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Seamless Kiosk®

One solution, multiple configurations. This solution improves the user experience with its efficient biometric and biographic capture, accessible design, and immersive user guidance system, making it the ideal solution.

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Seamless Kiosk

All self-service enrolment solutions in a single kiosk.

In order to keep up with current trends and guarantee a user-focused experience, travel carriers, airports and seaports, and border forces need to ensure a unique, optimised, and secure experience. The Seamless Kiosk® is ready for today’s requirements of travellers, travel operators and border forces, being also set to adapt and embrace expected future market demands.

This solution improves the user experience with its efficient biometric and biographic capture, accessible design, immersive experience, and smart traveller guidance system, making it the ideal solution for optimised procedures and seamless experiences.



Faster check-in processes

The Seamless Kiosk® is a state-of-the-art solution that is transforming the travel experience. It allows implementing faster check-in processes, reducing time in queues, and enabling cost-sharing among operators.

Airlines certification:

  • Smooth certification process and no changes required on existing CUSS applications.
  • Airlines can re-engineer the apps with a smooth transition period from CUSS 1.X to CUSS 2.0 standards.
  • Cost and dependency reduction from legacy CUSS providers.

Biometric and biographic capture

Airports are continuously seeking to improve the passengers’ experience. This product has been developed to provide an exceptional user experience through its biometric and biographic capture, increasing the passenger handling process speed with an accessible design and a smart passenger guide system.

Seamless Experience

  • Active biometric services integrated with a seamless flow experience enable traveller enrolment during check-in.
  • Liveness check offers a secure self-service experience.
  • Passengers are able to use their faces as their boarding passes throughout the journey.
  • Integration with airline applications.
  • Leveraging the Seamless Journey Platform’s® Digital Identity Management System, which is privacy-by-design certified.
Cruise Lines

Reduced labor costs

The Seamless Kiosk® is a self-service solution that streamlines guest and crew processing for cruise lines. By leveraging biometric single tokens, the kiosk reduces processing times by half of the time making embarkation and debarkation smoother and more efficient. It captures and verifies biometric data, adding security and preventing fraud, and reduces labor costs by offering a self-service enrolment solution. The Seamless Kiosk® can revolutionise guest processing for cruise lines, improving efficiency, security, and provide an exceptional onboard experience.


Improved guest processing times

The use of biometric-based passenger processing solutions can reduce processing times by up to 50%. With the implementation of the Seamless Kiosk®, seaports can expect to see a significant improvement in guest processing times, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined operation.

Implementing self-service kiosks can result in labor cost savings of up to 20%. This can free up resources that can be allocated to other areas of seaport operation, such as improving guest experience or enhancing security measures.

Border Control

Optimise traveller self-service experience

Vision-Box's self-service border Seamless Kiosk® is a high-quality biometrics solution for traveller registration that fully adapts to every user. With the goal of optimising any traveller's self-service experience, the Seamless Kiosk® offers automatic height adjustment as well as intelligent light compensations, facilitating the traveller's passage and, consequently, automating border control processes.

ID Management

Simplified future identification procedures

This solution for data capture and verification validates a person’s identity in just a few seconds, enabling trusted and protected data and simplifying future identification procedures. The Seamless Kiosk® solution was designed to enrol biographic and biometric data necessary for ID documents, visas, and other electronic documents, as well as authenticate or enrol all types of travel documents in less than 30 seconds.

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