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Vision-Box has been awarded the design, supply, testing, commissioning and maintenance of Single Token solution at KL International Airport, Malaysia


Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad has awarded the Single Token project for KL International Airport (KUL) to Vision-Box, signalling the start of a long-term partnership around Vision-Box’s Seamless Journey Platform.

Vision-Box has been awarded the Single Token project by Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad for the implementation of biometric digital identity management system at the KLIA and KLIA2 of KL International Airport (KUL).

Vision-Box’s Seamless Journey Platform is a state-of-the-art touchless and contactless passenger processing technology, providing passenger safety and security at airports, in response to the covid-19 pandemic. Vision-Box’s contactless technology will offer a sophisticated traveller experience, comprising an identification, clearance, and safety monitoring environment. The new infrastructure offers a suite of digital tools that reduces or eliminates passenger contact with touchscreen surfaces, and physical interaction with airport and airline staff, thus providing a safe travel experience.

The Seamless Journey, service platform, which will be introduced at both KLIA and KLIA2, will be part of Malaysia Airports’ Single Token Journey initiative, which aims to allow passengers to have a more efficient and safer travelling experience without having to show a boarding pass. This is made possible through contactless biometric technology, which can link the individual to their documents and profile.

The contract with Vision-Box is on the back of Malaysia Airports’ ambitious vision to make the KLIA future ready, including being part of a network of trusted international partners on the basis of a shared universal standard through exchanging traveller data envelopes with other like-minded organisations for boosting passenger experience and confidence.

Vision-Box, through its technological leadership, is uniquely positioned to help Malaysia Airports achieve their goal by providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions that help streamline the passenger experience, making it safer while prioritising privacy at the same time.

At a time when airlines and airports need solutions to safely resume and increase digital operations, Vision-Box’s touchless solutions help travel operators, such as airlines, airports, and border agencies, to deliver an outstanding passenger experience. Powered by distinctive hardware, AI based automation and contactless biometric identification systems, travellers quickly self-process through their journey in a truly contactless manner. Using a process sustained by real-time data orchestration, stakeholders interactively collaborate with data-rich actionable intelligence in a safe, secure and privacy by design ecosystem.

Speaking about the partnership, Miguel Leitmann, CEO at Vision-Box said: “This announcement with MAHB is a major step forward in Vision-Box’s mission to make the industry more technologically efficient. Through integration, collaboration, and partnership, both Vision-Box and MAHB will see their ambition put into practice by unleashing the potential that contactless biometric technology offers. By implementing the Vision-Box Seamless Journey Platform, KUL will be well positioned to safely securely and efficiently handle international passengers as a major hub in Asia.” 

Vision-Box’s Seamless Journey Platform is certified with Privacy by Design, a premiere accreditation for safeguarding personal and private information used in Identity Management services. Privacy by Design prioritizes the protection of individual data and ensures the highest level of privacy protection as a system default in government and commercial networks. Its use in the technology significantly improves how Vision-Box and its clients meet the levels of privacy and security of personal data that citizens and consumers are demanding.

The partnership with Malaysia Airports is yet another exciting development for Vision-Box, with the company constantly changing the face of travel for the better. Over the past year alone, the company has increased its presence in Asia with the launch of automated pre-security gates at the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan, announced a strategic partnership with AirAsia Group Bhd to advance digital travel management and touchless experience, and deployed a contactless passenger experience for Emirates Airlines at Dubai International Airport.


Date: 08/04/2021