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Seamless Mobile®

A mobile-centric digital identity framework that allows travellers to use their mobile devices to easily project their identity into the digital domain.

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Seamless travel journeys start mobile.

A decisive step forward towards making today’s travel experience secure, seamless and contactless.

The Seamless Mobile® is integrated with our Seamless Journey Platform®, our Digital Identity Management Platform, to connect multiple stakeholders around the traveller journey.

This solution enables various stakeholders to gain access to different types of biometric services. This occurs through an integration that gives easy access to features like travel document capture and the Boarding Pass Reader – all tied to the biometric and biographic information provided by the user. In line with the Vision-Box concept whereby individuals are free to use their biometric identity to simplify their lives, this approach gives travellers total control over their data.


A seamless and unique experience

The Seamless Mobile® enables Airlines to provide a seamless and unique experience to their travellers. With the Seamless Mobile®, airlines have the ability to provide their customers with a complete mobile experience, enabling a seamless, biometric, and contactless onboarding process. By providing a paperless experience, Vision-Box Mobile ID helps travel operators meet customer demands for speed, convenience and personalised offers increasing client loyalty


Shape the future of seamless travel

The Seamless Mobile® allows airports to shape the future of seamless travel.

This solution transforms the way passengers interact with stakeholders along their travel journey by providing a contactless and paperless biometric experience. For airport operations, Seamless Mobile® increases traveller throughput at each checkpoint. This leads to greater operational efficiency for the airport facility, thus providing a source of increased revenue for the airport, as travellers are free to browse and spend more at concession stands, shops, and food outlets.

Cruise Lines

Contactless and paperless biometric solution

The Seamless Mobile® provides cruise lines with a contactless and paperless biometric solution for a seamless travel experience, meeting guests demands for convenience and personalisation. By accessing real-time data and the entire guest journey, the Seamless Mobile® enhances operational efficiency and customer loyalty. This solution can improve the overall travel experience by streamlining the journey and optimising operational efficiency, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.


Smoother and more efficient experience

Seaports can take advantage of the Seamless Mobile® to create a truly seamless travel experience for guests. This innovative solution enables passengers to have a contactless and paperless biometric experience, reducing touchpoints and minimising wait times. By implementing Seamless Mobile®, seaports can increase guest throughput at each checkpoint, leading to a smoother and more efficient experience for passengers. The Seamless Mobile® solution allows for real-time data sharing between seaport stakeholders, enabling more informed decision-making and greater collaboration. This leads to improved operational efficiency and a more coordinated approach to guest management. Additionally, the platform can be customised to enable personalised offers and services to travellers, further enhancing the overall travel experience.

Border Control

Seamless and contactless process

At Border Control, Vision-Box Seamless Mobile® allows a seamless and contactless process where travellers only need their smartphones to be cleared. Users have total control over personal biometric data, and they can choose to share only the information required.

Biometric capture is facilitated through Vision-Box Mobile ID Software Development Kit (SDK). This provides functionality that simplifies the process of obtaining a frame for biometric checks. We use face automatic detection technology, real-time instructions, and real-time controls for high-quality selfcapture of the user’s face.


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