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Seamless Kiosk

Vision-Box Unveils Seamless Kiosk® – The New Generation of Biometric Technology set to Transform the Travel Experience


Vision-Box, a global industry leader in biometric recognition, digital identity, and seamless travel management, has unveiled its latest solution built upon a new generation of biometric technology set to transform the travel experience: Seamless Kiosk® – The New Generation of Biometric Technology.

Seamless Kiosk® has been developed to provide an exceptional user experience through its biometric and biographic capture performance, increasing the passenger handling process speed with an accessible design and a smart passenger guide system, based on artificial intelligence that better helps any user to follow the instructions intuitively with a new immersive camera system.

Seamless Kiosk® is equipped with an audible and highly tactile assistive interface for navigation and selection of screen-based content and braille signs to support passengers with impaired vision, an inability to read, restricted reach, or limited dexterity. It is also compliant with Europe, United States and Canada’s disability acts.

Seamless Kiosk® provides the most flexible solution in the market, with customisable capabilities and features enabling it to fit any use case for passenger processing, delivering elevated level of security, fast and precise biometric processing to the latest International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommendations and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards. With a small footprint, Vision-Box’s latest solution combines the newest Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) 2.0 platform and Border Control processing, including Entry/Exit System (EES) requirements.

With its full-frontal face capture module optimized with automatic height and dynamic illumination adjustments, Seamless Kiosk® enables an accurate capture process, which enhances the user experience. The solution is compliant with the standards from International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on biometric data interchange formats (ISO/IEC 19794-5) and biometric presentation attack detection (ISO/IEC 30107-1).


Key technological features of Seamless Kiosk® include:

  • Modular design for different configurations of travel documents and barcode reader, card reader, fingerprint scanner and accessibility keypad
  • Printer module customisable for different use cases – e.g., receipt, boarding pass, and bag-tag printing
  • Biometric-by-design solution compliant with most strict standards such as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADA), Customer Service Agent (CSA) and Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
  • Integrated with Vision-Box Seamless Journey Platform, which is fully certified by Privacy by Design, to deliver a unique biometric user registration and management experience.
  • Its launch application is based on CUSS 2.0, and it is also compatible with legacy CUSS versions.

Speaking about this latest launch, Alessandro Minucci, Head of Product at Vision-Box says:

“We are very pleased to launch Seamless Kiosk®, a truly nimble device which can be deployed in multiple markets such as identity management, travel & tourism, and border control, allowing the user to enjoy the best seamless experience, with the highest accuracy and speed via a biometric-by-design solution.  At Vision-Box, we seek to push the boundaries of design and technology to offer a more human experience.”


For 20 years now Vision-Box has developed, rolled-out and supported thousands of intelligent self-service kiosks around the globe, from passport enrolment to border control, up to next-generation biometric check-in kiosk, for multiple markets at different industry segments, from identity management to travel.


Date: 07/06/2022