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Seamless Assistant®

The Mobile Solution: High-quality biometrics capture combined with the flexibility that only a mobile device can offer.

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Seamless assistant

Flexibility at is Core

Due to its wheels and small form factor, this flexible and autonomous solution can easily move anywhere needed, like security control, boarding or even in the lounge. 


Simplify the experience of airlines and travellers

Seamless Assistant® is a security gateway device to make the travellers’ processing flow more efficient.

The Seamless Assistant® is here to simplify airlines and travellers' experience. Features such as the small form factor, battery power, wireless, and wheels allow this solution to be moved anywhere and without any effort. The solution is composed of a high-quality camera with liveness verification, a light bar for adverse light conditions compensation, a barcode reader for every type of boarding pass, and, based on biometric and biographical data, it ensures that the passenger checked in at the airport is the same person that has been pre-screened.


Seamless user experience

The Seamless Assistant® has been developed to provide a seamless user experience.

The small size, flexibility, and wheels allow an optimised experience at the airport, with more travellers being processed in less time. The main features are High-quality biometric identification, Mobility, Battery powered, Intelligent light compensations, Wi-fi and 4G connection, Anti-spoofing detection, Compact footprint, Barcode reader and 360º Status LED visibility.

Cruise Lines

The security gateway for guests and crew

The Seamless Assistant® is the security gateway for guests and crew. It was created based on flexibility, small form factor and autonomy through battery power. The Seamless Assistant® overwhelms manual processes experience on a new level.

Seamless Assistant
Seamless Assistant

Enhance the overall customer experience

Seaports need the Seamless Assistant® to improve security, streamline boarding processes, and enhance the overall customer experience. The Seamless Assistant® can help alleviate these pain points by providing a more efficient and secure way to identify and track guests and crew.

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