Everyone has one identity. Vision-Box® is dedicated to delivering a true, trusted Chain of Identity,

so that every single one of us, whether as a citizen, a passenger or a client,

can enjoy all the potential, benefits and comfort of integrated digital identity management!

Seamless Gateway™ – Face it and walk your way into the future!

Brace for impact at Passenger Terminal Expo, as Vision-Box™ will present the ultimate on-the-move passenger identification system for airports and beyond: the Seamless Gateway™. It is a game-changing solution, offering passengers a seamless on-the-move self-service identification experience, where the traveler feels welcomed through a streamlined, contactless and non-stop process.

Vision-Box signs framework agreement with Schiphol Airport

A new biometrics-based seamless passenger-walkthrough will modernize passenger journey experience in the scope of the ongoing Digital Airport Program. Representing one of the most expected announcements in the Aviation Industry, the design and deployment of a large-scale modernization program aims at facilitating the entire passenger journey throughout the airport for all types of passengers, whilst increasing terminal capacity.

Vision-Box implemented innovative ABC solution at the French border of St. Pancras International rail station

Vision-Box was responsible for the implementation of a pioneering Automated Border Control (ABC) at St Pancras International rail station, at the French border. This is the first time that such self-service technological solutions have been deployed by a private transportation service provider for optimizing passenger flow at a border within an international rail hub.