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Vision-Box Unveils the Future of Seamless Travel at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 in Frankfurt 


Vision-Box, a world leader in seamless travel, automated border management, and electronic identity management solutions, is exhibiting the future of travel at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 (PTE), taking place at Messe Frankfurt from April 16th to 18th. Vision-Box's participation represents its commitment to revolutionising the travel industry through seamless, contactless, and on-the-move biometric solutions.  

Vision-Box is exhibiting at booth #D90, Hall 6.1, showcasing its latest advancements in biometric identity management, digital transformation, and traveller facilitation. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience firsthand how Vision-Box solutions seamlessly integrate into airport ecosystems, streamlining operations while ensuring the highest standards of security and convenience. 

Vision-Box is highlighting at PTE an integrated approach to biometric solutions, seamlessly guiding travellers through every stage of their journey. From self-enrolment with Seamless Mobile® or Seamless Kiosk®, through self-bag drop with the biometric upgrade kit, the Seamless Kit®, security checkpoint with the fully autonomous on Wi-Fi and battery, Seamless Assistant®, and at border and boarding processes with the cutting-edge Free Flow corridor. The entire biometric experience is powered by the Vision-Box Facial Recognition Algorithm and orchestrated by the most advanced Digital Identity Management Platform, the Vision-Box’s Seamless Journey Platform®  with the latest iterations of our front-end applications and seamless, contactless travel flows. 

With a focus on end-to-end traveller management solutions, Vision-Box continues to pioneer innovation in the travel industry, offering tailored products and services that cater to the evolving needs of airports, airlines, and travellers alike. From automated check-in and bag drop processes to expedited security screenings and boarding procedures, Vision-Box is committed to delivering a frictionless travel experience from curb to gate.  

Central to Vision-Box's showcase at PTE 2024 is the brand-new Free Flow corridor, set to revolutionise access controls with wider corridors equipped with AI-based image processing and tracking technology. This advancement, combined with clustered camera systems permits travellers to behave naturally during the transaction, ensuring a state-of-the-art seamless travel experience. Pre-cleared travellers can navigate effortlessly, significantly reducing queue times and a smoother overall journey. 

Alessandro Minucci, Chief Product Officer at Vision-Box states " As we showcase the future of travel at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2024, we are not just presenting innovative solutions; we are shaping the way travellers experience airports worldwide while connecting the world. At Vision-Box, we are committed to revolutionising the traveller journey, seamlessly integrating innovative technology to enhance security, convenience, and efficiency.” 

Do not miss the opportunity to witness the future of travel with Vision-Box at booth #D90 during Passenger Terminal Expo 2024. Schedule a meeting with one of its experts here to discover how Vision-Box's innovative solutions transform airport operations and traveller experiences. 


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