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ID Management: Efficient biometric and biographic data management

It is part of the Government's sovereign mission to manage citizens' trusted identity and define/enforce transport rules. Our offer ensures security and privacy regulations are met, while automated processes offer a faster and easy way to efficient identity management.

Fast, precise and reliable

Currently, it is not only a smart decision but a necessity to create and implement digital identification systems to help governments secure identity and verification processes. Value-added services can be delivered at pace to the citizen of the 21st century.

Vision-Box offers a high level of expertise, security, compliance, and convenience, all of which are critical requirements from governments.

Vision-Box’s offer for Citizen Registration relies on the Seamless Kiosk, the Seamless Desk and the Portable, all designed to meet all ICAO capture standards and applicable security regulations, among others. 

Assisted Registration

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Despite its lightweight format, this system incorporates all the features and quality assurance criteria required for flawless capture of biographical/biometric data.

Self-Service Registration

Seamless Kiosk®

Robust integrated unit captures high-quality data (face, fingerprint, signature), reducing manual identity management procedures errors, for intensive use.

Manual Registration

Seamless Desk®

Engineered to capture high-quality face, fingerprints, and signature, it enables the issuance of identity documents in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Touchpoint Management System

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Touchpoint Management System

The TMS provides flexibility and control to users, enabling them to configure and manage the touchpoints and devices of their ecosystem.

Enrolment Application

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Enrolment App SDK

Enables the capture of face, fingerprint and signature biometric data in compliance with the industry standards, and provides guidance to the applicant through the process.

100 +

countries have implemented Vision-Box solutions.

15000 +

of Vision-Box solutions have been implemented worldwide. 

30% +

Global Market share in Automated Border Control. 

Seamless Journey Platform®

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