined border control processes and enhanced border protection a reality.