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Vision-Box Common Use 2 seamlessly bridge usable in both transitionary legacy 1.x and new 2.x versions.

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The CUSS2 specification that increase security with modern technology

The CUSS2 prioritises security through modern technology and streamlines development for web developers, resulting in decreased costs for building and maintaining CUSS applications. 


The Common Use Self-Service

A key focus of the new CUSS2 specification is to increase security with modern technology and ensure that development can be achieved by web developers without proprietary training or expensive transient knowledge, consequently, the reduction in cost to build and maintain CUSS applications.



New CUSS2 specifications


  • Run CUSS 1.x and 2.x side-by-side
  • Allows for the use of the latest web technologies and browser independence
  • Abstracts away low-level device management complexities
  • Seamlessly integrate your mobile experience
  • Build custom applications with modern web development
  • Increase device personalization


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