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Seamless Kit®

The Biometric Retrofit Solution: From bag drop and security screenings to lounge access and boarding, our state-of-the-art system provides a seamless upgrade that optimises the passenger experience through cutting-edge biometric technology.

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Seamless Kit

A contactless biometric solution for a seamless identification experience.

This game-changing self-service solution enables travellers to enjoy a seamless identification experience without showing documentation at any point of the journey.


High-tech solution

The Seamless Kit® is a high-tech solution that is transforming the travel experience.

From security to lounge access and boarding, the Seamless Kit® can help multiple use cases, as well as their stakeholders, by complementing a transaction clearance station with a simple design and high efficiency.

Compact and lightweight, the Seamless Kit® fits any desk and can be attached to any wall or device.

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Identification touchpoint

The Seamless Kit® is an identification touchpoint that guides the traveller through a seamless journey.

Ideal for bag drop, security checkpoints or lounge access, the Seamless Kit® offers the best upgrade to enable the process of passengers through high-quality biometrics. The Seamless Kit® uses digital credentials to replace passports, ID cards, or any form of paper or digital access tokens.

Cruise Lines

Efficient tracking of both crew and guests

The Seamless Kit® can provide a multitude of benefits for cruise lines, including efficient tracking of both crew and guests. As a user-friendly identification system, it ensures secure, quick, and accurate identity verification using digital credentials, replacing traditional forms of identification. The Seamless Kit® is also compatible with legacy systems and touchpoints, making it an ideal retrofit option. Its efficient design complements transaction clearance stations, and it can facilitate multiple use cases, such as luggage drop-off, security checks, lounge access, and boarding. Additionally, its compact and lightweight design makes it an excellent identification touchpoint for cruise lines, allowing for seamless and efficient tracking of both crew and guests throughout their journey.


Streamlining identity verification processes

The Seamless Kit® enables Seaports to provide a seamless journey for passengers and crews by streamlining identity verification processes. With digital credentials, it replaces traditional identification and can be retrofitted to existing legacy systems. The kit's efficient design complements transaction clearance stations and can facilitate multiple use cases. Its compact design allows for easy installation, and it enables efficient tracking of guests and staff.

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