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Revolutionizing Airport and Airline Experiences with Vision-Box’s CUSS 2 (Common Use Self Service)


The future of travel is rapidly evolving, and Vision-Box is constantly seeking ways to enhance the passenger experience. One of its most recent contributions is the Common Use Self Service (CUSS) 2 platform, which not only streamlines passenger processes but also offers a shared infrastructure for check-in, bag tag printing, and self-bag drop.

Vision-Box is a pioneer in the CUSS2 space, offering a suite of tools to enable backward compatibility with legacy 1.x applications and platforms. It supports a native Biometric experience, enabling a fully integrated end-to-end seamless journey. The Vision-Box CUSS2 ecosystem enables airlines and airports to migrate seamlessly from legacy CUSS 1.x versions to the new CUSS2 environment, integrating existing applications and minimizing disruptions.

Common-use technology revolutionizes airport operations by enabling the sharing of facilities, streamlining passenger processes reducing overall costs. The CUSS2 solution offers a structured environment with standard interfaces, allowing airports to update and modify systems efficiently. This efficient self-service check-in application minimises the need for infrastructure expansion, ultimately saving the airport valuable resources.

Vision-Box CUSS2 enables airlines to improve the passenger experience by sharing airport facilities and simplifying the development and maintenance of self-service check-in applications. It allows airlines to use a single application that can work with any standard interface, and it ensures consistency in product and service across all airports, including on-site and off-site locations.

When combined with the Seamless Journey Platform®, Vision-Box’s digital identity and journey management platform, CUSS2 becomes a scalable adoption channel for the seamless travel experience. The fact that there is no need to change a single line of code, opens a whole new level of digital experiences, revenue streams and cost reductions.

In conclusion, Vision-Box’s commitment to innovation sets a new standard in the aviation industry, paving the way for a future where airports and airlines seamlessly integrate technology to create enjoyable and secure travel experiences for all passengers.

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